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The Judgment of Assange


At the time of writing this, in just under an hour’s time the Supreme Court of the UK will ‘hand down’ its decision in the extradition case of Julian Assange. Whichever way the decision goes, it will have a global impact because it will inform the choices of all those watching as well as all those who are not.

Although the decision has already been made by the judges involved, the public declaration is going to collapse much potential into an energy that will function globally. It actually doesn’t matter which way the decision goes, those energies are poised for action regardless.

In very many ways, the Judgment of Assange – and the Judgment of Bradley Manning – will confirm for people across the planet of the type of ‘world’ we live in. Much potential has already collapsed into energy already – this is simply another step in a process that began a long time ago in the heart of Julian Assange. If there ever was an example of the Butterfly Effect within the collective human psyche, this is it and it began with a moment just like this.

At some point in his past, Julian Assange, and all those like him, faced a choice. It probably seemed like a very small choice at the time but it will have been as pivotal as this moment now. The choice impacted on the essence of the man. It will have asked him to choose between what he truly believed in and what the world was demanding of him at the time. There will have been no way that Julian will have known what the consequences of that decision would be. The Julian, and the Bradley, who made that choice were not the men they are now. They would not have been famous or celebrities – they would have been ordinary men making what seemed to them to be an important decision about something their hearts felt strongly about. In making that initial choice and in continuing to hold to it, they collapsed a potential into a bubbling spring of energy which subsequently grown into a great river. Others, faced with their own personal human heart-choice, have chosen to link into the obscure Judgment of Assange all those years ago, whether they were aware of it or not. The flapping of the wings of a Swedish Butterfly has resulted in a storm the likes of which the world has not seen before.

Every judgment we make tells the universe a very great deal about us. Every choice of the heart we act upon impacts on the collective energy of the world because when we make such a choice we take the first step in a Dance. Some of us choose the ‘Dance of Life-Death-Life’; some don’t choose at all (which is still a choice); and some choose the ‘Dance of Death-for-Others’.

Once we have made our decision, life has a tendency to test us to find out whether we really mean it. Our heart-choices cease to be based on that first, single decision but upon that decision made over and over again. It stops being a choice and becomes who we are. There will have come a moment for Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and all those like them when, normally sitting alone in a prison or police cell, we wonder whether we could or would have done anything differently and the answer we find in ourselves is “No”. We have become our choice. We are living our choice and we are face to face with those who have decided we should ‘die’ for our choice in one way or another.

Julian, Bradley and all those imprisoned for their decision to choose the Dance of Life-Death-Life are facing down all those who choose the ‘Dance of Death-For-Others’. This is the pivotal difference between the two Dances. Those who choose the Dance of Life-Death-Life will have come to understand, at some point, that they might have to die in order to honour the decision of their heart. It’s not something that we consider in the moment of our first time of choosing, it’s a realisation that comes as a result of the consequences. If the individual hasn’t realised this before, sitting alone in a prison cell will certainly bring it home. I know because I’ve been there.

When the heart-choices of individual people results in imprisonment, we begin to find out what we are made of because we are directly encountering those who are not made of the same stuff. We will discover – sometimes to our astonishment – that there really are those who choose the Dance of Death-for-Others and we have had our cards marked by them because they intend to kill our energy in some way or another. It is an ancient archetype of a dance and the steps are already known.

Those who choose the Dance-of-Death-for-Others, rather than the Dance of Life-Death-Life, will lose because they are dancing with those who realise they are willing to die because they choose Life. The planet Herself chooses the Dance of Life-Death-Life. Whilst death belongs, it is not the end of the story. Those who choose Death-for-Others continue to fail to understand this, even though the lesson has been taught many times over. In living memory, it has been taught by the likes of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jnr, Gandhi and others like them. It is taught by Obi Wan Kenobi in the film ‘Star Wars’.

When the Dance of Death-of-Others chooses to kill, they create overwhelming evidence of intent to murder, whether the target dies at their hands or not. With the likes of the Assanges and Mannings of this world, this murderous intent becomes clearer and the heart-spirit of the individual involved starts to awaken the heart-spirit in others. What began as the wing-beating of a single person’s heart becomes a mighty river of energy that, with the murder of the individual or a Supreme Court decision, flushes that evolved power into the Ocean of the collective Heart-Spirit, becoming the global point of no return. This is the moment we are experiencing now as I write these words.

The Judgment of Assange by the Supreme Court is now known to the world – the river has joined the ocean in challenging the global grip of a system that chooses Death-for-Others. It doesn’t matter which way the decision has gone for the global Heart-Spirit because it is now aware, awake and active. It matters to Julian and it matters to his campaigning mother, Christine. It matters to all those who – regardless of any disagreement on detail – believe Wikileaks is vital within a system built on lies and corruption. The decision matters to Anonymous. It matters to Occupy. It matters to a planet whose creative energy is based in the Dance of Life-Death-Life and it is going to matter to all those who have tried to kill, quash or otherwise destroy the uprising of Heart-Spirit within ordinary people of the planet.

If the Court’s decision has gone against Assange, the impact on all those awake to this dynamic is going to be infinite. It will affect every aspect of their being in one way or another. It will impact upon those who are capable of awakening and who have kept hoping, in vain, that some kind of sanity might be present within our collective legal systems. It will impact upon our emerging global consciousness. It will vitalise the Life-Death-Life energy. But here’s the thing…

If the Court’s decision has gone in Assange’s favour, it will have the same impact because it will tell the global consciousness that the awakening can and does succeed if we hold to our Heart-Decisions. It will revitalise the awakening movements as one of their leaders is returned to us and we turn our attention to the next Great Spirit River called Bradley Manning. As the cases of imprisoned Anons reach the courts, the same energy will occur but Assange is the first, the lighting of the blue touch paper of the Life-Death-Life fireworks.

The Life-Death-Life energy is the true power on this planet. It actually doesn’t matter which way the decision goes in collective terms, what matters is the Heart-Spirit. This is the same Heart-Spirit found in the jail-cell reflections of the target who asks “Would I have done any differently?” only to find that their answer is “No”. It is the same Heart-Energy found in Egyptians realising that they so-called system of democracy is, in truth, nothing of the sort. It is the same Heart-Energy found in Syrians who, in the face of the latest national regime specialising in absolute cruelty still find it in themselves to say “No”. It is found in the Heart-Energy of all those peoples who say No to greed, corruption, murder and destruction. In my faith, it is the natural Heart-Energy of the planet Herself, which means that it can only prevail in the longer term. There is no other alternative. In a worst case scenario, if humanity itself were to become extinct, Life would continue to exist here in some form or other. On the other hand, we could ask the Earth’s mothers how they feel about children who are ready to die so that others might live – that Mother-Heart-Energy suggests that there might be a good chance of human survival for such people.

The death-dealers need to realise that the Supreme Court’s decision regarding Julian Assange has little to do with legalities anymore, even if it might appear that way. It is about which path the Heart-Energy takes now. In much the same way as Anonymous is an idea not an individual, so what is occurring around Assange and Manning is an emotion triggered by an absence of honest truth – the instinct to do what is in harmony with the planet. Death-dealers may think they can ‘take out’ these individuals, but you can’t kill the Spirit and every time you try, the Spirit grows stronger and becomes more powerful. She can’t be evaded or avoided because this Spirit resides in everything we are and everything we see around us. If Julian Assange is being judged for his choices so, too, will you be judged and the consequence of all our collective choices is in manifestation now. I don’t know how this will happen but happen it will because the Assange River has just flowed into the Heart-Spirit Ocean and no human thing will be able halt the tides of change.

