I have this thing about Censorship


On June 19, I had a real time experience of being censored on Twitter. The problems I was having with tumblr, at exactly the same time, led me to believe that someone, somewhere, with the power to do so, was actively censoring what I was saying. Since it crossed into two different websites, I wondered who had authority to issue such orders and for those orders to be obeyed. Since then, my problems with tumblr have been more than resolved, for which I am most grateful. But the issue is still ongoing with Twitter.

Because I believe this subject is important, I have confronted Twitter here. I am interested in knowing whether the decision to censor is reflected within the organisation. If it is, then this is a matter of public interest. If it isn’t, then someone, somewhere, thought they knew better than their employer or… they were working for someone else who thought they knew better.

The issue that underpins this matter is personal responsibility, particularly at a time when our so-called ‘leaders’ are displaying signs of serious disturbances in their mental health. When our governments begin to favour small elites over and above the general population, we are all in trouble. This trouble is magnified when those in charge have access to weapons of mass destruction and care little about the needy and vulnerable within society. When anyone in this position starts to behave abusively, they become a danger to others. This is one of the psychiatric measures of insanity. Another measure is whether the individual recognises that they have a problem – those who are truly insane see no problem with what they are doing. They think they are fine and it is us who are the problem. Any honest psychiatrist will confirm what I am saying – it’s no secret.

The point I was trying to make in my twitter exchange is this. When our so-called ‘leaders’ are behaving in ways that cause their sanity to be questioned, they are liable to be issuing orders that reflect this. When these orders are obeyed without question, then the society begins to sink into what is known as ‘collective insanity’. Human history is quite clear about where this leads. It is also quite clear that the defence ‘I was only following orders’ can be insufficient to evade personal responsibility.

I believe in personal responsibility and have acted on those beliefs in the past. My actions have sent me to prison when I finally became violent after 18 months of harassment and violence designed to silence me. My sentence was probably as hard as it was because those in authority cheated and lied in their evidence. No matter – it is water under the bridge. What matters to me now is that, even after I was imprisoned, I continued to challenge abuses within the system and I did this without ever being disciplined by Her Majesty’s Prison Service and without ever losing recognition of my enhanced behavioural status within that system. I make this point because I don’t believe that those subject to insanity can do this. These are my measures and I have worked very hard to achieve them over nearly sixty years of life. To be able to do it requires an almost super-human level of self-control – the insane are incapable of this because they can’t recognise any social boundaries to their behaviour.

As more people begin to wake up to the severity of the situation we find ourselves in, our ‘leaders’’ behaviour becomes more irrational and, probably, less legal by the minute. This is not occurring in one country alone – this is a global problem. Some countries are beginning to address it – Iceland and Japan are good examples. But my country, the United Kingdom, has yet to catch up and our citizens are dying, losing their homes and being deprived of the means to support themselves by a coalition government with no lawful mandate to do the things it has already done, let alone those things it apparently plans to do. If you doubt what I am saying, then it may be time for you to do your own research rather than simply introject what you are being told. I am not the only person who sees this problem.

These are my opinions based upon personal experience. I’m sharing them because I believe the issues are important even if I, personally, am not. But if I am not important, then the chances are that you will not be regarded as important either. In the UK, the private sector is saying that they will be in complete control by the next election. The ordinary people of my country are already subject to laws that breach the HMP Prison Rules, which means that, collectively. we have already degenerated into concentration camp conditions. Unless this process is interrupted and stopped, I see no reason to believe that, by the next election, our death camps will be operative.

This is a form of collective insanity. It is a diagnosis. You are free to make your own mind up on the matter. What you are not free to do is escape the consequences of your choice.


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