What is going on in the EtherSec?


The first evidence comes from Emergent Culture and relates to Terrence McKenna’s Time Wave.

It is a long, technical piece for those interested in this kind of evidence and it accords with a lot of my own earned wisdom. Nevertheless, there are some very interesting comments about the “sameness” of the events of 9/11, coupled with the potential novelty our present finds us in.

You can find it here.

The above information accords with the astrological wisdom shared by Carl Boudreau.  Here is his anaylsis for July 2012.

You will best understand this by checking the accuracy of his predictions for us in June.

Those of us who are awake to this will have there own understanding of what is occurring. We are in our evolutionary process right now.

The first test is the Battle of Minds. This following is a very good example of what we are contending with.

Anyone who keeps a ready eye on the internet’s ‘New Age’ community will have come across  this announcement “Green Light: Massive Arrests Imminent”. David Icke states this is a massive scam although he fails to explain why. I can explain and it falls within the boundaries set by Carl’s analysis and the TimeWave.

The main reason I distrust this information is that it fails to contain the elements of genuine change I would be looking for in any new ways of living human life on this planet.

As a woman, I experience the existing systems we live under at a global level as profoundly misogynistic. Women have been detailing this for decades and continue to do so. The level of physical and psychological violence towards women and our capacity for autonomy is rising quickly across the globe and show little signs of abating. Any genuine major transformation of our global systems would have to include a major redressing of this highly toxic imbalance of power.

As a woman, I see nothing within the promises of Drake and his cohorts to suggest that this gender-power imbalance is being addressed. All I see is another bunch of men telling me to ‘trust’ them while they engage in a battle of power with another bunch of men already proven to be woman-haters.

Apparently, this New Cabal is sourced from China and the Far East. If I look to the position of women within that human grouping I find nothing to reassure me, as a woman, that this so-called ‘Green Light’ is anything more than yet another battle for power and resources between men. Presumably, within the ideas contained within them, is a nod towards power-sharing with women although I have yet to see even that. China’s record on women’s power may have changed somewhat but it has resulted in a society that must question its own capacity for compassion. I ask myself if I want to live in a world where a girl can be abandoned to vehicular homicide in a public street while passers-by merely observe and record what is occurring. My answer is a resounding No.

As women, we have millennia of experience to know that such changes amount to nothing as far as we are concerned. Women only have to ask themselves the following questions to get to the bottom of Drake’s presentations:-

  • How many men of ‘abusive power’ do you know who would willingly step aside to allow women, and the issues that concern us, to effect real change within human society at all levels?
  • How many men are willing to even listen carefully to the concerns and needs of women especially if, as a result, this would require them to give up old patterns of behaviour or old advantages based upon the disadvantages of women?
  • How many visible competent and trusted women are involved in this new regime being presented to us?

My own answers are the reason why I share David Icke’s view that whatever is being presented is some form of scam – a changing of the guard instead of genuine transformation – and that presupposes that these changes have some substance in reality to begin with.

There are other, non-gender, reasons for my suspicions too.

In psychological terms, to effect genuine and permanent change requires the person involved to ‘individuate’. To individuate is to fully become our unique selves as responsible adults within our social settings. A fully individuated individual does not want to be ‘rescued’ from their difficulties because they need the freedom to find their own solutions. This is what fully-formed human adults do but that is definitely not what is on offer here. The ‘Green Light’ is framed and presented as a collective ‘rescue’ from the wicked ‘Cabal’.

The “Victim-Persecutor-Rescuer” dynamic has very deep roots in Western psychological thinking both individually and collectively. It is at the very heart and root of the Shock Doctrine used by psychopathic leaders in order to reinforce their hold on power and it reaches into the heart/mind of every individual. This dynamic requires victims. In order to have victims, persecutors are required. To affect a transfer of power, rescuers are needed too. I believe that the moment we hear the word ‘victim’ in any situation, we are looking at this dynamic and any solution found within that framework merely perpetuates the problem.

To understand this, we have to look at what happens after the victim has been rescued.

Once rescued from a persecutor, victims are usually very grateful to their rescuers to begin with. Once the new situation has been established, however, those who had previously been victims begin to find fault with the rescuer. This hasn’t been done properly. That isn’t right. As the pattern progresses, so the ‘victims’ shift their position to that of persecutor, creating new victims often amongst those who had affected their original rescue. The dynamic of Victim-Rescuer-Persecutor is simply a methodology for shifting the power of the persecutor from one individual or group to another and we don’t have to look very far to find examples in reality.