As a former prisoner, I would hope that the Supreme Court recognises the justice of Assange’s appeal because I would not wish the alternative upon the man who has done so much to contribute to the Spirit of Freedom. Nevertheless, we are in the archetypal dimensions and they have little regard for the desires of the individual ego. Planetary energies are involved and the tsunamis of global change are crashing down upon us all. This is simply the crossroads.


So, with all this now said, I think it’s time for me to go and find out which path the Court has decided we, as a people, are taking towards our future.

Evolution 2012: What’s In A Name?


“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” – English Children’s Rhyme c 1950’s

The above rhyme was common-place during my schooling in the 1960’s but as anyone who has been subject to name-calling will know, the closing line is about as far from the truth as we can get. When we name anything all potentials contained within what we perceive collapse into the parameters of the name itself. An example of this might be the difference between talking about a human being and talking about a human being of colour, or a human being of gender. The potential contained within the first collapses into deep limitation when divided by the second or third, particularly in Western society. Names and labels can, and do, serious harm to our human potential and our capacity to express who we are. I am as guilty of doing this as anyone else.

The inspiration for this blog comes from this story – “How Dr. Hew Len healed a ward of mentally ill criminals with Ho’oponopono”.  The process by which a forensic psychiatrist freed his criminal patients from the prison of his thoughts is immensely powerful. Having had personal experience of both psychiatric and prison system ideas about me, I bear witness to how important this form of healing can be. Functioning within another’s label/name for us usually limits our capacity to relate. When those labels are intentionally negative, it becomes almost impossible to break through the barriers imposed and even if we are able to, the level of fear we evoke frequently results in even deeper repression as attempts are made to force us back into channels the labeller feels safe within.

What is important to remember here is that we are both labelled and labeller; the namer and the named; none of us are exempt and what results is entirely our personal responsibility. When I began to grasp this idea, my first response was despair. I thought I had made huge efforts to move out of the names and labels game only to find that I was failing hopelessly in my own behaviour, especially when it came to people I didn’t like. At present, I don’t seem to have moved very far from that initial realisation, except… isn’t this exactly what the evolution process is about? Is it possible to acknowledge and recognise how we continue to collapse our potential into deeply restrictive names for both ourselves and others and for us still to remain compassionate and honest about our own failings? As Dr Hew Len has modelled, to do this work on ourselves is to do it for others too.

The process of naming is deeply embedded in the society into which I was born. It begins at birth and can continue long after someone has died.  It is done at both individual and collective levels, and it has been going on for eons. Our history shows that breaking free of a particular label often includes swapping one for another equally as limiting. This occurred with feminism in the 1980’s which, while breaking through the pigeonholing of women attached negative labels to men. I see it occurring now as fearful societies look about them in order to name the source of their fears: terrorists, criminals, gays, blacks, Muslims, women… the list is endless. The process continues to collapse potential for authentic change into the familiar fixed patterns of inclusion/exclusion that created the crisis in the first place. The only difference between the fearful society and me are the names that appear on my list! The realisation that I am not contributing to the new but perpetuating the old is very humbling!

As I struggle to find a way through this labyrinth, I wonder if the fundamental issue of naming begins with an assumption of “right” and “wrong”. ‘Right’ is then associated with ‘good’ and ‘wrong’ is attached to ‘bad’. Armed with these two weapons – for weapons are what they are – we sally forth to append them to everything we encounter, thereby reducing the world into these two distinctions regardless of any resultant harm or damage. When we impose limitations upon others, we do it to ourselves as well. How can any of us be so certain of our ‘right’ to say that such-and-such-a-thing is ‘bad’?

For example, we are told that the planet is in an extinction process – this is regarded as ‘bad’ for humanity, yet this is a normal part of our planet’s cycle. She has been here before and will, throughout her lengthy (in human terms) existence, undoubtedly come here again. We just happen to be alive at this moment to experience the process with Her – that sounds like an opportunity to learn. Is that really a ‘bad’ thing? We call our planet ‘Mother Earth’ in my language, so I call Her ‘She’ even though other forms of labelling apparently only see resources to be plundered for commercial gain. I may have opinions about this, but aren’t these in a form of harmony with what our planet is doing anyway? Viewed from this perspective, I find it far more difficult to know what is right or wrong.

In my previous blog, I posted Carl’s video of the astrology for June 2012. In it, he talks about every aspect of life being up for discussion at a time when ‘progress’ is frustrated. Perhaps this is the kind of discussion we really need to be having if we want to evolve the new. For example – what might we discover beyond defining everything as good or bad? The only certainty we have is the experience of existence itself. How do we deal with that in ourselves? I choose to give my existence meaning not because it is right or wrong but because I find myself far more capable of Love and compassion when my life is meaningful. I suspect that this is how Love expresses itself because others, over time, have said they share this awareness in their own way. To live within a framework that contains no meaning is, for me, heartbreaking because it fails to nurture my potential on a very fundamental level. Perhaps this is a woman-thing – perhaps not – but the meme of meaninglessness reminds me of those experiments with baby monkeys who clung to fur-covered mannequins without food until they starved rather than choose the metallic, uncomforting ones that would feed them. To live well, I need Love whether it comes from the world around me in the form of wonder or though my contact with other people as we struggle to learn what life is trying to teach us. In my reality, to live well is to be responsible for all my failings and struggle to grow beyond them. Such awareness cannot fit comfortably into ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ – there are too many grey areas for that level of certainty.

It is simply not possible for me to speak for anyone other than myself. At the moment, I find myself slowing down and far less sure of my path. It becomes harder to write the more uncertain I become unless I write about the uncertainty itself. Yes, there may be all kinds of named and labelled ideas about our collective evolution/extinction floating around on the ether but many don’t fit with my direct experience as, equally, mine won’t fit with others. Alternatively, if my experience resonates with the time – as the astrology of June suggests – maybe this is the paradox of evolution/extinction where we are alone and together in the collective process at one and the same time.

For life to manifest, infinite potential has to collapse into energy that works its way through the Cycle of Change in order for us to survive and live. In collective psychological terms, the Cycle has been subject to very serious damage with the horrific results now being reported daily via our social media. If this is to be transformed, we desperately need to find another way to live together.

Perhaps the sense of uncertainty I am experiencing is an indicator that a new and different Cycle of Change is emerging amongst us and I can be glad I am sensitive and aware enough to feel its movement. Perhaps, too, the questions arising in my own mind about the power of naming and the destructiveness of negative labels points to an examination of all the introjects I have swallowed that no longer serve any useful purpose and need to become extinct. Perhaps this is the part of my own personal extinction process I need to work on as part of my relationship to the world around me.

As with all subjects I dive deeply into, I’m realising just how much I don’t know. Sharing this, however inarticulately, could open new doors to ways of living with others in a different world where names contain mystery and labels contain wonder. In sharing what I know, I can begin to see the mistakes I am making and if I grow as a result then perhaps this could be my contribution towards evolving our global society into far kinder, freer and compassionate paradigm than the one we are ‘stuck’ in at present.

