Email to my MP: Appendix 2


I’m going to repost the second to last screengrab from Appendix 1 – there is something you need to see with your own eyes.

If you check my tweets, they look like this now, but they looked a little different at the time:-

That is a remarkably synchronous #glitch – so was the other #glitch telling me exactly which subject they didn’t want me talking about. I went back to my account to check and that is the tweet that has been censored. The tweet was an experienced and professional Mental Health opinion of some – whom I did not name – in public life.

Twitter also seems to have changed it’s mind about my #TweetName as the latest screengrab shows.


Whilst I have no screenshot to confirm this the only other tweet in this exchange that was ‘tagged’ by the change in my name was this one.

My response to their objection can be found here.

No doubt this is going to be an ongoing issue between Twitter and myself, so it ought to be relatively easy to find out what is going on if we all agree that this is important and I am not making a fuss about nothing. In my opinion, the first question that needs asking is  ‘Am I endangering the public by making these statements?’

My intention is to speak up for the endangered caused by the misuse of Law up to and including criminal activities in very high places. The diagnosis I am making is extremely serious and I believe society as a whole is endangered. If I am being censored, I want to know its because something Lawful is being done about the situation. If it isn’t, I intend to become the biggest pain-in-the-arse you have ever met.

There are people who will confirm that I do this very well. There are even some who love me for doing this. I am grateful to all of them. But – Houston, we have a problem. A country that is run by haters hating – a crime against humanity at all levels – is outside the Law. There are effective remedies for this.

Are they being used?

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