To see ourselves as victims is to relinquish our capacity as adults to become our own rescuers. To see ourselves as victims is to remain dependent upon others for change without any effort on our part to become responsible for creating the situation we most desire. This relinquishing of adult responsibility for our individual selves requires that we remain psychological children. We fail to address or take personal responsibility for our own ‘persecutor-within’.  When the solution delivered by the rescuer fails to meet our ego-requirements – which it must do when any so-called solution is delivered from ‘without’ our responsible adult – we begin to see the emergence of blaming others for our own failures. As the blaming increases, a new group of victims emerges and so the pattern continues.

The true power of this dynamic resides with the persecutor. To break free of the pattern demands that each one of us addresses our persecutor within and take responsibility for the damage it causes to both ourselves and others. As we ‘persecute’ our ego into relinquishing its irresponsibility, we step up to our responsibilities as individual adults working together to resolve the very real problems we are all facing if the human race is to survive at all. Without this, we cannot transform ourselves out of the old toxic patterns into the fully responsible adults we are capable of being.

Drake’s ‘Green Light’ is presented as a ‘rescue’ of people from a persecuting system. In the light of the Victim-Rescuer-Persecutor dynamic, this offers no real change at all. It is merely a change of power from one group of now identified men into the hands of largely unknown men and where the involvement of women is only noticeable by our resounding absence.

All this leads me to conclude that whatever is going on here is some form of Psych-Ops – a psychological operation aimed at perpetuating existing power structures by luring the unwary into giving up their personal power for real change by the highly suspect promises of rescue.  The question that arises, for me, is ‘Who gains from this?’

The only answer I have at present is ‘Not me’. Not me as a financially impoverished individual. Not me as a woman. If one woman is saying ‘Not me’, the chances are there are many more women who would say the same if they understood what was occurring. If Drake’s solution doesn’t address either of these two points, then the chances are that the ones who gain from all this are rich men. Again. This is simply more of the Same-Old-Same-Old. As a woman, I say this ‘new emperor’ is wearing no clothes either and looks just as unimpressive as the ‘shower’ they are supposedly replacing.

As they say in my part of the world, “You must be having a laff.”


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  1. Hi Dee, I commented earlier at your “about me” page. Just wanted to let you know. I am going to watch the astrological videos tonight after 1 am because our ISP has a “Fair access policy” and we have free bandwidth from 1am to 6 am, the rest is subtracted from 500 Mb’s. Anyway it sure seems like everything is accelerating….the middle class all over the world is disappearing. The world’s ecology is in dire straights. It is 103 degrees here today. A new record. Fires in Colorado are rampant….and the glorious 4th of July fireworks are about to start in a parched land. Glad I live in a Monastery. 🙂


    • This is what is interesting me.

      Emergent Culture has some very interesting things to say about the TimeWave – particularly regarding the potentials for authentic novelty and the events of 9/11 containing too much sameness for it to be considered as having true integrity. Carl Boudreau is saying much the same thing in an astrological way.

      I am very interested in what you make of it from your perspective.

