“I am woman of Imagination and Convictions”


Self IRL


My name is Dylanie Wilde-Walker, although I prefer to be called ‘Dee’.


I have been committed to my shamanism since 9/11 when I realised I had to make a choice about how I lived my life. Before then, I was a shaman-in-training under the guidance of Caitlin and John Matthews. All my teachers bear full credit and no responsibility for anything that occurred after I ‘crossed-over’ into the Otherworld. Regardless of whatever others believe, when I made that transition, I was given enough material evidence to satisfy me that this was exactly what I was supposed to do.


In the years since, I committed my first crime – one of violence serious enough to warrant a seven-year sentence (4 years prison with a three-year extended license) of which I served 4 yrs 11 months. My sentence ended in 2010. I believe this was my shamanic initiation; my ‘testing’. The experience has produced many powerful telling-tales, some of which can be found in the archives of this blog. Trust that the telling-tales you discover are the ones you need to hear.


Every shaman is entirely unique – we each bring our own meaning to this commitment. For me, I aspire to achieve the following:


To be a “Way-shower”

I have discovered this means to ‘lead-through-example’ by becoming as human as possible. To be truly human is to walk the edge of balance (Buddhism) between the Light and the Dark in order to discover who we truly are. The way I seek to achieve this is through personal transparency.


To be a Teacher

I have discovered that the only way to do this effectively is to learn through our experiences of life and then share what we have been taught by Life.


To be a Healer

Much of my shamanic work seems to begin with shock or grief and the shattering of the Soul that follows. These can be the darkest human experiences of all. For me, healing means to accompany those along these paths to find new realities that, whilst containing the ‘old’, offer the opportunity for compassionate transformation.



To be a Warrior

The presence of cruelty, abuse and suffering points to the presence of opposition to compassion. The purpose of the warrior is to identify the source and name it. The power of naming educates and informs whilst, at the same time, offering clues to new resolutions of old problems.


To be a Fool

To be willing to risk anything – up to and including my own life – for Love, for Life and for the Evolution of Humanity, even where Angels fear to tread.


To be a Woman

To be the very best example of what the Spirit-Within-Woman can do when we are loved for who we are.


To be Equal

When we are honest people then we really are all in this together. Whilst we are all different in our uniqueness and experience, we all arrive on Earth as spiritual equals. It is up to each and everyone on us to determine how we grow this potential.


To be a Friend-In-Need

We can all be friends-in-need but sometimes we find ourselves in dark places where friends are hard to find. Where possible, I aim to be such a friend. No, I don’t know where we’re heading; I just follow the Light. That works well enough.


To be a Detective

To be able to identify, with evidence, all that which appears to stand in the way of evolution; to be able to remove the masks of delusion; and to help all others working to the same purpose.


To be a retired Psychotherapist

To be able to draw on the knowledge and wisdom of my psychotherapeutic journeys and wisdom and to be able to address, support and, if necessary, confront problems that may arise as best I can.


To be Flawed

None of us are perfect. To be flawed is to be capable of evolving. Without our flaws, how do we learn, or grow, or learn from our mistakes? To know we are flawed is the beginning of Wisdom.


And to be both Redeemed and Redeemer

To be a redeemer is to be capable of forgiveness in the face of ‘sin’; both of ourselves and of others. Forgiveness is not blind or weak. Forgiving sins demands a high price from everyone but its outcome is the greatest Healer of all. True redemption can only ever come from within but that can be a long and lonely journey. It is my own experience of this journey informs what I do in the world and explains why I believe my criminal record is one of my greatest assets, for if we can truly forgive another their sins we are on our way to contributing towards a better world for everyone.





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  1. Dear Dee I work for hmps as a psychologist I too share your views on the corruption of managers and how they cover up the truth when they make terrible mistakes

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