“Holding” Patterns for the New


“Do not be afraid to go out on a limb – that is where the fruit is!” – Anon


Sometimes I go out on a limb. It may be where the fruit is at harvest time but, in my experience, for the rest of the year I can look, and feel, like a fool wondering what on earth I am doing out here. Now is a good example, having posted two family telling-tales that apparently have little to do with anything other than myself.

When I act in this way, there is normally an internalised ‘blow-back’ from Neuro-Typical[i] (NT) thinking that surrounds most of us in our daily lives. I find myself shrinking under the well-established Matrix tones that shut down innovation, discourage experimentation and harshly oppose anything that might undermine it; the ‘voices’ sound like all those who have judged and found me wanting in their eyes throughout my life, especially as a woman. These are the ones who begin their tirade with “Who do you think you are?”

These days, going out on a limb enables me to examine those NT voices for their veracity and integrity. I give thanks to my past therapeutic work which loosened this stranglehold upon my Spirit because, at some point during the internal tirade, another voice will appear that supports the risk and challenges I have just taken. In this instance, the angelic voice asked me what kind of responsibility I felt towards my ancestral Mothers.

When I consider the lives they lived and the daily struggles they had to contend with, I see each generation breaking with familial tradition in one way or another where they can (my grandmother and my mother) or succumbing to lives of unbearable and unseen suffering where they did not. I am both daughter and granddaughter to women who did their best to break these traditions of suffering. It would be dishonourable, in my eyes, to refuse to continue their work. As this realisation takes root, the NT voices begin to dissolve like morning mist around the tree branch I am clinging to and I can begin to see more clearly why I am out here.

There exists a theory about how this process works. It began with the researches by Gestalt psychologists in the 1930’s around perception and was deepened into Gestalt Therapy by the likes of Fritz and Lore (Laura) Perls. It emerges as the Cycle of Change which will be explained in more detail in my next blog because I suspect that it could inform a great deal of what our collectively emerging humanity is coping with. The beauty of this Cycle is that it works in any and all dimensions – perceptively, emotionally, spiritually, materially, individually, collectively and, possibly, as evolution.

Gestalt is a German word that is particularly difficult to translate into English. It means: shape, pattern, configuration and contains the idea that apparently separate and unconnected pieces form into shapes/configurations that open up new perceptions, awareness, knowledge or growth when understood from the emergent pattern. Gestalt is also one of the German terms for “Spirit” or “God” and this fits with my own understanding that the essence of a gestalt is not simply the patterned pieces but the space inbetween them too. It is a disarmingly simple yet profoundly complex configuration of ideas that never fails in its freshness whenever I am reminded of its existence.

That I need reminding about my knowledge of Gestalt says a great deal about the world we live in these days and NT thinking. The latter claims to have the monopoly of knowledge whilst busily repressing innovation or creativity it cannot control. In effect, it seeks to occupy the space between the facts in order to control our perceptions and emotions by operating a system of exclusion. In doing so, it commits the Sin of Hubris because not even God (however you imagine that Essence) can exclude anything created – only man thinks he can do that.

So, in holding this new pattern emerging from my awareness over the last few days, I find I can add new reasons to my list of why I have acted, and continue to act, in the way that I do; because I am the daughter and granddaughter of women who challenged the NT status-quo wherever and whenever they could, and I agree with them.

Notwithstanding that I am still out on the limb, these two fruits – my Mothers’ bloodline and the remembrance of Gestalt – have been worth the effort of collecting. Gestalt can be shared more easily with the collective but maybe, just maybe, other women might choose to recapitulate and meditate on their bloodlines. It could be the necessary revelation my sisters need to free themselves of whatever is preventing their growth.


[i]  I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the Asperger’s and Autistic communities for the term “neuro-typical” – although I am using it to describe the closed-mindedness of those unwilling to engage with difference or who are declining to grow.


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