      • I watched the astrological video for July last night. The highlight for me was/is the Pluto square Uranus, from Capricorn to Aries respectively. The last major aspect with those two planets was the conjunction at 16 degrees Virgo in 1966. As you well remember that conjunction coincided with the “hippie movement”, the Viet Nam war, ( I became a conscientious objector ), women’s liberation, and mass protests against the “establishment.” It’s effect lasted at least 5 years, and changed our way of relating to the “power’s that be” in a huge way. In fact we have never been the same since. 🙂
        I read some of the “Emergent Culture” page you referenced in your essay. The Time Wave theory is quite a piece of intense scrutiny and work….i admire McKenna’s thoroughness and concepts of mass change. Interestingly I studied the I-Ching here in the monastery for about 5 years and correlated the original hexagram yearly layout with with the astrological year. All yang ( solid ) lines being the summer solstice, moving to all yin ( broken ) lines being the winter solstice. I probably will not study his theory in depth, but what i do find interesting is that at the current time on our planet there is a multitude of well thought out theories that depict mass changes on the earth during the next several years. I live in relative seclusion from the American culture, and have that “Fool on the hill” view of current events and cultural trends.
        There is a growing number of people, “Globally”, that are waking up to their own spiritual direction….and i think it is taking the form of a growing community that rejects the 1% and the anti-culture they have created. I was pretty excited about Occupy Wall Street and the camp that the protesters created and maintained for many weeks. The younger generation, being born with Pluto late in Scorpio were the main force that Occupied. The kids that are now 15/16 years old are being born with Pluto in Sagittarius. ( And you know what that is like!!!! ) I have Mars at 6 degrees Sag, like your natal Mercury, and we WILL do it our way and make it fair for everyone. We like “wilding” and partying, and big group movements of drastic change. I have been in trouble with the law so many times I should be locked up for life!! 🙂 Nothing that harmed others, except a bit of stealing from the rich. Well these kids are the revolution to come. They are entering there late adolescence with instant world wide communication ability, and no real hope for a financial future, and rapidly decaying ecology. They won’t follow their leaders. 🙂 I have noticed in the past couple weeks that the main stream media has started to write about the massive inequality that has developed over the past 20 years between the super wealthy and the growing number of impoverished people. That is new. They were poo-pooing the Occupy movement for a long time, but this gulf that exists is getting harder and harder to ignore. It is the elephant in the room.
        Pluto’s revolution around the Sun is approximately 250 years. The last time it was at 9 degrees Capricorn was 1768. We are in the birth pangs of a massive world revolution that will take about 10 years for it to really take off. Everyday I search for “signs” of it beginning. Web sites are popping up daily with a slightly different twist to living an “alternative life style” than the commercial corporate plutocracy. We must, you and I ( the elders now ) encourage this and support this coming mass change in every way we can. That is what attracted me to your spirit. You won’t give in or give up.
        Pluto going through Capricorn is blowing the old institutions apart. I can see the oligarchs falling from grace like shooting stars in the night time sky. And with them their completely selfish institutions, the phony “rule of law”, and their power over the masses. But this is like the story of a monk who asked how long will it take for this world to become “enlightened”. This change will happen like the wearing away of a diamond mountain by rubbing it with a feather. Though we can not always make out the “progress”, we are evolving. We are currently going through a very dark, seemly hopeless time, but the tidal wave is rolling in far off the banks of the ocean. When it hits there will be a reversal of human culture, from money driven greed and the total lack of compassion to a new culture that will care for all it’s people. At least that is what I see, and will work tirelessly for that vision to be.
        Well enough for now Medicine woman. Are you going to boycott/Occupy the Olympics there in London? 🙂

  2. With the discovery of Sedna, Orcus, Quaoar and others, I have actually found that I daren’t interpret the charts of youngsters because they are going to be dealing with energies I can’t even conceive of understanding. Far better that I recognise my limitations and respect their extended consciousness!

    Fortunately I no longer live in London. I think it would be hard to hold my awareness with the psychotic madness that seems to be afflicting that city atm.

    The points you make about the MSM are interesting – in Britain, some of our unlikeliest papers are producing some of the most insightful pieces about the state of my country whilst those we’d expect to be blowing whistles are busy promoting the party line. It really can be hard to know what to believe at the moment.

    The best I can suggest to anyone is to keep sharing what we see and know within our own experience – the fool on the hill may see things others miss.

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. “The dynamic of Victim-Rescuer-Persecutor is simply a methodology for shifting the power of the persecutor from one individual or group to another and we don’t have to look very far to find examples in reality.” That is reminiscent of Howard Zinn’s take on the American Revolutionary War, that is, that it really wasn’t a war waged by the people as much as it was a war waged by the ruling class of the time. It was a way for the American ruling elite to channel the anger of the poor away from the American bourgeoisie and direct it towards the British one. The idea was to create an illusion of victimization (most American settlers already knew the game was rigged and actually didn’t mind having their government 10,000 miles away in England), offer an illusion of being rescued, and then once the revolution was over attempt to govern the free people. The single greatest obstacle to freedom in this country are its people. Racked with corporate professionalism and its concomitant plethora of status symbols we are plagued with a disease that commands our minds to obey the dictates of ultimate selfishness and Capitalism. Ayn Rand Libertarians are making a bold run for white house and the fate of our humanity hangs in the balance. The role of Occupy is to counteract this by providing a situation of mutual aid that takes us out of the prisons of wage-slavery and debt. The only problem is that it isn’t just young people who are creating Occupy, it’s actually the working poor who comprise it, and they are people of all ages and generations. The idea that Occupy is like the sixties with lots of rockin’ music and partying is total bullshit. It is more akin to the marches that took place during the Great Depression. After the Stock Market crash of 1929 10,000 farmers occupied the Pennsylvania Avenue and Herbert Hoover has the Army use live ammo on them.

    • Just to clarify I think what I really mean by “lots of rockin’ music and partying” is the 70’s as opposed to the 60’s because I do not consider R.D. Laing’s experiments with LSD as “partying”.

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