#FreeCiF Article Suggestion – Can politicians become stateswomen? #Whaddya #Guardian


My very dear #FormerCiF #Guardianistas

A very interesting fish #DefNotAShark has appeared in my ‘Waters’, as you can see from the above exchange of tweets. Check out her Wiki page – her motivation for becoming MP is an interesting one, given the current climate of sleaze, and she’s very quick to kill off falsehoods. I can respect that. We could use a lot more Tory women like her.

And before any ‘socialists’ go off in a lather about thinking good things about the Tories, I’d ask you to remember those who were commenting in the Torygraph during #Hackgate. They were rougher on their own than we were. ‘Our MP’ here shifted those #NHSDestroyers by herself, as a backbencher, because she knew what she was talking about as a GP. It’s a shame she wasn’t permitted to remain in practice – she’d be seeing the impact of #UKGovCuts first hand.
If there was one thing the #Torygraph and the #Guardianistas agreed upon last year was that this country had a very serious problem. I am hoping we all still agree on that, because there are a few things I’d like to share with such Tories. I’ve worked and dealt with Tories of that #Spirit. ‘Our MP’ would probably be horrified, but when I was Staff Side Secretary for Westminster NALGO, omigod years ago, the Tory Council agreed to second me full-time to trade union activities. I think I may be the only person that ever happened to – it certainly sounded that way at the time – and the reason given for my privilege was that I contributed to the efficient running of the Council; I got agreements where none could be found, apparently because people wanted to agree with me; I helped make things work properly. I still do – when systems work properly, there really is room for everyone no matter who they are (unless they really are a serious problem). We have space to be tolerant and to find out who our neighbours are.

Our country isn’t working on any number of different levels. In some very practical ways, it’s not working on any level and it’s a problem we all share, Tory and whatever political else apart. You see, I wonder if ‘Our MP’s’ voting record might have been different if she wasn’t so ‘new’ and under the Party Whip? I was blaming her for what the Coalition has forced upon us and that might not be fair to her. She might be like the Tory woman I once spent a delightful afternoon with, sitting outside my local polling station, collecting voter cards… at the height of Thatcherism. It was a very slow polling station, so the two of us had plenty of time to talk and we got on like a house on fire, but when she asked me what I thought of Thatcher, my heart sank because I have never been able to stand the woman. So I reached for the most diplomatic reply I could think of – that I didn’t like some of her policies – because my companion had earned it. She leaned forward and said “Not all of us agree with them either.” My companion was not under a party whip that day.

I’m asking you, my Guardianista friends, what you think – how might I best use this unforeseen opportunity? One of the things I’m tempted to suggest to ‘Our MP’ is that she take her GP knowledge directly into the Chamber of the House of Commons. She’s not just a GP – she’s a Forensic Medical Examiner, which means she’s competent to make Mental Health assessments to criminal justice levels. Whilst the psychiatric profession might make its living pathologising every aspect of human behaviour, the test for Sectioning under mental health legislation is really quite simple – it’s got little to do with what La-La Land we occupy and far more to do with whether we are harmful, either to ourselves or to others.

‘Our MP’ chose to correct a falsehood made against her. I would like the same privilege, even though I carry very different labels. I want tell her, as a qualified and accredited psychotherapist (retired), exactly how and why the policies of government, both Labour and Tory, are lethal to ordinary people in both intent and practice. I want to tell her exactly what happens to people who can see this and who try to do something about it. I want to tell her I’ve had a number of dealings with Forensic Medical Examiners who, when they are good, are pure excellence and when they are bad are corrupt as sin. I want to ask her what kind of impact the current ‘hate-the-disabled’ memes would have had on the mental health of her disabled patients. But I don’t want to know her response after I’ve told her – I want HER to know her response when she next steps into the Chamber. She can take a look at this blog if she wants to know where and how I got my FME ‘experiential qualification’.

I would like to find out how many people there are in our beleaguered country who see this problem too. I want to know how many MP’s agree with me. I want to know how those MP’s would have really voted if they weren’t enslaved to the party whip. I’m interested to know how many of our MP’s can rise to the level of stateswoman or statesman by resigning the Whip, forcing a by-election, and standing again as an Independent – where they would be free to really represent the people of their Constituency. Personally, I suspect Totnes would send our MP back to the House with an even bigger majority than now but what works for Totnes won’t necessarily work in Gateshead. Hands up how many of us would like MP’s to ensure the government served the genuine need of their constituents and not some cloud-cuckoo nonsense dreamed up by those who have never done a real days work in their life?

Supposing there were enough MP’s willing to do this? A choice made by the individual conscience of that MP alone. Could that force a General Election? Is it really too much to ask our MP’s for? So the people of this country can express their true opinion about what is being done to them? There is no electoral mandate for what this Coalition has done. This is a matter of democracy. Why are we not being permitted to vote on this?

What do you think? Should we kick this idea around a bit and see what it does? There has to be some way we, the people – whoever we are, wherever we are – can begin to ask for some sanity around here.

We start by talking to each other and having very real conversations about our very real problems. There’s stuff being allowed to go on in this country that my grandfather spent five years at war to stop. How many of us understand this? If we do, what do we do next?

I thank you for your time and attention.

With all respects paid where they are due,


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