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“Grounding In Fact”: the responsible adult in public UK life


“The Empress” by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
©Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, 2004-2010.
All rights reserved

As some of you are already aware, I have been posting evidence of censorship on my twitter account. Because this is also occurring to others, it might cross your mind that making a big song-and-dance about what is happening to me is, in some way, egotistical or self-seeking. The only way to be certain, one way or another is to examine my reasoning.

So here are my reasons for saying that censoring me might place society at some sort of risk. I say this because I have found myself in this kind of situation before and the consequences were not pretty.

Those who know me personally, whether neighbours or cyber-friends, are aware I have a criminal conviction for violence. I am not going to go into the details here but suffice it to say that censorship formed a central role in the circumstances leading up to my conviction. My conviction has consequences that will never lapse in this lifetime. My society has laid very strict rules upon my behaviour and if I fail to comply, I can be prosecuted again and would probably receive a very hefty sentence. The public found themselves at risk from me the last time I was censored. As a matter of Public Protection and speaking as a responsible adult, when someone with a criminal conviction like mine finds themselves in the same situation that contributed to their crime, it is right for society to become concerned. This is why I am making a big fuss about what is occurring on twitter.

The reason people know about my conviction is because I tell them – just as I keep telling you. I’ve been told this is a dangerous activity and have, I suspect, been recalled to prison for doing so by the probation service. If, however, I am seeking to redeem myself to the society I live in now then I believe openness and honesty are absolutely vital. If I am to successfully redeem myself, as a responsible adult, I must contribute to the protection of my community by identifying potential threats to public safety. If, within my community, there is someone once regarded as so dangerous only solitary confinement was considered secure enough and who now finds themselves censored in public, then this needs to be reported to the proper authorities as a matter of public protection – even if that person is me. There can be NO exceptions; not in a lawful society.

So, as a part of my desire to contribute to a lawful society, I am reporting myself to my local Police Public Protection officers. This might seem a very dangerous thing to do, especially in the light of my second criminal conviction – my threat to kill a police officer. Yet I find myself having little fear of doing so and here’s why.

The process of redemption is an absolute constant in a sinner’s life. It requires honesty and truthfulness. It requires courage in the face of exclusion, derision and abuse. It requires a very high standard of behaviour and it requires me to be humble in the face of my many failings. The crimes I committed have to be paid for and whilst I may have served my sentence, my commitment to my continuing redemption has to remain unrelenting. If my society believes I need to be censored, then I had better deal with it now just as I dealt with my offences a few years back.

Since my release, my contact with my local police has been minimal and as I get on well with my current neighbours, I doubt if I have given any cause for alarm. When I was on probation it was a different story. What I can be certain of is that I apologised to almost every police officer who dealt with me. Those who didn’t get a face-to-face apology can find my written apology in the files of the police board. In a lawful society, I should have no fear of the police and in my present community, I don’t. The local police have been magnificent with me. Their faults have been so minor as to be totally eclipsed by the magnanimity, kindness, humour, compassion and genuine interest of those I have met. Their capacity to deal with my eccentricities is second to none and, if they think about it, my posting something like this on the net will come as no surprise because I am nothing if not surprising. I’ve surprised a lot of people and shocked even more.

The issue of my twitter censorship may not bother the local police officers who know me but it bothers me because I find myself anxious about my relationship with them. One of the features of both my convictions was that of corruption in public office and it included the local police. All my attempts to resolve matters through established procedures failed as the direct result of unlawful orders being issued to police officers. I knew they were unlawful and the police officer I threatened to kill knew it too. The reason I threatened to kill him was because he didn’t act on that knowledge – I was too far gone, in mental health terms, to be able to see that he may have been prevented from acting. If that is the case, then I repeat the apology I made in open court. As my local police are fully aware, as part of my own redemption, I am not permitted to comply with orders I believe to be unlawful even if I bear a heavy cost for doing so. I would really rather not have to do it again but will, if needs must.

If my twitter censorship is lawful, then I believe an efficient public sector would have informed my local public protection police given the criminal convictions I so openly declare. They should know about it. This post is an insurance policy. If my local police don’t know about it, then I am ensuring that they do as a recovering criminal concerned about public protection. So I’m reporting myself to them. All I am asking them to do is make note of the situation. If they want to do any more than that, that’s none of my business unless they need me to go formal. But here is the reason why I regard this as an insurance policy.

Because I believe that my twitter censorship is unlawful, I’m going to carry on testing and reporting the results. In other words, I am liable to become a public nuisance. Whilst there are those who have no problem with this and encourage me to continue, those who act unlawfully will have to start taking further steps to shut me up… just like they did before. Given my prior experience, I would expect the following to happen.  Because I will not be acting unlawfully, by a law I recognise, there will be some other attempt to criminalise me. If this occurs, it will have to be done via orders issued to my local police. If those orders are fundamentally unlawful, then I believe any public official has a duty to refuse to comply with them. If I am legally correct, then this is written into each person’s Contract of Employment, as I’m certain the local Police Federation branch can confirm. The only time public officials are permitted to act unlawfully is if they are gathering evidence of abuse in public office.

So, I say this to my local police. If you decide you need evidence of abuses in public office, then please come and get me with whatever the abusers have come up with now. Please ensure all paperwork is complete and up to date – the examination of such documents in court meant I was able to achieve a ‘Not-Guilty’ verdict to the charge of ‘Attempted Murder’. Please understand that I will be acting in my own defence, so you are asked to treat me as both perpetrator and legal representative. You can expect to be working with a friendly defendant and an experienced legal-eagle. You can expect me to think and behave, respectfully, outside the box you find yourselves in. You may be asked to answer questions from my nominated legal colleagues in any or all matters you are being ordered to prosecute. Since I am demonstrably trustworthy and reliable, you will not hold me in custody nor will you seek to curtail my on-line activities. You are welcome to monitor them. You will ensure that the matter is placed in the hands of a competent prosecutor at the CPS and that I am kept fully informed as my recognised legal representative.

