“Hidden Beneath the Surface” – A GreatGrandmotherTelling of Family History Part Two: The Great-granddaughter’s Tale


For once, just this once, people can do their own research. What I tell you is as a True a Telling as it was told to me.

In 2002, the Great Mystery had me living in Pearson Park in Kingston-upon-Hull.

Pearson Park is very unusual. The brainchild of Zachariah Pearson, it was created during the reign of Victoria and Albert – the last time we had a genuine love-match on the British throne. Albert knew Pearson and he was interested in what was being created in Pearson Park and the Avenues.

There is a legend told that speaks of the men’s interest in Spirituality; of how they planted big crystals around the park, designed by the architect same as New York’s Cental Park (I forget his name). My experience as a Shaman tells me the energies of the park and avenues do accord with that possibility. The trees are involved in this network too. It wouldn’t surprise me if it lay close to a leyline too.

The original houses around the park are quite individual and very creative. Whoever envisaged  them had a great deal of imagination. Even the terraces of the Avenues tweak their individuality. When I lived there, a shaman was sculpting the remaining trunks of dead/dying trees. I remember the ornate fountains where the locals gathered to celebrate New Year. The creative power contained within the whole area is astounding to a sensitive like me.

What I didn’t know when I moved there was that my great-grandmother had lived only just a couple of streets away, or that the modern terrace in Pearson Park where my local historian lived, is built on the foundations of the convent where my aunt went to school. A few doors down from there, towards Princes Avenue, is the house where Phillip Larkin lived in his attic flat.

Pearson Park is an absolute jewel. It has its own Law, set down by Zachariah Pearson when he gave his creation to the people of Kingston-upon-Hull. He was a staunch Christian by that time and he knew how to write Law. When Hull City Council tried to tear down one of the original houses, the Park’s historian fought them and won. Pearson Park has its own Law.

I met some truly remarkable people in Pearson Park; a beautiful, mystical belly-dancer with the name of a Leonard Cohen song; magical mothers; musicians playing purple woolly bagpipes on a cool and misty Sunday morning.

These were my treasures. They balanced the darkest journey I had ever taken in my life.

For you see in 2003, in Pearson Park, I became a dangerous criminal according to Kingston-upon-Hull.

Today, this is my response to the city of my Great-Grandmother: If you think I’m dangerous, you should have met the Opposition. And if you think I’m a criminal, you should REALLY meet the Opposition. That city didn’t have much of a problem with Ian Huntley – until Holly and Jessica lost their lives. The old Chief Constable hung on, aided and supported by the Head of the Police Board, until he was shamed out of office. The Head of the Board has an interesting history around prosecution for child abuse but nothing has ever been proved. I hear he’s the Mayor of the city this year. It’s enough to set Zachariah Pearson’s crystals spinning!

One of the things I was doing at that time was a requested Soul Retrieval for the city. I discovered that the essence of Soul for Kingston-upon-Hull dwells in Pearson Park. Islam can be found in Pearson Park – there is a mosque. The Essence of Christianity can be found in Pearson’s Law for the Park when it was given to the people. There are a lot of people who bring their Faith to Pearson Park, including this shaman when I lived there. The Park did not disappoint but those who run that city do.

They disappoint the Spirit of William Wilberforce and Zachariah Pearson.

In disappointing me, those who run Kingston-upon-Hull broke faith with the four generations of women from my family but explained the problems they had that I had never properly understood.

I will not return there. My ancestress’s deserve better.


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