This is what I mean by the Spirit of Policing.


Today, we did it all again to #StandWithGMP.  We did it yesterday for Nicola and I could pretty much write the same about today as I did yesterday ( here ).

It was colder today, as the 10am funeral did not allow the Manchester sunshine to warm Deansgate as much, compared to the 1pm of yesterday.  That did nothing to prevent huge numbers of police officers, police support staff and PCSOs from arriving at Deansgate from pretty much every corner of the UK.

By 7.30am officers from @GMP were already busy with the road closure.  Time for a coffee I thought.  As I sat and tweeted a little, activity began to increase.  A steady flow of uniformed Bobbies but minus protective equipment, indicating their off-duty status, began in Deansgate.  About 10 such officers piled into the coffee house, ordering and checking their watches at the same time.  “Sure we’ve…

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