As my legal representative, I ask my local police to appoint the most efficient, competent officers to the matter and that each one of them is ordered to report any ‘unofficial’ or ‘off-the-record’ conversations that occur outside the team, regardless of who that person is. Sometimes an investigation finds itself impeded by psychological subversion from someone close to the individual. If the ‘subverted’ are known to be otherwise reliable people, then how they were subverted needs to be examined. Please understand that the intentional dissemination of falsehoods is an attempt to pervert the course of justice. As an aside, I want to say here how grateful I am that my local community has so many competent women in public positions. Even if I never claim on this policy, I’m guessing that one or two of my ‘demands’ may be giving them ideas about what it means to act lawfully.

Speaking as a former shop steward, I have no problem with management when they do their job properly. If, however, they choose to become problematic, I have a tendency to reflect that.  When there is collective agreement between public employers, their managers and staff, we are all working for the benefit of the whole. When that benefit is authentically held in public trust, not private corruption, the accrued power for transformative change is extended to the community as a whole. This is not a political matter at all; it begins with a woman’s lawful public concern that, I think, ought to become a community’s legal concern. When these matters are given due professional consideration this might contribute to resolving some of local and national problems. My Law begins with a woman’s law – the International Declaration of Human Rights – as mothered into creation by Eleanor Roosevelt. As a woman who is seeking to demonstrate my social responsibility, my legal basis begins there as a human being. As an Employment Law professional, I recognise a public contract as binding upon those professionals who undertake public duty. I undertake the same responsibility as my chosen public duty along the road of personal redemption. This is what I offer to my community when I undertake my understanding of public duty. It may not be some people’s idea of what public duty is but, well, I make up my own mind on this subject.

Those of us who stand in the line of fire as a public duty – and I have only ever made a nuisance of myself on behalf of and at the request of others – become very skilled at what we do. The excellent relationship I have been allowed to create in reality with my local officials tells me that I am dealing with some very experienced people. The measure is their ability to formally undertake their duty, however difficult, whilst retaining compassion and the capacity to behave in a merciful manner when called upon to do so by their conscience. This is emotional intelligence coupled with behavioural and intellectual respect. I don’t need to prove it because you have already proved it to yourselves.

By putting myself on formal report, at least in my own mind, I can begin to pull my legal case together in such a way that issues of public protection come high on the collective agenda. The last time I had to do this I think I did a fairly good job. I got a free education in psychiatric and criminal justice – seven years of unbroken study counts as a Doctorate of Law in my book.

It is my professional opinion that the censorship I am experiencing on twitter is criminal for the reason that it seeks to pervert the course of lawful justice, insofar as it appears to interfere with accurate public psychiatric and forensic observations of persons in public office. It is fair to presume accuracy because it has resulted in a need to silence me, by person(s) unknown, in an organised manner within a public forum. If my local police haven’t been informed of this, then it is fair to presume that the action is unlawful – I am, after all, a known criminal. In a lawful society, this information ought to have been passed to those whose concern for public protection is as great, if not greater, than mine. If some won’t take responsibility for their actions in this matter, it falls to me to do so as a matter of public interest.

The behaviour I hope to be manifesting by my actions is intended to provide a training model that supplies workable standards and measures of someone capable of shouldering responsibilities in public life. My legal view is that when it is manifestly plain to competent people that an individual is unfit to undertake public responsibility by reason of apparent corruption or incompetence, it is necessary to suspend them from duty whilst the matter is investigated thoroughly. If corruption is proven on a balance of evidence and reasonable suspicion, they must be removed from public office forthwith and with immediate effect because they pose an immediate danger to the community. There are all kinds of existing laws that enable such decisions should they need to be properly enforced on the grounds of mental incapacity to distinguish belief from reality. I don’t understand why they are not being applied already as any action to achieve this can only be deemed legal after the fact. In addition, the evidence is certainly in to show that those who fail to act in accordance with the law are liable to be held legally accountable at a later date.

There is, however, another way of dealing with this entirely. I could, for example, ask my local police whether they see any crime in what I am reporting to them. If they do and it is something they believe to be in the public interest to act upon, then perhaps the same competent prosecutor from the CPS could take a long legal look at what crimes may need investigating here and, with guidance from my legal colleagues, write up my formal complaint accordingly. A legal-eagle sees the whole landscape but may miss important details. I have to be aware of my limitations as well as respect what my community already knows. Since they continue to surprise me with their imagination, I defer to their greater knowledge both respectfully and happily. And as this is a matter of public interest, I will ensure that my Councillor and MP are informed as a matter of courtesy.

My ‘public duty and responsibility’ may be self-appointed but, on balance, I think I prefer living within a community that has someone like me in it. Frankly, I am not willing to live in a world that doesn’t want me here.

That’s my choice. Now you have a choice. Live in a world that seems to think, by hook or by crook, it ought to be sustained long past its sell-by date, or to start living to create a better world by lawfully challenging those who are presently issuing unlawful orders.

What is going on in the EtherSec?


The first evidence comes from Emergent Culture and relates to Terrence McKenna’s Time Wave.

It is a long, technical piece for those interested in this kind of evidence and it accords with a lot of my own earned wisdom. Nevertheless, there are some very interesting comments about the “sameness” of the events of 9/11, coupled with the potential novelty our present finds us in.

You can find it here.

The above information accords with the astrological wisdom shared by Carl Boudreau.  Here is his anaylsis for July 2012.

You will best understand this by checking the accuracy of his predictions for us in June.

Those of us who are awake to this will have there own understanding of what is occurring. We are in our evolutionary process right now.

The first test is the Battle of Minds. This following is a very good example of what we are contending with.

Anyone who keeps a ready eye on the internet’s ‘New Age’ community will have come across  this announcement “Green Light: Massive Arrests Imminent”. David Icke states this is a massive scam although he fails to explain why. I can explain and it falls within the boundaries set by Carl’s analysis and the TimeWave.

The main reason I distrust this information is that it fails to contain the elements of genuine change I would be looking for in any new ways of living human life on this planet.

As a woman, I experience the existing systems we live under at a global level as profoundly misogynistic. Women have been detailing this for decades and continue to do so. The level of physical and psychological violence towards women and our capacity for autonomy is rising quickly across the globe and show little signs of abating. Any genuine major transformation of our global systems would have to include a major redressing of this highly toxic imbalance of power.

