The reason I go silent for a while only means I’m listening – 6/8


It means I’m listening to people and I’m listening for our Creator and Mother Earth. When these two #GreatSpirits speak together, it is a time of true power. They speak on every single level, thread, dimension and , from cosmic to personal – it is the power of the archetype. Astrologically speaking, the energies are coming from the Uranus Pluto square. Listen to what Carl has to say about this month.

There are a number of different strings to today – August 6th 2012.


But today is also this:

Lanterns float for miles along the Motoyasu River to remember those whose died in #Hiroshima from the atomic bombing


This is the work of Pluto. Pluto works at a nuclear level here.

This power has been ratched up again, this time at a Global level. Those who are still asleep are about to find themselves in some very real difficulties.


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