The Custody Record

A young man comes unstuck. Tanked up on ale and buoyed by youthful exuberance he leaves the pub. The scene outside is one of confusion. Two police officers take another man to the floor and pin him down. Our boy doesn’t know what led to this situation but his alcohol fuelled confidence leads to assumed conclusions based on limited facts. He loses control, runs over and berates the officers for being out of order. “Leave him alone. He’s done f’ all wrong you bastards”. The disturbance and the arrival of further police cars with sirens wailing has drawn a crowd. Our man continues to rant and swear. Other officers now in attendance ask him to shut up and leave. They gently steer him away from the officers restraining the violent male on the floor. He resists this and pushes against the officers, gesticulating toward the arrest and hurls abuse. “You’re…

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