As a woman, I see nothing within the promises of Drake and his cohorts to suggest that this gender-power imbalance is being addressed. All I see is another bunch of men telling me to ‘trust’ them while they engage in a battle of power with another bunch of men already proven to be woman-haters.

Apparently, this New Cabal is sourced from China and the Far East. If I look to the position of women within that human grouping I find nothing to reassure me, as a woman, that this so-called ‘Green Light’ is anything more than yet another battle for power and resources between men. Presumably, within the ideas contained within them, is a nod towards power-sharing with women although I have yet to see even that. China’s record on women’s power may have changed somewhat but it has resulted in a society that must question its own capacity for compassion. I ask myself if I want to live in a world where a girl can be abandoned to vehicular homicide in a public street while passers-by merely observe and record what is occurring. My answer is a resounding No.

As women, we have millennia of experience to know that such changes amount to nothing as far as we are concerned. Women only have to ask themselves the following questions to get to the bottom of Drake’s presentations:-

  • How many men of ‘abusive power’ do you know who would willingly step aside to allow women, and the issues that concern us, to effect real change within human society at all levels?
  • How many men are willing to even listen carefully to the concerns and needs of women especially if, as a result, this would require them to give up old patterns of behaviour or old advantages based upon the disadvantages of women?
  • How many visible competent and trusted women are involved in this new regime being presented to us?

My own answers are the reason why I share David Icke’s view that whatever is being presented is some form of scam – a changing of the guard instead of genuine transformation – and that presupposes that these changes have some substance in reality to begin with.

There are other, non-gender, reasons for my suspicions too.

In psychological terms, to effect genuine and permanent change requires the person involved to ‘individuate’. To individuate is to fully become our unique selves as responsible adults within our social settings. A fully individuated individual does not want to be ‘rescued’ from their difficulties because they need the freedom to find their own solutions. This is what fully-formed human adults do but that is definitely not what is on offer here. The ‘Green Light’ is framed and presented as a collective ‘rescue’ from the wicked ‘Cabal’.

The “Victim-Persecutor-Rescuer” dynamic has very deep roots in Western psychological thinking both individually and collectively. It is at the very heart and root of the Shock Doctrine used by psychopathic leaders in order to reinforce their hold on power and it reaches into the heart/mind of every individual. This dynamic requires victims. In order to have victims, persecutors are required. To affect a transfer of power, rescuers are needed too. I believe that the moment we hear the word ‘victim’ in any situation, we are looking at this dynamic and any solution found within that framework merely perpetuates the problem.

To understand this, we have to look at what happens after the victim has been rescued.

Once rescued from a persecutor, victims are usually very grateful to their rescuers to begin with. Once the new situation has been established, however, those who had previously been victims begin to find fault with the rescuer. This hasn’t been done properly. That isn’t right. As the pattern progresses, so the ‘victims’ shift their position to that of persecutor, creating new victims often amongst those who had affected their original rescue. The dynamic of Victim-Rescuer-Persecutor is simply a methodology for shifting the power of the persecutor from one individual or group to another and we don’t have to look very far to find examples in reality.

To see ourselves as victims is to relinquish our capacity as adults to become our own rescuers. To see ourselves as victims is to remain dependent upon others for change without any effort on our part to become responsible for creating the situation we most desire. This relinquishing of adult responsibility for our individual selves requires that we remain psychological children. We fail to address or take personal responsibility for our own ‘persecutor-within’.  When the solution delivered by the rescuer fails to meet our ego-requirements – which it must do when any so-called solution is delivered from ‘without’ our responsible adult – we begin to see the emergence of blaming others for our own failures. As the blaming increases, a new group of victims emerges and so the pattern continues.

The true power of this dynamic resides with the persecutor. To break free of the pattern demands that each one of us addresses our persecutor within and take responsibility for the damage it causes to both ourselves and others. As we ‘persecute’ our ego into relinquishing its irresponsibility, we step up to our responsibilities as individual adults working together to resolve the very real problems we are all facing if the human race is to survive at all. Without this, we cannot transform ourselves out of the old toxic patterns into the fully responsible adults we are capable of being.

Drake’s ‘Green Light’ is presented as a ‘rescue’ of people from a persecuting system. In the light of the Victim-Rescuer-Persecutor dynamic, this offers no real change at all. It is merely a change of power from one group of now identified men into the hands of largely unknown men and where the involvement of women is only noticeable by our resounding absence.

All this leads me to conclude that whatever is going on here is some form of Psych-Ops – a psychological operation aimed at perpetuating existing power structures by luring the unwary into giving up their personal power for real change by the highly suspect promises of rescue.  The question that arises, for me, is ‘Who gains from this?’

The only answer I have at present is ‘Not me’. Not me as a financially impoverished individual. Not me as a woman. If one woman is saying ‘Not me’, the chances are there are many more women who would say the same if they understood what was occurring. If Drake’s solution doesn’t address either of these two points, then the chances are that the ones who gain from all this are rich men. Again. This is simply more of the Same-Old-Same-Old. As a woman, I say this ‘new emperor’ is wearing no clothes either and looks just as unimpressive as the ‘shower’ they are supposedly replacing.

As they say in my part of the world, “You must be having a laff.”

More Stealth Censorship on Twitter?


If it’s still up (who knows how long this arm reaches?), then you can find the Storify here


Here is the original offending tweet:



If the problem was my initial misinterpretation of the SkyNews post, well Hell, that’s par for the course on Twitter. That shouldn’t have caused a problem at all. That I choose to be as factually accurate as I can is my choice, not theirs.

But someone has run around three twitter accounts removing Storify access to direct tweets – they haven’t actually been deleted as such but they have been buried somewhere in a Twitter cemetery. Just like this was.

So, who else is being buried too?

And how many tweeps is this being done to?


Ethics, Politics, People, and Crime


Einstein once said that a teacher who cannot make a lesson simple does not understand the subject well enough. He was talking from the experience of being a scientist. In science, a theory must be tested with proofs. As a shaman with a criminal record, anything I might choose to teach must be subject to the same rigour, especially if I am trying to communicate my understanding of the ethics of power in what I believe to be a world operating in a criminal manner.

