“Meeting Our Future”


Once in a while I am helped to remember why I’ve lived my life in the way I have because I meet the reason in person, alive and embodied. Understanding our reasons for past actions is a great focus, like the strong beam emerging from a prism in sunlight. Yesterday, I met someone who did this for me. The beauty of the internet is that I can introduce her to you too.

Meet Teal – a spiritual catalyst.


Teal and I do not know each other and I have only just encountered her work, so much of what I will be saying here are first impressions together with the impact of her knowledge when set alongside my own.

My immediate impression of Teal is what an astoundingly beautiful young woman she is. She carries the same female signature as Catherine Zeta-Jones and is a feast to rest one’s eyes upon. If she represents the future possibilities I have worked so hard to create around me, then our future is gorgeous! Bring it on! Yet, as a woman, I know how vital it is for us to not only be appreciated for our beauty but also to be respected for the knowledge and wisdom of the inhabiting soul, and Teal doesn’t let me down.

Her descriptions of the Akashic Records and the different dimensions becoming available to us, as we move along our collective lines of growth, deeply resonate with my own experience. Her information is imparted in ways that can ‘interface’ alongside my Otherworld experiences which certainly does contain, amongst other things, a huge library. Yet I have no sense of having to displace myself in order to accommodate the new – her knowledge enhances mine by opening up new avenues for exploration and she talks as one who has direct experience of these dimensions. By the end, I am left as free to choose as I was at the outset, but with a greater fund of knowledge at my disposal.


What I choose to do with the wisdom Teal has imparted is my business – we are all on our own paths and I am no different to anyone else. For me Teal, and all those like her, are about our future. My contribution here brings a particular signature of energy from the past in order for both past and future to meet in the present. To ground this idea I’ll use astrology and, in particular, the Saturn cycle.

Saturn takes 29.5 years to orbit the Sun. In astrological terms this means that every thirty years or so an individual will experience what is known as a ‘Saturn Return’. When we are thirty, this return means a letting go of the Cycle of the Past that Saturn has represented in order to move into the Cycle of the Present. Next year, I will be experiencing my second Saturn Return. I will be leaving the Cycle of the Present and moving into Saturn’s Cycle of the Future. How well I do there will depend on how hard I’ve worked over the past 29.5 years, so a form of recapitulation now seems appropriate.


The Cycle of the Past in my own life contained many seeds to germinate and grow. My father had been able to break out of his social conditioning as traditional working class, moving beyond it into knowledge and art. My mother was, and is, still deeply affected by the impact of patriarchal attitudes towards women. The combination of these reverberated through my childhood and youth in very deep and, at times, harmful ways because, despite the Spark of Individuality that shone in both of them, they were and are products of their time. One of those ‘products’ was World War II and the Plutonic energies unleashed on all of us at that time; another was the Civil Rights movement. Rosa Parkes refused to move to the back of the bus exactly a week before my first birthday. All this and more has informed my growth and development both consciously and unconsciously.

With the Scorpio signature of my birth chart and Pluto in the third house in Leo, I seem to have been destined to explore these depths consciously. If seventeen years of personal therapy counts, then I did this during the second Saturn cycle but will have to wait for the second return to discover how successful my adventures were. In the final decade of my Saturn-Present cycle, I discovered shamanism – a spiritual discipline that simply ‘does-it-all’ for me – and it was tested. My shamanic spirituality was tested by both Saturn and Pluto in 2003. Pluto was conjunct my natal Sun in Sagittarius in the 6th house and Saturn was opposing both from Gemini from the 12th. I would like to think I passed those tests – albeit imperfectly – but I must wait for Saturn’s decision on this too.

Saturn is the energy concerned with Time; with manifestation (it rules Capricorn); and with the slow, gruelling lessons we have to learn about life. It is about boundaries and limitations. How far are we able to grow and remain fundamentally healthy? Saturn represents the limitations of incarnation and is quite ruthless in imposing them, particularly on those seeking to learn. Saturn is a hard taskmaster because it removes the ego to get at the essence of the person beneath. An individual can choose to ignore Saturnian lessons, but they cannot ignore the consequences of their choice especially when Pluto is around.

