“The Meanderings of Maturing Medicine Woman at Beltane”



Now we enter the SacredTime for the Weaving of True Stories.

I will show you what they say of me later. The stories they tell hold good medicine. The Medicine of Freedom. They teach of how we free ourselves. Of what needs to be done. They have told their stories. Now it is time to tell mine.

I spent nearly five years in prison, mainly in segregation or top security wings for women in North East England. The Prison Rules say that a convicted prisoner cannot be segregated for more than 28 days (thank you, Winston Churchill, Home Secretary) – but it can, and does, take place with pre-trial pre-sentence prisoners in segregation. Yes, they were serious charges (I wasn’t the only one but my young and desperate companion in on the #Block turned 21 on the day I met her), but conditions were harsher than if we had been convicted) – and it still that doesn’t account for my treatment during the first month; 28 days C&C until I asked what I was being punished for so I could correct my behaviour. I was 47 years old and this was my first offence. They were breaking Prison Rules, Orders, Instructions, the lot.

And I don’t regret one minute of it, because I learned my prison instinct that way. From the bottom up. I came through those years without a single disciplinary offence to my name and a long unbroken record of enhanced behaviour. Once I was enhanced, I stayed that way.

Being a middle-aged first offender from London, (with a fancy name, fancy accent and high intelligence) now loose on the landings of the highest security wing for women in the country (within a high security prison for men (2003) HMPDurham – now a local jail) I had to have a gimmick. Mine was this. If I saw a job that needed doing that no-one else could do but I could, I’d do it and I’d do it well – even if it was only folding party hats (the only job I was thought fit for). I’d obey the rules, provided that everyone else did the same in my line of sight or within my hearing.

What I found there was an environment that did not know right from wrong. I’d done a good job with the Segregation Unit at HMP New Hall – a murderous regime until I was able to show, and sometimes forgive, those #PrisonStaffWithHeart what was wrong. In one instance, that involved absorbing a verbal assault from the Wing SO – he thought I was taking the piss because he didn’t know what Catch-22 meant. The Governor hated me and it showed. I’m grateful for all the reality checks I got but the Governor was the Governor and he had his pet muppet zombies working in there too. The chaplain was a woman of #TrueGod. I’m glad she’s been recognised for it. The bulk of the Chaplaincy were pure gold. The Irish Catholic Priest who told me he thought Jesus was a Communist. We agreed that, sometimes, in order to truly catch a falling soul, the only way was to get underneath them. And the beautiful Muslim Chaplain who brought her husband into the Segregation Unit to meet me (and the others). We shared true moments of peace together – all those #SoulHearts drift into my mind from time to time and I wonder if this is our promise of telepathy…. because we are thinking of each other.

…so where was I? Oh yes.

F Wing at Durham. How do I say this? I spent about 80-90% of my prison time on suicide watch of some kind or another. I’d lost my fear of Death when I tried it in 2001 – only remembered the Ritual “Shamans Death” after the fact. When you dance with Death – in human form, and especially with practising fascists – you make them keep records. You force them to write it down. It’s an Islamic Standard. It is written in the Qur’an – “Can he write it down?” I always got written evidence because I’d force it from them one way or another.

The way I got through prison was by following God. And I’m not the only one. I watched both staff and prisoners find the same #Power alongside me. We watch out for each other. Did you think the Great Spirit gives a toss how you or S/He find each other?  We find each other in Nature, in each other. We reflect back to each other the best of ourselves and we find the best of ourselves in those who reflect us.  But if you want to find Love, you find Her in a woman. If you want to find Truth, you find Him in a man. When a man looks to a woman, he should be looking with Love. When a woman looks to a man, she should make sure he knows her Truth about what is being done to Love. Anyway, it starts getting complex around here so I going to leave that story to some of those Complexity and Physics #Fellas… #RainbowPeople But, once you’ve found my kind of God, we never want to let us go.

They decided to close that place down while I was there. The women were suiciding. And the #HatersHated – I was ‘ghosted-out’ to HMP Low Newton. I did well enough there. There were #GoodPeople working there. They got to #Know me. By the time I left, finally, in 2010 I’d won them four Koestler Awards in Watercolour Painting and left behind a whole series of Equality Themed posters from Black History Month to Holocaust Remembrance. The #GoodPeople – both prisoners and staff – respected me, often liked me and frequently loved me. How do I know? Because I loved them. We looked out for each other and, when and where we could, we helped each other out.

