#ShamanicVision Called to Journey to the Otherworld


10 May 2012

“Phoenix appears on my bedpost as I am preparing to sleep asking me to journey to the Otherworld. As he ‘speaks’, a pack of Spirit Wolves and Spirit Horse appear to. I agree to journey and mount Horse. I find Hecate’s Gift (Cloak and Mask) lying across Horse’s back. We travel at speed to the Lower World. I notice the Islamic Hallway remains in place as we travel and that my Lower World is now green and lush and alive.

We arrive it the Energy Barrier where a crowd of people are waiting. As I dismount, I see Iesua – he is dressed for battle and is carrying a sword. So are all the others. I see the Prophet amongst them alongside many, many other Messengers of God. I look to Iesua questioningly. He says, “We are to retrieve/release all those Soul Parts who now wish to depart from the Dark Side” in response to my query.

I look around and see Namei. She is smiling broadly and is much more ‘substantial’ now than when I first met her. She introduces me to a male being of her People and says he has come to retrieve the Soul parts of the Star Peoples. I find Iesua at my side who tells me I am needed because a part of my Soul remained on the other side of the Veil when I performed my last work and my Otherworld would like it returned to me. Iesua nods in the direction of Hecate’s Gift, still on Horse’s back, so I collect these and put them both on.

When I am ready, Iesua steps up to the Energy Barrier/Veil and with his Sword, cuts an opening for our very large party to pass through. Iesua holds my hand as I step through. He tells me that I will not be able to see anything other than the Light and to not be concerned about this. In Truth, this suits me just fine!

On the other side of the Energy Barrier/Veil, the other companions of our party have disappeared for their own tasks and, with my hand in his, I travel with Iesua.  I can see nothing as we move through this place together until we find ourselves in a room in which I can see. It looks very similar to the place where I found J’s soul part. Letting go of my hand, Iesua makes a movement with his Sword (the names ‘Excalibur’ and ‘Sword of Truth’ come into my mind as he does this) and I sense all traps and bindings falling away. Then he produces a very large pouch that looks like a sister/brother to the pouch I used for J, except for size, and he calls to call the Soul parts now wishing to leave to come to him. I see Lights move towards him and into the pouch. Then Iesua turns and hands me another small pouch containing a Soul Part – “This is yours” he says. I hang the pouch around my neck.

Iesua then closes his pouch, but I can still see Lights within the room. Iesua says “These have chosen to remain. This must be respected”. Then he takes my hand again and we return to the Energy Barrier /Veil. Before we cross through the opening he made, Iesua raises his Sword again and cuts – like a spell from a wand – along the line of the Energy Barrier/Veil as if he is cutting away this place from its moorings to the Veil or beyond.

We pass through the opening in the Energy Barrier/Veil where the whole of our party are waiting for us. The first person I see is Namei’s companion and I immediately enquire about the Star Peoples’ Soul parts. “Free and home” he says, smiling. Then I feel Iesua squeeze my hand, so I turn to him. He asks me for the pouch containing my Soul part. I remove the pouch from my neck and hand it to him. With both his hands, he opens the pouch and invites my Soul part into his hands. As ‘I’ emerge from the pouch, I see I am as damaged as those I retrieved during the first work. Iesua cups my Soul part and gently breathes healing over ‘me’. The Prophet steps up to him and takes my Soul part into his hands, where he does the same thing. Each of the company does the same thing until my Soul part arrives at the last, Namei’s companion, who, after healing, blows my Soul part back into my heart.

The Iesua says “Quickly, now – return” and I find myself, with Hecate’s Gift now lying across his back again, astride Horse who turns and gallops me home to my bed with Phoenix and the SpiritWolfPack travelling with us.

Phoenix tells me to sleep and write up the journey in the morning. He will watch over me whilst I sleep.

My journey is complete.”


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