The Astrology of June 2012


Until I figure out how to embed a video into this blog, can I redirect you to this:

The Astrology of Jun 2012 – For Everyone

My enormous gratitude to “northwatuppa” for posting this highly intelligent reading of what we are likely to be dealing with next month. As he says,

“This is my effort to do justice to a very important month, astrologically. It is a complex, potentially scary bunch of charts that a lot of people will think of as bad news. And maybe June will bring some bad news.

It has a high concentration of difficult and sort of difficult aspects and is light on helpful ones. Uranus squares Pluto exactly on June 24th. There’s an eclipse. And lots of hard aspects generally.

And its kind of the flip side of May. May was eventful but loaded with positive synchronicity. June is the opposite of synchronicity.

However, I think those interested in global social, political and economic transformation will be still be relieved and encouraged by it. We’re turning a big karmic corner. A lot of stuff us coming due, for better or for worse.”

The energies are going to particularly affect the following:-

  • Women and women’s issues
  • Movements for social change
  • Relationships between the ‘Rulers’ and the ‘Ruled’ – described, at one point in the video, as “the biggest political train wreck in living memory”.

What is most important is the impact these energies will have on all our relationships, from the most personal to global levels. Additionally, we are not going to be able to immediately resolve them – the energies are ‘stuck’.

‘Stuck’ energy is extremely powerful. I am grateful to a recent contact who prompted me to describe this process as she struggled with her own experience of stuckness:

Firstly, transformation has its own rhythm and timing. Sometimes we can only ‘be with’ these energies developing below the surface of our consciousness. Such times are useful because they teach us patience as we watch for the opening that will come when the time is right. We have time to explore where we are in the moment and to discover what else we have learned along our path that brought us to this place.

The next wisdom comes from the idea of ‘stuckness’. I have heard this described as a deeply healthy experience for the following reason. When our awareness is colonized, this occurs outside ourselves as we swallow down what we have been told, without the chewing of discernment or the spitting out of that which does not belong to us. When this colonization is unchallenged, we do not notice it is occurring and our deeper awareness is silenced. The quality of stuckness does not arise. This comes only when our deeper selves have found a way passed the colonizer. When this happens, it means that the inner transformation process has not only begun but is so well developed that it has funded enough power to be equal to the colonizer within. The ‘stuck’ feeling comes because the new is now equal to the old as its pressure is being exerted to free you. The old will pass away as the new finds its way beyond its old imprisonment.”

It would seem that next month is going to produce some very deep transformational changes within us – that we are prevented or blocked from acting on these will deepen the power of these changes. We will have to contain the changes within ourselves until the right opening or opportunity occurs to act, which offers the opportunity to deepen our understanding of the impact these changes are having within ourselves. The levels of disagreement between people can also be seen positively because it throws us back on ourselves, making our individuality more distinct as we separate from those who no longer enable our growth. At the same time, we are challenged to become ourselves in all our own uniqueness.

The advantages of this kind of excellent astrological guidance means that we do not have to be uncentred when things apparently go pear-shaped without an immediate solution available and we can utilize the time for deep self-reflection, knowing that it will only be a matter of time before we can begin to manifest our internal change.

After all, it’s taken humanity thousands of years to create the mess we all find ourselves in. Taking a bit of time to reflect on the potential solutions, within and without ourselves, is probably the height of human wisdom in order to avoid repeating all the old mistakes.

Evolving the Global Heart/Mind – finding our way through the Labyrinth?


A couple of days ago, two friends raised concerns about our collective future in conversation. Both had intuitions that the ‘Forces of Darkness’ were preparing for another assault on the Heart/Mind/Soul of humanity and one was looking for a way of identifying the dark ones. What interested me was the sense of powerlessness that seemed to accompany their comments – as though they couldn’t see a way past the problems they were identifying. If we cannot even envisage solutions, then we are unlikely to be able to navigate our way through problems when they do arise.

This is not being written to provide answers as such, but to provide examples of how I use my own imagination to shift my perspective beyond a ‘powerless’ reaction to a place where I can mindfully respond when the shit hits the fan.

The Dark Powers: The Wetiko Virus

 “Imagine that the most handsome charismatic person stares you straight in the eye and says “You’re special. You look good. And you’re good at what you do.” He seems to know just what you like. He reads your innermost thoughts and you feel like you’ve discovered a soul-mate, a deep intimacy. You’re experiencing one of those rare fleeting moments that makes life worth living.

Before you know it, you are involved in a deep personal bond… with a psychopath”

Introduction to “I am a Fishhead”

 There is now a lot of information about people who exhibit attitudes and behaviour that can loosely be described as ‘Dark’. An internet surfer need only search for information about psychopaths to be served up a smorgasbord of detail. One of the best, if you prefer a shortish introduction, is “Defence against the Psychopath” which details the known behaviour patterns of those subject to the ‘disorder’ and the impact they have on those unfortunate enough to find themselves sucked into a psychopathic orbit.

In my opinion, there is a problem with this kind of labelling – as anyone who has been labelled can tell you – it limits thought processes to the definition of the tag and to what each of us understands that tag to mean. The general public understanding of psychopathy tends to the swivel-eyed murder depicted in the mainstream media but this is a very limited viewpoint that, ultimately, is only realistically beneficial to the psychopath themselves. Psychopathy is a much broader subject that affects everyone, regardless of any social distinction.

A far more helpful approach is that understood by the Cree Tribe of Indigenous American First Peoples who call the problem we face the “Wetiko Virus”. A detailed understanding of what is meant by this psychological viral infection of humanity is detailed here:

The Wetiko Virus – Part One

TheWetiko Virus – Part Two

The Wetiko Virus – Part Three

The reason I believe this Wetiko approach valuable is because the theory recognises that we are all inflected, to varying degrees. By utilising this approach, the responsibility for finding a resolution falls directly upon each and every one of us – we cannot escape personal responsibility because, if we are all infected, then each one of us has the power to deal with the problems we ourselves are creating, provided we are willing to take up the challenge.

The symptoms of the Wetiko Virus, much like psychopathy, operate from an egocentric, selfish, greedy perspective lacking in empathy, compassion or self-reflection. By seeing the problem as viral rather than genetic (a viewpoint beginning to be favoured by some), we can all participate in arriving at a solution rather than seeing it as someone else’s problem, a symptom of Wetiko.

This is the information I draw upon in order to start understanding what the problems are and who they may belong to, always starting with me, in the hope that eventually I might be able to spot them coming. As Carl Jung stated; “If there is a problem with society, there is a problem with the people who make up that society; and if there is a problem with the people who make up that society, then there is a problem with me.”

Human Beings: The Balance between Light and Dark

No authentic human being is pure Light whilst we are incarnated. To be incarnated is to be living on the edge of balance, whoever we are. It may be the balance of the ecology we live in; the balance of gender; the balance of difference. Presently, we are born into a world that is deeply out of balance and it becomes our personal responsibility, by the making of our own choices, that determines whether we remain out of balance or whether we make the effort to change, grow or evolve.