To begin with, a convicted criminal teaching ethics is not unusual – today it happens in America and probably elsewhere. Nor is it unusual to find convicted criminals involved with politics – we only have to start thinking of the likes of Nelson Mandela or Bobby Sands to find our route to further research. So there are precedents for what I am about to teach here. With both science and ethics there are principles that must be applied. It will be up to you, the reader, to determine whether these have been clearly established and adhered to when you examine the proofs I present in this piece. In addition, I have to adhere to the structure of my methodologies, outlined elsewhere in this blog. All these configurations are vital if the essence of the lesson is to be grasped and understood.

Whilst certainly ambitious, this is not intended to be a definitive piece. The human difficulties we are facing collectively are still unfolding and will continue to take us beyond what we already know. What is being sought here are understandings flexible enough to evolve with us without loss of fundamental integrity – a psychological and spiritual genome, if you like – where human success and failure co-exist in a creative dynamic that anyone can access on their own individual terms, whoever or wherever they are, yet which can encompass human experience at all levels.

Carl Jung once said “If there is something wrong with society, there is something wrong with the people who make up that society; and if there is something wrong with the people who make up that society then there is something wrong with me.” As an experiential teacher, therefore, any lesson in ethics, politics, people and crime must commence with me.

It begins with an expression of passionate rage at the absence of effective political opposition to the actions of my country’s government.

I received no response from Dr. Clarke.

As someone who believes in the importance of offering alternatives even in the midst of criticism, I believe one of the solutions to the political impasse we face can be found with women. As a collective human ‘grouping’, healthy women have different priorities to the present establishment which, of necessity, has to include others because we give birth to the future. There is also clear evidence from around the world that when women, at ground level, have autonomy over their resources, the whole community benefits.

Nor is this ability solely restricted to women – men can do this too if they choose to, e.g. “The Bank of Dave”. Soon after my tweets to Dr. Clarke, I was privileged to be able to explore my notions with women friends. It can be found here “Women Talking”  as it is far too large to be included as a picture. Any discussion, especially when feelings are involved, will be ‘messy’ because the feeling dimension frequently conflicts with intellect. My exchange reflects this yet still finds its way through to a mutual understanding upon which new ideas might be built. It is a beginning and a process – not a solution. I believe that each and every one of us has something to offer in this, if we choose to. There will be consequences to our choice, regardless of which path we choose.

I include a spiritual dynamic in addition to intellect and feeling when I reflect upon my own processes. I notice what the ‘universe’ brings into my experience, particularly at times when my feelings are erupting (See “When Rage becomes Passion” for more details on this process). As I was posting the Storify, “Women Talking” to my friends, I saw a tweet that resulted in this exchange:-

As a ‘proof’ of my instinctual beliefs, I really cannot ask for anything finer.

In the space of three conversations, I had been able to express my woman’s rage, transform it into mindful passion and then encounter a man’s respect of that mindful passion. For me, only a universe based on loving stuff is capable of manifesting evidence in this way. It suggests that I may be on to something useful to the collective. It points to potential agreements within the human collective at a time where we need them the most and it emanates from the very people who need it most. In short, it gave me hope where little had existed before. It is hard to express the depth of gratitude I feel towards all those individuals who were actively involved.

Nevertheless, when we are in a process, a satisfying conclusion to a particular event does not signal the end of the matter. The next step made its appearance almost immediately:

This tweet infuriated me because, whilst identifying a problem, the tone reminded me of irresponsible parliamentary debates and totally failed to offer anything other than a grandstand view of further cruelty to my nation’s youth. It also seemed to underpin the points I had made to Dr. Clarke earlier in the day. Why is there no effective opposition to this coalition government? Why are brakes not being applied to such policies by the coalition partner? The tweet evoked this instinctive response:-

Please bear in mind that I may have misrepresented Dr. Clarke.

When faced with cruelty inflicted by the State upon its citizens, individuals face an ethical dilemma – to act or to bystand. When we bystand in the face of systemic abuses, we collude with them. When we collude, our actions indicate our ‘agreement’ with the abuse regardless of what we might say. We become a part of the problem rather than contributing to the solution. This is the individuals’ dilemma and only the individual can resolve it, for better or worse. Nevertheless, when our own internal ethical system fails in the face of government-organised abuses upon the vulnerable and impoverished, by choice or by ethical-failure, we become accessories to crimes against humanity. We become criminals ourselves.

This is how far my own lessons have taken me as these processes continue to emerge. If my theory about the ethics has any validity, then it ought to have resonance within your own experiences. Where we differ is important because it points to a need for deeper thought. Where we err indicates the corrections we need to make within our fallible selves in order to move forward to mutually acceptable solutions. If, however, we refuse to consider the ethical implications of our attitudes or behaviour; if we continue to deny the existence of a problem in the face of mounting evidence; and if we continue to pursue irresponsible, unethical and abusive goals regardless of reasoned objection, we are likely to find ourselves convicted of crimes in a mentally healthy society.

As one of my psychotherapy trainers once said, “If you continue to behave irresponsibly, then you are demanding I take responsibility on your behalf. If you force me to do that, you won’t like my decision.”

I have this thing about Censorship


On June 19, I had a real time experience of being censored on Twitter. The problems I was having with tumblr, at exactly the same time, led me to believe that someone, somewhere, with the power to do so, was actively censoring what I was saying. Since it crossed into two different websites, I wondered who had authority to issue such orders and for those orders to be obeyed. Since then, my problems with tumblr have been more than resolved, for which I am most grateful. But the issue is still ongoing with Twitter.

Because I believe this subject is important, I have confronted Twitter here. I am interested in knowing whether the decision to censor is reflected within the organisation. If it is, then this is a matter of public interest. If it isn’t, then someone, somewhere, thought they knew better than their employer or… they were working for someone else who thought they knew better.

The issue that underpins this matter is personal responsibility, particularly at a time when our so-called ‘leaders’ are displaying signs of serious disturbances in their mental health. When our governments begin to favour small elites over and above the general population, we are all in trouble. This trouble is magnified when those in charge have access to weapons of mass destruction and care little about the needy and vulnerable within society. When anyone in this position starts to behave abusively, they become a danger to others. This is one of the psychiatric measures of insanity. Another measure is whether the individual recognises that they have a problem – those who are truly insane see no problem with what they are doing. They think they are fine and it is us who are the problem. Any honest psychiatrist will confirm what I am saying – it’s no secret.

