#OccupyWitchcraft An New Idea is Born


Occupy Witchcraft

In my country, a woman who practises my kind of Spirituality may be labelled a witch – I don’t have a problem with this excepting that it is not strictly accurate. I am trained as a shaman, not a witch. Nevertheless, I’ll stand alongside the witches in this.

Occupy is grappling with the ‘normal’ problems of any rising movement seeking change – infiltration and destablization. Anonymous has had similar problems. So, too, have movements across the planet.

When Britain stood and faced down the aggression of the Nazis during World War II a group of adepts, including Dion Fortune, performed protection rituals for our islands. We weren’t invaded.

I see regular reports from the tumblr witches about the effectiveness of their Spell-Casting. If our intent is to aid, heal and empower the powers of the Light, OccupyWitchcraft might create the energetic power for Occupy to move passed the blockades of opposers.

As the same time, I would not want to exclude any other practising Faith in the Light regardless of how the practitioners identify themselves. There is no exclusivity in Spirituality. We are all One.

I have past work that I am free to share with any Occupy Witchcraft movement that I will post in the next day or so.

Keep watching this space.


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