If, as I do, we accept the premise that western ‘civilisation’ is manifesting  severe symptoms of Wetiko infection, then our first task, as responsible planetary citizens, is to embark on a personal exploration of how we are ourselves affected. Because Wetiko is a shape-shifting virus so, too, will be our own symptoms. Given that the intent of practising Wetikos is the ultimate destruction of their prey, at their convenience, one of the areas worth exploring is where we become “petrified” into non-action. The interruptions to the Gestalt Cycle of Experience give therapeutic clues as to how these interruptions can manifest within us. For example: do we reach for what we’ve been told in order to avoid taking action on our own behalf (Introjection)? Do we blame someone else for our problems(Projection)? Do we prefer to sacrifice our individuality in favour of ‘belonging’ (Confluence)?

To find the balance between our internal Light and Wetiko-free Darkness is a task of many lifetimes and is a process of constant self-reflection to root out any deeper toxicity regardless of how consciously unintended the results of our actions may have been. Our levels of infection are always measured in the results of our actions… or inactions. The healthy darkness is a mystery because it is unconscious until it makes itself known. I suspect this is what the American First Peoples mean by the “Great Mystery”. Out of this Dark Womb come inspiration, creativity and the most surprising answers to our problems, once it is clean enough. Uncleaned, we are likely to replicate any Wetiko infection we are subject to.

This is the personal level of work. The next dimension contains the problems we face at global levels – the global infection of our social systems by the Wetiko virus.  How do we, as individuals, tackle this problem?


The Global Mind and Evolution

The way I have found through this minefield that seems to be most effective is to grow my personal awareness to a global level as best I can. I cease to be this or that label or nationality and become a living entity dwelling upon a far greater living entity – our planet.

The Wekito mindset is divisive. It divides us into races, genders, nationalities, tribes, castes/classes, etc. To grow a global mind is to move beyond such divisiveness to greater inclusion. If we are capable of conscious breathing, bleeding, life then we belong on this planet – we are included because we exist. But, then, so do the Wetikos. Why, then, might a planet like ours evolve such an energy? What purpose could it serve?

The most interesting answer I have found is this one:-

“Our unconscious, knee-jerk reactivity is the primary way that the wetiko psychosis regenerates and propagates itself in the field. Like a pathogen invading a body, this virulent psychic bug strikes and hooks us through our weakest point in the unconscious, the tenderest and most vulnerable spot within ourselves through which we are most likely to re-act.

Wetiko is like a psychic nautilus machine that is continually ‘working’ us.

Humanity’s highest virtues are called upon when we are confronted by evil. Encoded within the evil of the wetiko virus is its own psychic vaccine, a potential inoculation against our own ignorance and laziness, which if not overcome, will overcome us. The wetiko bug’s existence requires us to strengthen our muscle of discernment. The virus demands that we cultivate impeccability within ourselves, or we don’t stand a chance.

Wetiko literally demands that we step into our power and become resistant to its oppression such that we discover how to step out of bondage and become free, or else! Instead of a typical virus mutating so as to become resistant to our attempts at healing it, the wetiko virus forces us to mutate relative to it. It is as though the evil of wetiko is itself the instrument of a higher intelligence.”

 “The Wetiko Virus – Part III”

The notion that Wetikos/Psychopaths are our route to evolution is a very potent idea. It transforms problems into teachers of what we are and are-not ourselves. Any and all lessons learnt point the way to a greater potential collective resolution, remembering that any solution will require us to do something about ourselves and our behaviour first. Evolution is a personal issue and a choice that each and every one us must make on our own and in our own way. However, if we have chosen; if we have worked, or begun to work, on our self-awareness; and if we have come to our own experience of the Global Heart/Mind/Soul, then it becomes our responsibility to share what we know as freely as possible. What we know may only be ‘right’ for ourselves but our unique perspective drawn from our unique experience may open doors of understanding and perception in others, so that they might develop their own global perspective.

I would reiterate here, these are simply my answers to the questions raised; my way of thinking outside the Wetiko Virus box. These are offered as a contribution towards a collective solution, not answers in an of themselves.


Listening to our Intuition & Coping with Global Shock

The intuition of my friends is saying that the energies forming at the moment include another Act of Darkness emanating from the Wetiko-infected global system. The events of 9/11 offer a flavour of the impact such a global Act would have. Anyone who understands “The Shock Doctrine” of Naomi Klein will know that the spiritual/social/emotional/physical impact of such Acts is wholly and entirely intentional on the part of the perpetrators. The purpose is to render people ‘petrified’ by shock whilst the Wetiko system furthers its agenda.

We cannot insulate ourselves from this – it is simply not possible unless we are full-blown Wetikos. What we can do, as sensitive, intelligent and heart-based people, is refuse to be disabled by it. If the Wetiko Virus is a spur to human evolution, then together we must look for ways to evolve our way out of the intended destruction. We can see this occurring within various freedom movements globally, where brutal repression by various national and international Wetiko-based systems are either catalysing resistance amongst people or heightening infection in others. For those who are choosing to be awakened, the best advice I have encountered for this moment of potential comes from the I Ching.

Hexagram 51 deals with Shock, also called “The Arousing”. Line 3 of this hexagram speaks of the kind of shock created by events like 9/11:

Shock that makes one crazed with grief. Be spurred to inner action. No blame.

At times when one suffers the external shock of fate, one’s presence of mind may be easily lost. One must not let fate take its course; nor overlook the opportunity for action. Let the shock induce movement within so that one may overcome such blows. Become equal to the shock.”

“The Pocket I-Ching; The Richard Wilhelm translation” (Arkana: 1984.)

If the ‘evil’ my friends sense swirling into manifestation is about to create another global-level shock in order to force humanity into obedience, then the I-Ching is suggesting that we need to evolve ourselves to a global mind/heart/soul-set in order to become equal to it.

Given that we, as human beings, have already survived thus far in a profoundly unequal and sick system, to simply become equal to a global Wetiko Virus shock is a clear indicator of evolution. In understanding this, perhaps it will empower us to use our fear to mobilise, rather than devolve into the petrification we have experienced until now – we can use our fear to spur us forward into further growth.

If that isn’t evolution, then I don’t know what is.

#OccupyWitchcraft Reply to a Shaman’s Request


Very many grateful thanks to Rob Bryar for permission to reblog this:

A Response to the Creation of Occupy Witchcraft.

Responding is a very tricky thing. When ever you respond to someone, you want to make sure that you are clear and concise in your direct messaging. This is most likely the hardest thing that I have had to learn in any of the writing that I have ever done. I tend to forget to include things, or adapt a tone that my intended audience mistakes as hostility and even power through my response that any good content I actually wanted to provide ends up sounding like it was dispensed through a sludge bath. For this, I wanted to avoid all of that.

When I was on Twitter last week I entered into an amazing conversation that latterly became to exploding burning which hot light blub over my head: Occupy Witchcraft! From there I created OccupyWitch on Twitter and I’m looking to secure this persona across other social media avenues as well. It’s been about a week and already this has excited my expectations astronomically! Currently after one week there are 33 people following that Twitter page and truthfully, that’s 32 more than I thought would!

However, I think a valid point was brought up by one of my compatriots: is it possible for the Craft, working together, to create a multi-faith circle of manifest energy where all those of whatever religion or spiritual discipline could meet in collective Peace?

This is a very daunting question that could possibly have far reaching effects. The really strange thing is the first thing I said when I saw this question was to unequivocally answer: YES! However, I had no ideal how that even looked on paper or in practice. I needed time to really think and gather my mind to focus on the task of spelling out how everyone regardless of faith or –ism could bind together and use positive intent and will to direct change and aid the Occupy Movement.

