This has been reblogged with permission. In matters of collective grief, every respect must be paid. I could have just reblogged it but, in my mind, I have Fiona and Nicola looking over my shoulder to make sure I’m treating the Spirit of the Police properly.

To do that is an honour at this time and this is a beautiful and poignant tribute, not only to PC Bones and PC Hughes but to the Spirit of Policing which is being cherished at this time.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it.

Public for the Police.

nathan constable

I didn’t know them but I have been where they were. Running to a job in progress without thinking too much about what I was actually running toward.

I didn’t know them but I have done what they were doing. I joined for the same reasons. I had that Calling – the burning passion to help and make a difference.

I didn’t know them but I was once in their shoes being sent to the scene of some incident or other with the full intention of doing good when I got there.

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