May 5: The story so far….


A few days ago, I posted this. In it, I refer to a rise in Absolute Blasphemy. These are not predictions I have any joy in confirming

This one is very serious to those who hope for a Future of Peace; who follow the Prophecy of the White Buffalo. We must pay close attention to this development, for we have choices in our responses. This is not the first Abomination of this Moon Cycle, nor will it be the last. Our Great Mother is poised to respond. Those who would like to align their #Energy to Hers are most welcome to do so.

This is how I am choosing to interpret these events.

“We give Honour and Gratitude to the Sacred Mother Buffalo and Her Sacred White Buffalo Son. Keeper of Promises. The Trust between us is UnBroken for you are always a Promise Made PromiseKept. By the Will of the Great Spirit.

We Thank You.”

We are on the Path if we recognise the Signs. The Path Ahead is about to become more dangerous. The greatest Full Moon shines on us from the depths of Scorpio, my old friend. A #SeekerOfTruth who can see in the #Dark. The Darkness is emerging from the Shadows. Once the Full Moon passes its peak, in a few hours time, they will make themselves known. And, again, I’m being told to ask you to hold and watch – help one another but do not oppose. The matter is being addressed by #YourGodMyGod and #OurEarthMother. The unmistakeable threshold for action opens on May 15. Please – if you can use Restraint until then, choose it. We are creating the tension that opens the Dimensions. We have more Choices the longer we wait.


My Guides are saying this:

“There are a number of #FalseProphets amongst us – there are others being led astray. If you are at all unsure whether you are being tricked, look for signs of healthy women and cats. And then watch what they are doing. In this matter and at this moment of your Time, the women have the clearest instinct of what is growing and what needs to be cut back. The cats will verify this in some way or another directly. The men need the extra time in order to be able to see what the women can see now. After May 15, you will be free to act upon what you know.”


And these are interesting fragments I have added to my Gestalt.

A Class Divided

The Man Who Quit Money

Restorative Justice




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