I started by looking at my own magickal “career” for inspiration. The one thing that I will always take away from everything that I have learned from my practice is that ideals like light, love, honor, integrity and right action will always translate over social, ethic and religious boundaries. I can’t think of one holy book or one great teacher who ever said: “Go over there and oppress those people because you have more of this meaningless paper then they do.” Never happened because these great teachers expounded the messages of love, honor, integrity and right action and people who walk these various –isms know that message as a Universal Truth. In reality, all the –isms of the world speak the same language – they just very in the ways they get there.

So, how do we harness this power and direct is as pure will and positive intent for direct change? It’s very simple, what is the difference between magick and prayer? At their root semantics and that’s about it. Both are how you tap the Divine for the energy to change the world around you, if you pardon the pun – the Devil is in the details.

Everyone of every faith can come together and help lend their intention and will to help manifest the change that everyone really wants to see. Occupy Witchcraft and OccupyWitch on Twitter will never discriminate because of your particular –ism. For those who are committed to light, love, honor, integrity and right action maybe on different Paths, but we are walking in the same direction! Going my way?

Special thanks to FiveDee and Anon99Percenter.

Blessed Be!

Original Message below:

May I first say how honoured I feel to have been present at your birth – may you all be Blessed with long and fulfilling lives. I am not a witch even though I have sometimes used the Craft to enable manifestation of my shamanic work and I know that, to others, we can look alike even if we are aware of our differences. I come to you with a request for help.

Every shaman is unique and works in our own way. Within my own Otherworld resides an Essence of Faith that seems to underpin all our human spiritualities, known and unknown, seen and unseen, in whatever way they manifest on Earth. The only exception is the Dark Side that uses power for its own sake. As a result of an Otherworld journey taken yesterday, this aspect would seem to have had some of its connections to the Essence of Faith removed.

There is an amusing anecdote that, using the Laws of Chemistry, suggests that were the peoples of the Earth to restore their Essence of Faith, rather than cling to the separations of manmade religion, we would find our way through the problems we all face. Because my shamanic practice is inclusive in this way, I witness those Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews and others who exhibit an Essence of Faith in their work. What I am seeing breaks my heart.

Many of these people are being harmed by the edicts of their religion. I see the confusion and hurt as they try to cope with this and the personal struggles to overcome what is occurring. I’m hearing Christians disagree with their religious leaders to such an extent that they leave. I’m hearing Muslims querying what they are being told Islam means. I’m hearing Jews deeply troubled about the way their religion is being used to perpetrate obscenities upon the helpless and Buddha has always advised those following his Path to dispense with his words if personal experience does not match up with his Teachings. From my perspective, it seems that many people who know the Essence of Faith are becoming homeless from their religions.

Witchcraft knows what it is to be persecuted. You know what it is to be homeless on our own planet. From what I have witnessed from the best of our Witches is the true Knowledge of Inclusiveness belonging to the Essence of Faith. There are no arguments with people who follow different pathways to this Essence, only a request for mutual respect. I see, too, that this request is still being denied by some religions. As the planetary crisis deepens, I am concerned that this will become worse for all of us unless we come together as Family.

So, to my request: Is possible for the Craft, working together, to create a multi-faith circle of manifest energy where all those of whatever religion or spiritual discipline could meet in collective Peace? A place where Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Witches, Shaman and everyone else could find a cultured home together; where each could bring our Knowing of the essence of Love; our respect for difference; our hopes for our future and our intention-to-act to create such a future? Is such a creation possible?

When I announced the birth of Occupy Witchcraft, I promised to bring some gifts. What I bring are the Shamanic Visions I had when I participated in “The 9/11 Experiment”. This experiment was created by Lynne McTaggart and Dr. Salah Al-Rashed on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and it manifested the most astonishing meeting of faiths I have ever witnessed. It was not just Christians or Muslims, I met Sufis and Hindus participating too. Lynne has been able to demonstrate that the Experiment was a success for her purpose of demonstrating the Power of Intention. I remain deeply grateful that I could be a part of it. Nevertheless, there is further Otherworld power available were Occupy Witchcraft interested in utilizing it.

My Otherworld is tremendously opportunistic in my experience. Every time I am asked to work there, I see this in action. If other tasks can be done in addition to the intent of the journey itself, my Otherworld takes full advantage. I’m advised by my Allies that this is equally true for my 9/11 Experiment visions and can be gifted as a potential framework for any Craftwork needed to create a true MultiFaith Circle of Power.

As always, this is a matter of Free Choice. If Witchcraft prefers to choose a different path, there is no dispute between us – you know your own Path better than I. This is simply a request for help. If you are able and willing to offer assistance, you are Free to utilize the energy of the Visions in the wisest way you know.

In any event, please accept my deepest Gratitude for being people I am able to ask.

May you all always Walk In Beauty.

#ShamanicVision Called to Journey to the Otherworld


10 May 2012

“Phoenix appears on my bedpost as I am preparing to sleep asking me to journey to the Otherworld. As he ‘speaks’, a pack of Spirit Wolves and Spirit Horse appear to. I agree to journey and mount Horse. I find Hecate’s Gift (Cloak and Mask) lying across Horse’s back. We travel at speed to the Lower World. I notice the Islamic Hallway remains in place as we travel and that my Lower World is now green and lush and alive.

We arrive it the Energy Barrier where a crowd of people are waiting. As I dismount, I see Iesua – he is dressed for battle and is carrying a sword. So are all the others. I see the Prophet amongst them alongside many, many other Messengers of God. I look to Iesua questioningly. He says, “We are to retrieve/release all those Soul Parts who now wish to depart from the Dark Side” in response to my query.

I look around and see Namei. She is smiling broadly and is much more ‘substantial’ now than when I first met her. She introduces me to a male being of her People and says he has come to retrieve the Soul parts of the Star Peoples. I find Iesua at my side who tells me I am needed because a part of my Soul remained on the other side of the Veil when I performed my last work and my Otherworld would like it returned to me. Iesua nods in the direction of Hecate’s Gift, still on Horse’s back, so I collect these and put them both on.

When I am ready, Iesua steps up to the Energy Barrier/Veil and with his Sword, cuts an opening for our very large party to pass through. Iesua holds my hand as I step through. He tells me that I will not be able to see anything other than the Light and to not be concerned about this. In Truth, this suits me just fine!

On the other side of the Energy Barrier/Veil, the other companions of our party have disappeared for their own tasks and, with my hand in his, I travel with Iesua.  I can see nothing as we move through this place together until we find ourselves in a room in which I can see. It looks very similar to the place where I found J’s soul part. Letting go of my hand, Iesua makes a movement with his Sword (the names ‘Excalibur’ and ‘Sword of Truth’ come into my mind as he does this) and I sense all traps and bindings falling away. Then he produces a very large pouch that looks like a sister/brother to the pouch I used for J, except for size, and he calls to call the Soul parts now wishing to leave to come to him. I see Lights move towards him and into the pouch. Then Iesua turns and hands me another small pouch containing a Soul Part – “This is yours” he says. I hang the pouch around my neck.