The point I was trying to make in my twitter exchange is this. When our so-called ‘leaders’ are behaving in ways that cause their sanity to be questioned, they are liable to be issuing orders that reflect this. When these orders are obeyed without question, then the society begins to sink into what is known as ‘collective insanity’. Human history is quite clear about where this leads. It is also quite clear that the defence ‘I was only following orders’ can be insufficient to evade personal responsibility.

I believe in personal responsibility and have acted on those beliefs in the past. My actions have sent me to prison when I finally became violent after 18 months of harassment and violence designed to silence me. My sentence was probably as hard as it was because those in authority cheated and lied in their evidence. No matter – it is water under the bridge. What matters to me now is that, even after I was imprisoned, I continued to challenge abuses within the system and I did this without ever being disciplined by Her Majesty’s Prison Service and without ever losing recognition of my enhanced behavioural status within that system. I make this point because I don’t believe that those subject to insanity can do this. These are my measures and I have worked very hard to achieve them over nearly sixty years of life. To be able to do it requires an almost super-human level of self-control – the insane are incapable of this because they can’t recognise any social boundaries to their behaviour.

As more people begin to wake up to the severity of the situation we find ourselves in, our ‘leaders’’ behaviour becomes more irrational and, probably, less legal by the minute. This is not occurring in one country alone – this is a global problem. Some countries are beginning to address it – Iceland and Japan are good examples. But my country, the United Kingdom, has yet to catch up and our citizens are dying, losing their homes and being deprived of the means to support themselves by a coalition government with no lawful mandate to do the things it has already done, let alone those things it apparently plans to do. If you doubt what I am saying, then it may be time for you to do your own research rather than simply introject what you are being told. I am not the only person who sees this problem.

These are my opinions based upon personal experience. I’m sharing them because I believe the issues are important even if I, personally, am not. But if I am not important, then the chances are that you will not be regarded as important either. In the UK, the private sector is saying that they will be in complete control by the next election. The ordinary people of my country are already subject to laws that breach the HMP Prison Rules, which means that, collectively. we have already degenerated into concentration camp conditions. Unless this process is interrupted and stopped, I see no reason to believe that, by the next election, our death camps will be operative.

This is a form of collective insanity. It is a diagnosis. You are free to make your own mind up on the matter. What you are not free to do is escape the consequences of your choice.

Guest Blog: “To Have Power Over Power” by “Z”


This is a very deep rabbit-hole. Z is going to guide you through it.


He defines the problem and then shows us how we have already found the solution. However busy you are, make time to read this. Whatever remaining issues we have with each other are, if not, resolved, then certainly signposted.


This describes, in his own words, exactly how I see the world. This is the kernel, the essence, upon which we structure our unique selves. I cannot praise this higher. This is the EtherSec and we are it’s family. All different. All colours. All spirits, both known and unknown – seen and unseen.


This is the paradox. We are One. We are individual. We are family. We are brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles – but we parent ourselves. Aethists are welcome but they are not allowed to disrespect this energy. We are Respect.

Well, #Anons – I think you are about to be #Occupied by #EtherSec.

Meet Z.

And give him the respect he deserves.


“To Have Power Over Power”


I have not asked Z’s permission to reblog this because I believe it to fall within the Law of Give-Away. In return for my creative theft, I have added my own individuality and my Voice as a Woman. This is a permited crime, as he will tell you.

You are invited to help create a Global Heart/Mind #ChainBlog – please use this hashtag when posting so the rest of our Family can get your measure. Write in your native language – allow us to translate your words into our own – someone bi-lingual will want to share this with the language of their own Heart. This is how we teach each other.

This is the Rabbit-Hole of Love – and this is why #WeRWon <<< use this when you post, but only if you respect this enough to #LoveIt 😉


The Diamonds of Darkness


“The Tower” ©Stephanie Pui-Mun Law


The very best form of learning is experiential because the lesson is taught on many different dimensions. It follows that the very best teachers work experientially. The thing to remember is that that the lessons come from life itself. They arise from our aliveness and the only difference between the teacher and the student is the teacher has more experience.

Yesterday, some friends helped create such a lesson. You can find it here. As an example of the Gestalt Cycle, it is perfect – I have excluded an interruption that, in my opinion, sought to introject a ‘solution’ that did not fit the problem. I left it out because I’m tired and bored with the interrupters and to make a song-and-dance about such individuals is to divert attention from where it is needed. They are unneeded distractions. I have also excluded someone who supported me on the facts about financial poverty within the system we all find ourselves in. I’m grateful for their support but for this to work effectively I need to stand alone at the moment. We need to be able to see my mistakes and supporters can veil this aspect if we are not careful. This is a lesson. I am a teacher. I believe my lesson’s aim is to support the impoverished but if they can’t see where I’ve fucked up then we can’t correct my errors. In truth, both of those I’ve left out belong in the wider story – they are as much a part of the Gestalt as the participants but I don’t know them as well as the central characters.

This is a recapitulation of what occurred now that my personal Gestalt Cycle has completed itself. It was my Cycle so I’m discussing it from what I can see – how it interfaces with the other participants will be for them to decide.

The main charactors are my Egyptian friend, my Lightworker friend, an old Guardianista friend and me.

The teaching Cycle began an out-pouring of Self from my Egyptian friend. If I have my facts straight, nag0ul took such an active role in his country’s ‘Arab Spring’ that he was arrested and detained at one point. Certainly, now, he is under 24 hour surveillance in a country that is ruled by a military that sees no problem in killing its citizens when they protest, supported by lawyers that permits them to get away with murder. No-one in the Egyptian hierarchy has been brought to account for the deaths of protesters and it looks like no-one will. So, my Egyptian friend knows he is facing retribution of some sort whatever hue of government takes power. Therefore, his initial outpouring is totally understandable.

I stopped trying to interrupt his Cycle of Experience (none of us are exempt from this mistake!) when I remembered my own outpourings whilst I was a prisoner. He was in a place of deep transformation where existing internal psychic structures collapse and he describes this process extremely well. From my own experience, this is a deeply painful process of disappointment and there is really nothing anyone can do except keep them company. It is a long and hard fall from Hope to Despair, and it takes just about everything we believe in with it. In the Tarot, this is the card of the Tower. In Astrology, this is the action of Pluto.