One of the ways I did this for us was by warning of stormy weather ahead. Now I am raising us to #WideAwakeStatus. I am a MedicineWoman. Other #MedicinePeople are seeing the same signs. I am speaking now to add my voice to theirs. The storm will reach its peak on May 15 – fourteen days from now. Its peak will be a blasphemy. I am told this cannot be prevented because a blasphemy was committed by a BlackMagician upon this Medicine Woman at the New Moon (cyber evidence posted) and #OurGreatGoddess wishes to gather further evidence of wrongdoing now that #HerPeople have raised their #Voices to #Her. #May1 #Beltane

When everyone understands what it is to be a global family we will understand that the Sacred Law is written into everything. We can find it anywhere. We can find it in Prison Rules. We can find it in Law – unless that Law is a #Blasphemy. There is a #ColdFire that burns away the guilt of the past. I become #NotGuilty, certainly not innocent yet wise with awareness. In #ChaosTurbulence this is called “The First Bifurcation” to new dimensions. I have travelled this path before many times. In my #OtherWorld this is a signpost – the creation of a new branch from the sapling trunk on a new Living Tree of Life. It was the price I demanded from my God/Dess for agreeing to the abomination (cyber evidence posted on AWildWomanHowls / WildWalkerWoman /EtherSecShaman #tumblr). I #ClaimCoup –if my Claim is #True our #Power is returned to us.

You must choose this power for yourself. It is, however, deadly for the harmful. #WetikoRattle By agreeing to #PatienceNow and #May15Action, you are being tested and corrected. If you refuse to correct, you will be challenged. You will fail the challenge if you are not #True. You will pass because you already #Know #OurTruth.

For all of you whose lives have just been destroyed beyond all recognition in whatever way by the passing of #PlutoInCapricorn, #Now is the reason why. Wherever you are, whoever you are – the only requirement is to be awake – you are going to experience what it is to #DanceWithLife having #DancedWithDeath. #IKnowThesePaths  #PlutoInSagittarius

The best way to cope with it is to think of it as starting a new kind of job – not career (we only do vocations on this side of the Veil). It’s called the #Job4Life. You will find signposts. It will appear like magic, if you wish; physics if you need to test it; spirit if you need to #Know it; or simply being a #GoodHonestJob wherever you happen to be.

But before we act we must wait and observe closely. Jesus said that all the laws must be observed – their laws #Criminal or ours #OutLaw. When we are given #FreeWill, we must accept the consequences of our choice. And if our choice is #Blasphemy then we must reap what we have sown. Everything is #SacredNow – what do we need to do to live that way for real? Who do we need to know? Who are we letting go to walk their own path? Who are we meeting along the way? Who have we tested? And who are we failing after they’ve taken their test?

Most people are asleep. They make no choice at all. They can be ignored unless they become troublesome. The stupid ones in prison, learned the hard way, that their best action was to stay well out of #SacredPowersWay  and I would stay away from them because we are magnetically repellent.

I speak for those who, like me, who are #SlowFast learners. I see the #Vision and I #Think “How do I get there?” I speak for those like me who are busily growing into #OurPower. It does not weave its way through the deep meditation #PowerOfAir alone – it is inspired by #PowerOfFire (passion and imagination), it is deepened by #PowerOfWater (transformation, emotion) and is rooted in #PowerOfEarth (manifestation, creation).


You Peoples out there who can hear me. I know you are listening. I know you can hear me. However and Whoever You are. Yes, I’m talking to you. People who can’t hear me don’t read this far down. #TrickOfTheTrade – but careful. We have to make it #Fascinating, not #Seductive

Our #Mission – if we choose to accept it – is to wait until #May15 but listen very, very carefully; watch very, very closely; scent our Ether for #Information and follow every breadcrumb. Collect every #Token. This is your Path. You can see how I walk mine. We are #ReConnecting. I seem to #Know a lot of people these days who, when I experience myself with them, show me an aspect of their #Being which looks just like mine. I #Know this to be the #AspectOfGod in however She wishes to #ShowUs.

And, finally, #MyFriends, this is what they say about me. Interesting stories there too.

But that must be for another day. This #TalkingStick must be passed to my #Enemy.

Thank you for listening.

May You Walk In Beauty.


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