#OccupyWitchcraft These are the energies that are now loose, to the best of my knowledge.


In April, I was asked to undertake this work:


The result, which I have consent to publish, was this:


and this: http://awildwomanhowls.tumblr.com/post/21264918081/soul-retrieval-for-l-and-j-part-2-15th-april

You are asked to pay particular attention to the structure created in the second vision.

During the following new moon, the male recipient was tested to see whether the work had been effective. I chose not to read his final public response, but it did prompt a friend to respond with this:


I gather he regards my work as a failure.

The work done for my other #SoulTrust was experienced at the time of the work.

The above work was supervised throughout and was directly linked to Glastonbury during the Testing by me, using the Chalice Well Symbol.

The most recent New Moon/SolarEclipse at Mount Shasta created the same energy as the work channeled through my group.

This explains the significance of Glastonbury / Mount Shasta http://www.in5d.com/earth-chakras-and-vortices.html

The forum posting I have already directed you to: http://occupywomen4change.freeforums.org/shamanic-visions-t16-10.html

These are written between myself and my supervisors. None of our group has been untouched by this work. It has been difficult and painful for us all. Yet, I believe that when they understand the emerging pattern, they will find that they don’t mind.

Can you also remember that this work grows out of the work I told you about here:  https://pawprintsofthesoul.wordpress.com/2012/05/11/occupy-witchcr…hamans-request/ ‎

I’m referencing and verifying as much as I can, but you can always ask one of the others: @havantacluOTMP @Alixir2012 @Orgyofthemind and @angelsavant. If you need verification that we are a bona fide wisewoman’s group, you can check with @H_O_G_ @OpPinkPower and others from the forum.

All these are energies that can be harnessed because they will ‘fit’ in some way with those who are awake. It seems to me that the first thing we do is build our network – I wonder what Earth Chakra is being triggered by the lunar eclipse on 4 June. I will be doing something because Shelley Von Strunkel is being very insistent on the matter – as an astrologer myself, I rate her work.

The Soul Retrievals I did for L & J released a great many Soul Parts. There was a further journey later in the month that released more – I’ll post that here next.


In building awareness, first you raise the consciousness #Feminism ie education #TradeUnionism. Then you agitate, and then you organise. We are self-organising people and we hang out with others like us. You are a #Nexus. Every follow you have is another #Nexus if they are awake, and so on. If the message doesn’t reach them through one route, it will reach them through another, even if all you do is turn a possible RT into a tweet. And be willing to have conversations.

I’m seeing if I can try this out myself, here in Britain (see my previous blog). The guidance I’m told to give you is to take what works for you best and leave the rest unless it insists on your attention.




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