This Fall takes us over the boundary of Death. It may not result in physical death, although it can and it may not be our own death that triggers the process. If we live, what dies are the assumptions we have structured out lives upon and someone in the throes of the Fall can take our own assumptions with them.

As my Egyptian friend ‘fell’, and with my own grief triggered by Father’s Day, the pain I was holding became too much. Politically and personally, I am close to ground zero at present and aware that I may be facing a move to its epicentre. This is not a new experience for me. My Father’s death initiated my own ‘first fall’ and subsequent events collapsed my life until I was transformed into an undesirable, unemployable exile in my own country. Whilst my experiences are my own and cannot be compared with nag0ul’s, the pattern of energy is the same. A fall from Life to Death holds the same archetype wherever it is played out and the results are the ashes of despair. Those bearing witness are liable to feel fear of their own fall, especially if they have not experienced this for themselves.

What is most important to remember here is that, like the Phoenix, ashes are not the end of the story. The collapsing structures represent outdated power; when the Tower is dust, so energy previously locked within is freed to create in new ways… but only if the environment allows it. The energy of Pluto is Life-Death-Life – it does not end with death.

My first experience of Death was also my first experience of Grief. Grief is a trauma. As the roots of the Greek word for trauma suggest – grief pierces our ego-structures and breaks our heart open to greater Love. It has to be Love because only that power can cause us to grieve when it is ‘gone’. A deep wound to Love creates intense vulnerability which can only be healed with kindness, patience, compassion, understanding and time, as anyone who has experienced grief will tell you. The problem grieving people have is that we live in a world where all those qualities are in very short supply. So when vulnerable people are subjected to cruelty, impatience, heartlessness, deliberate incomprehension and no time, it will trigger feelings of deep rage. This is what occurred with the Arab Spring. This is what is occurring elsewhere across our planet.

Frequently, those experiencing this process transform into activists. We see the ‘wrong’ and start to do something about it. Our choices and actions begin to create new structures within us, just as the Plutonic energy intends. However, those of us who have become activists over the past few years are constantly facing an opposition hell-bent on keeping us imprisoned within their old and collapsing paradigms. To my eyes, they appear criminally insane and my own rage at this situation erupted into the Twittersphere, triggered by grief and activated by my friend’s despair.

This is a powerful dynamic of an energy seeking to evolve. My new friend, Adam, mistook it to begin with until I was able to explain what was occurring using the Laws of Grief. The first Law of Grief is Respect. If the energies being expressed by the mourner are fundamentally healthy, then they demand respect, even if their appearance is initially alarming or disturbing. If witnesses cannot offer respect, they are likely to be shot down by the emerging Rage – as one person was by me. On the other hand, if respect is established – as it was with Adam – then the rage can begin a second transformation into Passion. Rage is no longer required because the energy is being heard. What emerges is the information needed to build new and healthy structures from the ashes of the old. This process is apparent in my personal Storify.

It is these new energies that Activists seek to support and develop. My passionate rage was rooted in the relentless attacks these individuals can be subject to, both collectively and individually. Whilst I might agree that new energies, if still ‘infected’ by old memes, may need to be continually dismantled until we arrive at a healthy structure there comes a point when it is plain that the destructive forces being applied are downright malevolent. So whilst I may have been enabled to move out of the Death-stage yesterday, I am under no illusions that the political forces in my country won’t attempt to send me back there. In my own Self, I am certain I’d prefer to be dead than to consent to this. The suicide levels in the West suggest that I am not alone in this. That this suits the NWO is beyond any doubt because they would be acting to prevent this if it didn’t – instead they are heaping more of the same upon those they purport to ‘govern’. The System is waging war on its own people. Activists understand this and do something about it but they are not superhuman. We need to remember and give to the grieving what they need to evolve. Sitting back and doing little or nothing is to deprive them of support when it is needed most. Support can be as little as a retweet or as much as your heart prompts you to give.

One aspect of my Gestalt Cycle was the issue of financial poverty. In a world filled with envy, this subject becomes booby-trapped, so I make no claims to be ‘right’ with this aspect. I will simply say what I see.  What needs to be remembered here is that the vast majority of Activists are financially impoverished. What they achieve is done with so few material resources that the shaman-in-me starts talking about miracles. Those who benefit from their actions are frequently poor too. The question that always arises in me is “what might they be able to achieve if they actually did have resources?” This is then tempered with Sufi wisdom that teaches when financial assistance is absent, people find out what they are genuinely capable of in a spiritual sense. Clear answers elude me and I have to fall back to trusting that the greater Power of Love knows what it is about far better than I do and I surrender.

This story is still unfolding. In my experience, each time we are felled by the pressures of the old and have to walk through our own darkness, we collect diamonds of wisdom along the way. These are the diamonds I collected yesterday. In sharing them, I hope they may inspire new activists and resources for existing ones, however those resources might manifest. The only thing I can be certain of is that the other participants in my story will know things I don’t either because I’ve made a mistake or I’ve misunderstood what I am looking at. But I will only find out by sharing what I know.

If any of these diamonds are useful to you, please help yourself.

#EtherSec #TangoDown The Guardian and how covert censorship works



“The Guardian” newspaper is a part of my personal and social heritage as someone who was raised a socialist. It never really was a socialist paper – more soft liberal – but for the intelligentsia who couldn’t bring themselves to read “The Morning Star”, the Graundiad was a passable choice. Not anymore.

To read the Guardian now is to understand that there are some very fine journalists working there. They report stuff like this – in good detail and fine attention. I have no doubt that there are many good and fine people working for the paper too. I have no argument with them. My argument is with whoever is making the decisions that other staff have to carry out.

I have an ‘old’ account with the Grauniad (bearing in mind I have only been ‘back’ on the net for a year or so). Today I logged on to take part in this:-

My late father would have been tickled to bits with my score, especially if I could tell him that on some questions I guessed when I didn’t know. Even I was pleased with how I did and I am my worst critic. So the Guardian comment beneath my score prompted this reply:-

But there was something interesting I noticed. It prompted me to post a tweet to people I trusted. I’m very grateful for this reply:-

This is not the Guardian website I knew less than a year ago, let alone the paper my family paid good money for for over more than forty years.