Iesua then closes his pouch, but I can still see Lights within the room. Iesua says “These have chosen to remain. This must be respected”. Then he takes my hand again and we return to the Energy Barrier /Veil. Before we cross through the opening he made, Iesua raises his Sword again and cuts – like a spell from a wand – along the line of the Energy Barrier/Veil as if he is cutting away this place from its moorings to the Veil or beyond.

We pass through the opening in the Energy Barrier/Veil where the whole of our party are waiting for us. The first person I see is Namei’s companion and I immediately enquire about the Star Peoples’ Soul parts. “Free and home” he says, smiling. Then I feel Iesua squeeze my hand, so I turn to him. He asks me for the pouch containing my Soul part. I remove the pouch from my neck and hand it to him. With both his hands, he opens the pouch and invites my Soul part into his hands. As ‘I’ emerge from the pouch, I see I am as damaged as those I retrieved during the first work. Iesua cups my Soul part and gently breathes healing over ‘me’. The Prophet steps up to him and takes my Soul part into his hands, where he does the same thing. Each of the company does the same thing until my Soul part arrives at the last, Namei’s companion, who, after healing, blows my Soul part back into my heart.

The Iesua says “Quickly, now – return” and I find myself, with Hecate’s Gift now lying across his back again, astride Horse who turns and gallops me home to my bed with Phoenix and the SpiritWolfPack travelling with us.

Phoenix tells me to sleep and write up the journey in the morning. He will watch over me whilst I sleep.

My journey is complete.”

#OccupyWitchcraft These are the energies that are now loose, to the best of my knowledge.


In April, I was asked to undertake this work:

The result, which I have consent to publish, was this:

and this:

You are asked to pay particular attention to the structure created in the second vision.

During the following new moon, the male recipient was tested to see whether the work had been effective. I chose not to read his final public response, but it did prompt a friend to respond with this:

I gather he regards my work as a failure.

The work done for my other #SoulTrust was experienced at the time of the work.

The above work was supervised throughout and was directly linked to Glastonbury during the Testing by me, using the Chalice Well Symbol.

The most recent New Moon/SolarEclipse at Mount Shasta created the same energy as the work channeled through my group.

This explains the significance of Glastonbury / Mount Shasta

The forum posting I have already directed you to:

These are written between myself and my supervisors. None of our group has been untouched by this work. It has been difficult and painful for us all. Yet, I believe that when they understand the emerging pattern, they will find that they don’t mind.

Can you also remember that this work grows out of the work I told you about here:…hamans-request/ ‎

I’m referencing and verifying as much as I can, but you can always ask one of the others: @havantacluOTMP @Alixir2012 @Orgyofthemind and @angelsavant. If you need verification that we are a bona fide wisewoman’s group, you can check with @H_O_G_ @OpPinkPower and others from the forum.

All these are energies that can be harnessed because they will ‘fit’ in some way with those who are awake. It seems to me that the first thing we do is build our network – I wonder what Earth Chakra is being triggered by the lunar eclipse on 4 June. I will be doing something because Shelley Von Strunkel is being very insistent on the matter – as an astrologer myself, I rate her work.

The Soul Retrievals I did for L & J released a great many Soul Parts. There was a further journey later in the month that released more – I’ll post that here next.


In building awareness, first you raise the consciousness #Feminism ie education #TradeUnionism. Then you agitate, and then you organise. We are self-organising people and we hang out with others like us. You are a #Nexus. Every follow you have is another #Nexus if they are awake, and so on. If the message doesn’t reach them through one route, it will reach them through another, even if all you do is turn a possible RT into a tweet. And be willing to have conversations.

I’m seeing if I can try this out myself, here in Britain (see my previous blog). The guidance I’m told to give you is to take what works for you best and leave the rest unless it insists on your attention.



#FreeCiF Article Suggestion – Can politicians become stateswomen? #Whaddya #Guardian


My very dear #FormerCiF #Guardianistas

A very interesting fish #DefNotAShark has appeared in my ‘Waters’, as you can see from the above exchange of tweets. Check out her Wiki page – her motivation for becoming MP is an interesting one, given the current climate of sleaze, and she’s very quick to kill off falsehoods. I can respect that. We could use a lot more Tory women like her.

And before any ‘socialists’ go off in a lather about thinking good things about the Tories, I’d ask you to remember those who were commenting in the Torygraph during #Hackgate. They were rougher on their own than we were. ‘Our MP’ here shifted those #NHSDestroyers by herself, as a backbencher, because she knew what she was talking about as a GP. It’s a shame she wasn’t permitted to remain in practice – she’d be seeing the impact of #UKGovCuts first hand.
If there was one thing the #Torygraph and the #Guardianistas agreed upon last year was that this country had a very serious problem. I am hoping we all still agree on that, because there are a few things I’d like to share with such Tories. I’ve worked and dealt with Tories of that #Spirit. ‘Our MP’ would probably be horrified, but when I was Staff Side Secretary for Westminster NALGO, omigod years ago, the Tory Council agreed to second me full-time to trade union activities. I think I may be the only person that ever happened to – it certainly sounded that way at the time – and the reason given for my privilege was that I contributed to the efficient running of the Council; I got agreements where none could be found, apparently because people wanted to agree with me; I helped make things work properly. I still do – when systems work properly, there really is room for everyone no matter who they are (unless they really are a serious problem). We have space to be tolerant and to find out who our neighbours are.

Our country isn’t working on any number of different levels. In some very practical ways, it’s not working on any level and it’s a problem we all share, Tory and whatever political else apart. You see, I wonder if ‘Our MP’s’ voting record might have been different if she wasn’t so ‘new’ and under the Party Whip? I was blaming her for what the Coalition has forced upon us and that might not be fair to her. She might be like the Tory woman I once spent a delightful afternoon with, sitting outside my local polling station, collecting voter cards… at the height of Thatcherism. It was a very slow polling station, so the two of us had plenty of time to talk and we got on like a house on fire, but when she asked me what I thought of Thatcher, my heart sank because I have never been able to stand the woman. So I reached for the most diplomatic reply I could think of – that I didn’t like some of her policies – because my companion had earned it. She leaned forward and said “Not all of us agree with them either.” My companion was not under a party whip that day.

I’m asking you, my Guardianista friends, what you think – how might I best use this unforeseen opportunity? One of the things I’m tempted to suggest to ‘Our MP’ is that she take her GP knowledge directly into the Chamber of the House of Commons. She’s not just a GP – she’s a Forensic Medical Examiner, which means she’s competent to make Mental Health assessments to criminal justice levels. Whilst the psychiatric profession might make its living pathologising every aspect of human behaviour, the test for Sectioning under mental health legislation is really quite simple – it’s got little to do with what La-La Land we occupy and far more to do with whether we are harmful, either to ourselves or to others.

‘Our MP’ chose to correct a falsehood made against her. I would like the same privilege, even though I carry very different labels. I want tell her, as a qualified and accredited psychotherapist (retired), exactly how and why the policies of government, both Labour and Tory, are lethal to ordinary people in both intent and practice. I want to tell her exactly what happens to people who can see this and who try to do something about it. I want to tell her I’ve had a number of dealings with Forensic Medical Examiners who, when they are good, are pure excellence and when they are bad are corrupt as sin. I want to ask her what kind of impact the current ‘hate-the-disabled’ memes would have had on the mental health of her disabled patients. But I don’t want to know her response after I’ve told her – I want HER to know her response when she next steps into the Chamber. She can take a look at this blog if she wants to know where and how I got my FME ‘experiential qualification’.