Pluto is the planet of Transformation. Regardless of astronomical ‘status’, Pluto is extremely powerful in destroying what is no longer required in order to create anew with the energies unleashed by the destruction. In my country, for example, the post-war creations of the Welfare State, the National Health Service and the kind of social mobility enjoyed by my Father are perfect examples of the Plutonic Life/Death/Life cycle. But these transformations occurred in Leo – the sign of the creative or destructive self/ego. If I look now it seems as though humanity was being given a personal choice in how to use such power. Now that Pluto is in Capricorn, working within Saturn’s boundaries and Laws of Limitation, the time for personal choice is over. Those infinite possibilities have collapsed into energies that must now be endured by us all.  There are many people who can tell you how and why this collapse is necessary if humanity is to evolve but what has all this got to do with Teal?

For someone like me, Teal represents a future I would wish to see manifested. My ‘Age’ is coming to a close – her ‘Age’ is starting to make itself felt as we experience new growth from the ashes of the old. I would liken these changes to the rings of annual growth within the Tree. My parents were the tree-ring I formed my present from. The young are supposed to surpass their parent’s problems in order to encounter their own. When I look to Teal, and to all those youngsters like her, I see the growing tree-ring of the future. I’m not going to get there with her because that is her destiny and I have already lived over half of mine, but I can be a foundation upon which those collapsed energies – now manifesting in archetypes and paradigms – find their way through the devastation Pluto is presently inflicting upon a humanity that refused to mature despite all the choices they had. That time is past and is now reflected in the global chaos of our collective present. This is a new time of choosing that contains both the power to transform and the limitations of an incarnated humanity. When Saturn moves into Scorpio at the end of 2012, both of them – Pluto and Saturn – will be in mutual reception; Pluto in the Saturnian sign of Capricorn; Saturn in the Plutonic sign of Scorpio. These energetic powers are working together to create new possibilities alongside Uranus in Aries (new growth) and Neptune in Pisces (dissolving the past/dreaming the future). When the new planets discovered in this millennium – Orcus, Sedna, Quaoar and others – are factored in to these possibilities, the choices become infinite.

Human beings are not yet ready for infinite choices, as Teal says herself. To evolve means to grow. Presently, we have to grow towards these possibilities through manifestation. This is Saturn, which requires germination, cell-division, complexity in the flesh, so to speak. We need to collapse infinite potential into energetic choices made in our everyday lives. If my adventures through the last thirty years of my personal Saturn-Present cycle prove their worth, then it may be that the wisdom I’ve acquired (the Gift of Saturn Respected) can assist the Future. For my part, I choose to support and, maybe, empower the Teal’s of our world. I’ve had the joy of meeting them and their future looks brilliant and shining in comparison to the present we are emerging from.

Yet I must also ‘know my place’ (Saturn). My generation’s day is passing. The day of our next generation is becoming. They are ‘bigger’ than we are – just as I was bigger than my parent’s generation. They can see things we cannot. They know things that we struggle to comprehend. Nevertheless, the problems facing all of us remain essentially human. As I move into my new Saturn cycle in 2013, so I shift from ‘Saturn-the-Present’ to ‘Saturn-the-Future’ and I can bring my wisdom with me. Even now, I can see the future potentials I want to support and those I choose to leave behind.

Teal, and all those like her, belong to a future I would like to see manifest. Ego considerations are immaterial here. Neither Saturn nor Pluto cares whether you are female, male or inbetween. They don’t care what packaging you dwell within. They’re not interested in where you live but how you live. They want to know what you intend to do with the experiences, intelligence, Love and power you’ve chosen this time around. They want to know who you are, not what you are.

So when I say “I would like to introduce you to Teal”, I’m not saying ‘Here is a beautiful young woman for your eyes to appreciate’ although, Goddess knows, this is true. I’m saying “Listen to what this woman has to say – listen to who she is and what she is bringing to the world. She is highly intelligent. She may sound as if she’s a mystic but her descriptions are pure Physics and, more importantly, she is talking about workable tools for creating the Future – her Future. She is invested in this and she is clearly in touch with higher intelligences. And if this is what she, and her awakened generation, is capable of now, then all my hopes and dreams for our Future are manifesting in her.”

As a member of the ‘Passing-Away’ generation, I can look to the Teals of this world with gratitude – wherever they are on our planet – and say “This is why I did what I did. This is why I fought so hard – with myself, with others, with the world. This is why I am here. This is why I have lived the life I have lived. This is what I wanted to build. And everything – every single horrible, toxic experience – has been worth it, because through her and all those like her, I can see the Promised Land.”

Welcome to our potential Future.


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