There is a rule I need to apply to myself here – Do not criticise without proposing a solution. Because I prefer people to make up their own minds and use their own imagination, I make no proposals. I will simply share this because I have already acted.

On twitter, I’m called a global Citizen – I accept that responsibility. I am called a friend – I accept that privilege. I continue to call myself a shaman in the face of derision and oblivion curses because I’m still here after all their attempts to destroy me. And I’ve just been given a job by people who set very high standards. I am posting this for them only because I prefer to be elected rather than chosen. Otherwise , I am honoured and seek to comfirm my worth and their opinion. I know the importance of being valued (see last paragraph). You can find us here #ATL.

I never want to let down those who choose or trust me because that kind of respect is so hard-won and it comes only from those who work hard to be honest. We need to value each other for who we are, especially when we are different. The Guardian used to do that for everyone but it appears to have suffered a failure of courage – no comments on a Comment Cartoon anymore? Cartoonists getting too close to the bone to allow people to speak?

So I say this because I believe it falls under the law of “Fair comment”.

The Guardian newspaper is corrupt at the top but not neccessarily in the middle 😉

Sue me!

When Rage Becomes Passion – I’m back on a ‘Roll’ again!


When rage first surfaces, in ourselves or in others, it frequently arrives ‘undifferentiated’. Since this particular rage is deeply Female, this is a rage that is part #AppallingPMT #RagingScold  #TheFaceOfKali #TheUntamedShrew and a whole bundle of other descriptions that pretty much describe the same thing. What we need to remember, when this happens to us either as actor or participant, is that the Feminine Voice you are hearing/seeing/experiencing belongs to a woman who has been subjected to prolonged abuse of every conceivable description and a good deal more that good men can’t conceive of unless they are involved with Law enforcement. If you give an erupting woman as much space as she needs, she will eventually do something that will break your heart open to the deepest compassion. You will have an experience of deep empathy.

This empathic experience will mean that you find yourself sharing the experience of deep rage yourself. There is no need to fear this. All that matters is that your rage is trusted and respected for what it is, particularly when you find yourself being unreasonable or being accused of being unreasonable. Passion has Her Own Reason; remember this.

One of my Passions is a passion for Good Law. I see no good law occurring at the ‘top’ in my county and I am watching their corruption trying to seep into the valley of my home. I am sick to the back teeth of their lies and cruelty. I think a large part of our Parliament is psychopathic or under psychopathic influence and they are in full gear to head us into a very English form of the Third Reich. Scotland and Wales have already bailed out. If I have anything to do with it, the neglected North of England will tell Westminster to take a hike too if things don’t change. Our society is sick enough as it is – we don’t need to get any sicker.

I want to say to our trade unions that it’s time to cut the Labour arm off – it’s rotten to the core and has already threatened your members by its inaction and lack of parliamentary support. That’s called ‘gross misconduct’ and is a sackable offence. I’d like you to consider looking around for some of our radical liberals – the kind that, if elected, would renationalise everything starting with the banks. Let them stand as Independents, so they can’t be ‘whipped’. The public services belong to the public – it’s time we took what is ours back from this #AxisOfGreed. We could tell the one percent that they’ve had their feed and, in the light of their behaviour, there’s no compensation unless the workers at the bottom speak up for the people at the top. That ought to sort the swans from the geese.

You see, once we move beyond our first explosion,  the deep passion, the deep rage we found in ourselves or saw in another, does become ‘unreasonable’ in the face of ‘insanity’. Deep rage and deep Passion have their own reasons and those reasons belong to the Law. This is the deep Passion of the overturned money-lenders tables. The Passion that fired the Prophet and it is the Passion of the Feminine. This is the Fury of the Mother protecting her young. It is the Con-Dar. This is an Honourable Fury against a foe that has declared open warfare on the women of this planet.

Remember those who told you that you were being unreasonable? Those people are the problem. We are on a war footing and the weapon we use is the force of Good Law, whether that law be medical, military or civilian. The test of insanity is denying there is a problem when it is plain to those who are qualifiedly sane that there is an extremely serious problem and the source is the denier themselves. Under such circumstances, I would doubt that many of our senior politicians are actually fit to stand trial for their genocidal policies.

When the old ways are corrupted, our rage cuts through the crap and gets to the quick of the matter. No, what I say won’t be comfortable for some people to hear but, hey, we are all in this together and war changes everything. We have a pissed-off military. We have a pissed-off police force. We have pissed-off prison officers. These people – the good ones – are not folk it is wise to piss off. We’ve had our public services too long to stand by and watch these carpet-baggers steal from us again. No, our services are not perfect but then neither are you. One thing I can guarantee you, however, is that whatever privatised service these #Reptiles have in mind for us will be a whole lot worse. I don’t have a problem with staff being paid a decent wage or having a good pension – my problem is that I think everyone else should have it too. Perhaps some people need reminding that selfish behaviour is anti-social. And anyone who thinks everyone ought to be the same is going to have a major problem with me now because I am who I am and want no part of any society that can’t accommodate that.

I’m tired of being told I have no worth. I’m tired that my limited means come through a system that hates me and I’m sick to the back teeth of those who have the power to do something about it allowing this obscenity we are being forced to live to continue.

If we are at war – and it certainly looks as though the British Government and its Institutions have declared war on the British people (Wales and Scotland need to deal with their versions of this). I believe that might be called Treason which, if my memory of Good Law serves me, is a crime that might still be punishable by death.

Men reading this who are having trouble getting to grips with understanding this are invited to talk to intelligent women friends. Go have a look at who is being singled out for ‘Special Treatment’ in this War on Women. And finally, because I am sick of this behaviour from some of you, you can get off your egos and help us by organising. You can stick your hand in your pocket and make a contribution, especially if you’ve been fiddling your taxes. Who do we really trust with money – our money? I want a Women’s Bank – the evidence is overwhelming that when good women are helped, the whole society improves. Didn’t you realise that’s why they hate us? We are the living proof of their lies. That’s why they war on us! Gentlemen, this is no way to treat a Goddess or Her Daughters and we are furious.