I would like to find out how many people there are in our beleaguered country who see this problem too. I want to know how many MP’s agree with me. I want to know how those MP’s would have really voted if they weren’t enslaved to the party whip. I’m interested to know how many of our MP’s can rise to the level of stateswoman or statesman by resigning the Whip, forcing a by-election, and standing again as an Independent – where they would be free to really represent the people of their Constituency. Personally, I suspect Totnes would send our MP back to the House with an even bigger majority than now but what works for Totnes won’t necessarily work in Gateshead. Hands up how many of us would like MP’s to ensure the government served the genuine need of their constituents and not some cloud-cuckoo nonsense dreamed up by those who have never done a real days work in their life?

Supposing there were enough MP’s willing to do this? A choice made by the individual conscience of that MP alone. Could that force a General Election? Is it really too much to ask our MP’s for? So the people of this country can express their true opinion about what is being done to them? There is no electoral mandate for what this Coalition has done. This is a matter of democracy. Why are we not being permitted to vote on this?

What do you think? Should we kick this idea around a bit and see what it does? There has to be some way we, the people – whoever we are, wherever we are – can begin to ask for some sanity around here.

We start by talking to each other and having very real conversations about our very real problems. There’s stuff being allowed to go on in this country that my grandfather spent five years at war to stop. How many of us understand this? If we do, what do we do next?

I thank you for your time and attention.

With all respects paid where they are due,


Feel free to reblog with your own thoughts if that helps.

The Gestalt Cycle of Change and the human capacity to grow (or not, as the case may be)


We've always done it this way

For anything to grow and evolve, life needs to be in contact with the life around it. Nothing and no-one exists in isolation. As human beings, we cannot exist without the Earth Herself or the people around us yet some of us have been trying to do so, particularly at top level, and the cost of this is being borne by us all. The human social problems caused by this withdrawal are one of the main complaints from large protest movements such as Indignados, Occupy and Anonymous. Those making decisions at global, national or local levels are ‘out-of-touch’ or out-of-contact with those affected by them. Efforts to create contact are being met with repression by those ‘in-charge’.

Understanding the process of how we, as individuals, make contact with our environment and each other can be extremely helpful. Knowing how we fail at this can be even more useful. The Cycle of Change developed by Gestalt theories provides a model for this that could have practical applications if understood more widely. The Cycle of Change can be particularly helpful in setting our own needs and participation in context, not simply from our own perspective but for the collective too, but first, the Cycle of Change needs to be understood.

Change is normal, healthy and vital for any living essence if it is to conceive, gestate, grow, flourish and die within the Cycles of Life on Earth. All Life comes from ‘no-thing’ and returns to ‘no-thing’ while inbetween offers an opportunity to contribute to the continuation of the living processes of which we are a part. The rising and falling of Life, of need, of necessity, are all a part of the Cycle of Change which brings us into contact with life around us. This is as true of our human psychological processes as it is for the material world we inhabit. In a healthy Cycle, we emerge from a ‘ground’ where all possibilities exist; become aware of something ‘missing’;  consciously identify the ‘need’ to be met; prepare ourselves of act; act to have that need met; enjoy the satisfaction and assimilation of the met need; and return to the ‘ground’ where all possibilities exist once more. In a playful mood, I might liken the ‘ground’ to the wave of the Zero-Point Field and the Cycle itself as the particle emerging from the wave to perform a particular task of Life.

The Cycle itself looks something like this:

Humanity, in relation to itself and the planet, is now in very serious trouble, so understanding the way we interrupt the Cycle of Change within ourselves could be extremely useful if we are to find the way out.

To demonstrate how the Cycle of Change can work collectively, let’s take a global example – the need to eat in order to survive – and see if it works. Global hunger on a planet that grows enough food to feed every human on earth needs some explaining.

So we begin with Sensation – something is not right; there is a disturbance in our ‘Force’, for the purposes of this example, we move to an awareness of hunger. Some of us will be able to move through this Cycle by eating and assimilating the food into our bodies, but only some. Others cannot do this and when we can’t, we slowly starve to death. If those ‘Others’ come in their thousands or millions, those who can eat may slowly become aware of this need and act to assist. Yet, in the West, we hear talk of ‘Compassion Fatigue’ as one human disaster follows another. Those who have food begin to become desensitized to those who starve. Those who are already desensitized have closed down their capacity to respond, and this is defended by a process called deflection. There are more important things to worry about than people starving half way round the world; country; block; next door; whatever those important things might be.

If a collective of awakened people begin to mobilise to meet the needs of the starving, those unable to respond due to desensitisation or deflection, now begin to defend their position with Introjects. Introjection is a process whereby a human being swallows down ideas or attitudes whole – without the chewing of consideration, examination or reflection – and regurgitates them as required. One introject in our Global hunger example might be “It’s their own fault for not organising their lives properly”, or for living where they do, or for any number of other reasons that support the individual’s unwillingness to mobilise their personal resources. The chances are that a person afflicted with these interruptions will simply not be present at the time when the Collective acts, although they may have opinions about those who do. When working at an introjected level, such people will have no difficulty in expressing the opinions of others whose opinion they swallowed. What they may not fully appreciate is that their opinions are likely to be projections.

Projections are where we see qualities in others than we cannot see in ourselves. Given that each human experience is quite unique, it isn’t possible to see something in another without it existing in ourselves too, whether those qualities are good or bad. (For example, there is much being said and written about psychopathy at present but it is all ‘out there’. Psychopaths are someone else, not me. Yet, if I can see and understand psychopathic behaviour, then there has to be something of that in me whether I like it or not. If I’m evolving, the question then becomes “How do I use this quality?” To use myself as example, I don’t like it when, by dint of tangible evidence, I find myself treating another without empathy or compassion but that doesn’t mean I can’t do it if it becomes necessary to my health or well-being, or the health and well-being of others. If I am wrong, then I can choose to change. What makes a true psychopath is the absence of choice in their own behaviour and/or their attempts to remove my capacity for choice coupled with an absolute refusal to take responsibility. The only way I can be certain I am not locked into this thought-form is to become responsible – to be open to difference and contact with otherness… but that is only my opinion.) Whatever we project on to others says far more about who we are than it could ever say about the person we are describing. In a Global Hunger setting, we hear a great deal from the mainstream media about the institutionalised corruption of recipient countries, but very little about the institutionalised global corruption that created the starvation in the first place.

So the Cycle of Change moves on to Contact. We have sensed the need, identified it, mobilised ourselves and acted to meet the need. Now we are meeting it – the starving are being fed – but how we are doing it can prevent our experiencing the catalyst of change that direct contact brings. We vanish into other behaviours instead. We become Retroflective. We do to the starving what we actually want done to ourselves, or we do to ourselves what we really want to do to the recipients. I am sure that there are many examples of how this works. For instance, we may give food but fail to listen to what is necessary from the starving themselves about what is needed for them to take care of their own future; because we want to be looked after, we ‘look after’ them in ways that are counter-productive, creating ongoing dependency instead of genuine solutions that prevent future starvation. Within our global economies, we can see the spectre of starvation and malnutrition emerging within the West as our governments start to inflict upon their own people what they may have really wanted to do to the starving of the so-called Third World.

