“Tell Me Something Good About Me!”



My very dear Paul

(If I sound as if I’m off my rocker, check the Atos link in the PS – it’s because I am but in a strange/happy way)

I’m writing this as a blog because I know a few people who might might this technique useful.

(For those who don’t know Paul, he is my most excellent neighbour IRL. A man who understands vulnerability is naturally intelligent, no matter how dumb he believes himself to be… and he is busy self-torturing at the moment. I won’t collude with torture. I had to send him home because he didn’t know how to stop himself. I know this problem from the inside – I’ve had it too. And we often have to keep repeating the lesson.)

Paul: we live in a dualistic reality. Nobody and nothing is as bad as you seem to be telling yourself you are. You are aware of what you are doing and we agree it’s as if there is a face very close to your own busy telling you you are no good at anything. THIS FACE IS LYING TO YOU (it often ‘looks’ like someone you have known or know or  it’s ‘voice’ sounds familiar in some way or another).

In a dualistic universe, you can fairly demand to be told at least 50% Good about you. Demand it of this mask! Demand it to tell you some good things about you. If it can’t do that, you can refuse to listen. Send it on its way. Then you go round turning off all those voices in this world who are telling you the same thing.

Demand Truth with evidence. And if you won’t stand up for a man who can talk SuperString Theory and Shamanism with me, then I bloody well will. There’s an awful lot of Good in you and whoever that mask looks like was lying. The Mask is a tool of the Matrix.

To the Matrix Mask, I say “Expelliarmus

Finally, Paul, the chances are you will find this blog uncomfortable or embarrassing and will want to dismiss it. Remember that we are only embarrassed when we are stepping on to new ground. With the Mask gone, that’s what you are doing now. So you’re not supposed to dismiss this – that’s why I’ve blogged it. This is a Teaching! It will help you until you get used to the new or have to deal with the old. When we are balanced we are OK / Not OK in equal measure. You were about 4% OK 96% Not good enough of your 50% entitlement of Good. You’ve got some catching up to do.

If I think I can prove I’m a good-enough woman then I ought to know who a good-enough man is.

With all my love


PS: Latest Atos News 


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