Good men do not stand by and do nothing when there’s a war on.

Welcome to The Asylum



Just lost your rag with the world? Ready to chew out your partner/friend/family/colleagues/people in general? Just on the edge of getting yourself in real trouble? Welcome to The Asylum.

This establishment presently exists only in my imagination and I am its proprietor. It’s a bar (or pub, in English). Decorate it how you want. If you don’t drink, the bongs are in the back where the sofas are (you’ll have to negotiate with the cats – there are a lot of them and they know they own the joint). If you’re hungry, we serve your favourites or food that’s just about to become your favourite. Want music – check out the back room – that’s where the musicians hang out. The artists are out in the yard painting infinity. The comedians are all in the main bar! And if, after you’ve blown your stack, you need healing, ring the bell on the table at the bottom of the stairs. The local healers have rooms upstairs – they’ll fix you up. They’re good at what they do – only the best in my establishment.

The woman you see behind the bar is me. I’m a veteran of all the crap that’s just sent you off on one. Most of the regulars you find here are the same. If you need to explode, go ahead… we’ve all been there. No-one is going to be offended if you tell it as you see it. In fact, when one of our regulars loses it, we normally learn something useful that we can do something about.

For example – after learning how the ‘Dividers’ fucked with her clientele, this proprietor had a word with the local coven. Now The Asylum has a spell on it. So if you’re someone who has a problem with other people’s differences, you’re going to find yourself getting real uncomfortable. Take a look around – there’s all colours of the skin rainbow in here; there’s all shades of spirituality; all hues of human expression; all the chords of culture. We keep adding to the place when more of our ‘Differents’ turn up and erupt. So, if you know someone who might make the place even more different than it already is and they’re erupting, point ‘em in our direction. We got time for folk like that.

Don’t like this place? Tough. Fuck off someplace else and create your own establishment. The Asylum is obviously not meant for you and you’ll do yourself a favour by leaving under your own steam before a few of us throw you out.

Oh, that’s not a very nice thing to say, huh? Well, see, here we don’t do nice. We ‘do’ bad; we ‘do’ good, but we don’t do ‘nice’. We ‘do’ honesty and we do ‘Truth’ (when we can agree on it, otherwise we stick to ‘personal truth’) and our experiences with the ‘Dividers’ have made us dangerous. You really don’t want to piss off the clientele you see around you because they’re all out of patience, tolerance or understanding for anyone who thinks they can come in here and tell us how to live our lives. This is my bar and I’m all out of patience, etc, too. Numbnuts don’t last long around here.

The Asylum is the place where us veterans come to relax and do dumb shit stuff that makes us laugh – like the lolcat gallery our local Egyptian keeps updating on the wall over there. Sometimes folk arrive to talk about what they are learning – that’s what the large group of women ‘occupying’ over there are doing now. Woe betide anyone who thinks they can mess with those Wyrrd Sistas – the men don’t like it, frequently before the women realise they don’t either. You really don’t want to piss off the men in this joint.

So now you know – them’s the rules of the House. As I said, you don’t like them you can leave.

On the other hand, if this sounds like your kind of place, pull up a chair and what will you be having?

Watch the cats. One of them will do something funny on your wavelength that will crack any ice between us. Or if you need to be alone, try the back porch. Somehow it always manages to create a space for those who need time to be with the Universe – when you’re ready for company, someone will turn up with whatever attitude you need to help you out of the hole you’re in. Don’t ask me how it works – it just does. The Asylum does what it says on the tin when we keep to the house rules of Respect. Me? I just run the place.

Are you tired – like deep-down DNA-bone-tired? We all are. It’s what makes us cranky and bad-tempered out there in the world because we are dealing with muppets and numbnuts all the time. They really do ‘do your head in’! Now the twats in control are tearing our hearts out. In this place, we are way past the Fuck-It-Point. We may not have answers to our problems yet but we can sit and bitch about it. We can air our cynicism, rinse out our hopelessness, come to our senses and find out, amongst all our differences, exactly what we have in common. And when you’ve come to the end of everything you have, there’s a room upstairs with your name on it where you can crash. It’s no Hilton, but it’s clean, comfortable and you’ll get a good night’s sleep. Just a word of warning – if you leave the bottom half of the window open, the cats will get in and join you. Of course, you might like that and it’s for-sure that the cats will. Oh, you have a dog? If the dog knows how to get along with cats, no problem and if not, then the dog is going to be learning some whole new stuff. Same goes for all of Nature’s criaturas here – we get to see some remarkable things as a result.

Oh, and by the way, if there’s someone in the bar you really don’t understand, don’t worry about it. One of the regulars will and they’ll introduce you. Enjoy yourself. The Asylum is an off-duty place. If you’re in need of some human loving, bear in mind that those you might be told were ‘whores’ in TwatWorld are actually priests and priestesses in this part of town. They’re regarded as sacred in The Asylum which means you need to be real grateful if they offer human loving to you because they bring healing with their loving. Everyone gets treated with respect around here, especially them and especially the children, if they turn up. Most of the children think this stuff is boring so they don’t come in here much if we’re griping – they’ve got real interesting stuff to do… like imagining the future. If we all start laughing though, they turn up just to find out what’s funny.

So it only exists in my imagination at the moment? Well, rumour has it that a bunch of Anonymiss have booked the Webroom downstairs and some of our regulars suspect they’re going to create The Asylum in cyberspace… but you never know for certain with them. #Anonymous ideas run around creating all kinds of new places in this dimension *wink*.

Don’t worry yourself about all the scarey stuff I threw at you earlier – that’s simply to keep the muppets out. There’s always something that will piss them off and give them away. By the time you’ve reached this part of my ‘welcome’, you’re in.

So, do you have everything you need? Herbal tea? Coffee? Bourbon? Want me to send a bong over? Have you eaten? Want company? Need to be alone? It’s up to you. This is your imagination linkin’ up with mine, so you get decide what’s right for you while you’re off-duty.

All of us know we will head back into the fray once we’ve given ourselves some space to be who we really are – this place simply provides a place of respite and safety for us to be who we really are together. It helps!

Welcome to The Asylum!



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