If, however, the need is met, the Cycle moves to the experience of satisfaction and assimilation and so emerges the defenses of Egotism, again to avoid the experience of genuine Contact. We may feel so self-satisfied with our efforts, either outwardly or internally, that we lose the impact of contact in favour of admiring our own self-reflection.

Finally, as the Cycle falls away into the ground of ‘no-thing’, we become vulnerable to Confluence. Confluence occurs where the individual merges with another, be it a person or an organisation, or other collective form. We cease to be the whole individual motivated to action and experiential contact outside ourselves and become merely a part of something or someone else – a cog in the machine. The interpersonal example of confluence used when I training was the question “Is it you or me that doesn’t like broccoli.”  We don’t know where we end and another begins, and this adds to our desensitisation in our next Cycle of Change.

Comfort zoneThe purpose of the Cycle of Change, in psychological terms, is to step outside our comfort zone to encounter realities that are different from our own. The contact can be experienced in all kinds of ways, from the worst to the best but it is supposed to change us. Contact enables our growth as aware human beings in touch with the reality of the world around us. It challenges our assumptions; it requires risk; it forces us to reconsider what we hold to be true; in doing so, it invites our personal and collective evolution. If we fail to answer the call of true Contact with our planet and her people, we become part of a continuing unhealthy problem which, by our absence, struggles to find resolution. Instead of being part of a wave of change created by individuals – like snowflakes or grains of sand contributing to an avalanche – we become an obstacle, a creature of inertia.

This piece is written for those who are changing as a result of real Contact with others, as we grapple with those who reinforce the interruptions to the Cycle of Change and cannot understand why. We are rediscovering, or may never have lost, the sense of aliveness that real Contact produces when the Cycles of Change flow freely. Not every contact will be good or pleasant but we grow a little more with each one until growth and evolution become a natural part of our Beingness. In my experience, those Cycles of pain can teach me far more about myself and others than any plain sailing ever could. We can appreciate our efforts with a sense of personal and individual satisfaction which sensitises for our next Cycle of growth. We can feel ourselves altering and changing, maturing, producing seeds for the next step, but there is one thing we cannot do.

We cannot force another to change. We can try but the result is more interruptions to the Cycle. We become the introjected message to those uninterested or afraid of growth as a defence mechanism to maintain inertia. We become the very thing we thought we were opposing. To engage in Contact with outer reality – to experience difference in others and to be different ourselves – can only ever be a personal decision. The only people we have any authority to control are ourselves. If we choose freedom and equality, then we must share that freedom with others equally and that includes another’s freedom to refuse to grow. What remains are the consequences of our choices. Those we are going to have to live with, regardless.

This is an imperfect piece. I’m providing a few links to others who are more eloquent than me on the personal psychological processes of the Cycle of Change, or Experience, or Contact – it has many names – for those who are interested. The intention here is to bring this Cycle to the attention of those who are evolving and wondering at the obstructions they are experiencing. As far as I know, the Cycle could inform the planning or preparation of events designed to heighten general awareness of our collective reality and it could be useful as individuals grapple with their own personal choices. A perfect description might prevent my fellow evolvers from taking it apart to see how it works for them and create the danger of yet another introjection at the very time when we need to be preparing for authentic action. Nevertheless, the Cycle of Change is an extremely useful tool that has applications in just about every dimension of human existence except those resistant to the natural rhythms of our planet.

I hope you find it as useful as I have.

Alice Walker on power

Gestalt Links:

Gestalt Therapy Theory: An Overview

Gestalt Cycle of Experience

“Holding” Patterns for the New


“Do not be afraid to go out on a limb – that is where the fruit is!” – Anon


Sometimes I go out on a limb. It may be where the fruit is at harvest time but, in my experience, for the rest of the year I can look, and feel, like a fool wondering what on earth I am doing out here. Now is a good example, having posted two family telling-tales that apparently have little to do with anything other than myself.

When I act in this way, there is normally an internalised ‘blow-back’ from Neuro-Typical[i] (NT) thinking that surrounds most of us in our daily lives. I find myself shrinking under the well-established Matrix tones that shut down innovation, discourage experimentation and harshly oppose anything that might undermine it; the ‘voices’ sound like all those who have judged and found me wanting in their eyes throughout my life, especially as a woman. These are the ones who begin their tirade with “Who do you think you are?”

These days, going out on a limb enables me to examine those NT voices for their veracity and integrity. I give thanks to my past therapeutic work which loosened this stranglehold upon my Spirit because, at some point during the internal tirade, another voice will appear that supports the risk and challenges I have just taken. In this instance, the angelic voice asked me what kind of responsibility I felt towards my ancestral Mothers.

When I consider the lives they lived and the daily struggles they had to contend with, I see each generation breaking with familial tradition in one way or another where they can (my grandmother and my mother) or succumbing to lives of unbearable and unseen suffering where they did not. I am both daughter and granddaughter to women who did their best to break these traditions of suffering. It would be dishonourable, in my eyes, to refuse to continue their work. As this realisation takes root, the NT voices begin to dissolve like morning mist around the tree branch I am clinging to and I can begin to see more clearly why I am out here.

There exists a theory about how this process works. It began with the researches by Gestalt psychologists in the 1930’s around perception and was deepened into Gestalt Therapy by the likes of Fritz and Lore (Laura) Perls. It emerges as the Cycle of Change which will be explained in more detail in my next blog because I suspect that it could inform a great deal of what our collectively emerging humanity is coping with. The beauty of this Cycle is that it works in any and all dimensions – perceptively, emotionally, spiritually, materially, individually, collectively and, possibly, as evolution.

Gestalt is a German word that is particularly difficult to translate into English. It means: shape, pattern, configuration and contains the idea that apparently separate and unconnected pieces form into shapes/configurations that open up new perceptions, awareness, knowledge or growth when understood from the emergent pattern. Gestalt is also one of the German terms for “Spirit” or “God” and this fits with my own understanding that the essence of a gestalt is not simply the patterned pieces but the space inbetween them too. It is a disarmingly simple yet profoundly complex configuration of ideas that never fails in its freshness whenever I am reminded of its existence.

That I need reminding about my knowledge of Gestalt says a great deal about the world we live in these days and NT thinking. The latter claims to have the monopoly of knowledge whilst busily repressing innovation or creativity it cannot control. In effect, it seeks to occupy the space between the facts in order to control our perceptions and emotions by operating a system of exclusion. In doing so, it commits the Sin of Hubris because not even God (however you imagine that Essence) can exclude anything created – only man thinks he can do that.

So, in holding this new pattern emerging from my awareness over the last few days, I find I can add new reasons to my list of why I have acted, and continue to act, in the way that I do; because I am the daughter and granddaughter of women who challenged the NT status-quo wherever and whenever they could, and I agree with them.

Notwithstanding that I am still out on the limb, these two fruits – my Mothers’ bloodline and the remembrance of Gestalt – have been worth the effort of collecting. Gestalt can be shared more easily with the collective but maybe, just maybe, other women might choose to recapitulate and meditate on their bloodlines. It could be the necessary revelation my sisters need to free themselves of whatever is preventing their growth.


[i]  I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the Asperger’s and Autistic communities for the term “neuro-typical” – although I am using it to describe the closed-mindedness of those unwilling to engage with difference or who are declining to grow.