“Extremist”: My government’s latest ‘label’ for me!

Door to Hell, Darvaza Gas Crater, Turkmenistan

Door to Hell, Darvaza Gas Crater, Turkmenistan


Watching UK parliament in action is not something I do very often because I find the levels of cognitive dissonance too great to tolerate, but there are exceptions and yesterday was one.


The debate centred around a request from the opposition for a Cumulative Impact Assessment of the variety of welfare cuts affecting the sick and disabled in the UK.


During the debate, an MP from the government benches made an allegation, repeated several times, that some of the disability activists who has been trying (repeatedly) to meet the Government to discuss the impact of cuts were ‘extremists’. The reason, apparently, is due to the fact that these ‘extremists’ refuse to accept that government changes to their personal situation are ‘constructive’. I’m not going to go into detail about this because the subject has been covered by other ‘extremists’ more knowledgeable than me.


No doubt, analysis of the detail of the debate will occur but I want to look at the ‘psychic effect’ this statement – this is not a blue-print for the ‘correct’ response, this blog is about the impact the extremist ‘meme’ has upon me personally. I am directly affected by what occurred yesterday and, despite all my training, knowledge and acquired wisdom, this ‘meme’ still had the impact of ‘internal destruction’ that, I suppose, it was meant to have.




The government’s ‘spin’ on their refusal to reveal the facts of their welfare reform is very telling and fits with observations I have made in the past.  Nevertheless, within the social structures I dwell within, they have ‘social power’ and I, apparently, do not. The attitude and demeanour of those very few government MP’s who actually made the effort to turn up for the debate made it very clear how they viewed the folk they were debating; comply with our view or be excluded from any and all discussions on the grounds that we are extremists. Basically, this seems to include anyone who disagrees with current UK policy – no matter how lethal, harmful or damaging to those on the receiving end. Pain, suffering and death are not things the present British government need to worry itself about because it holds to the certainty of its own ‘righteousness’ – anyone who disagrees or protests becomes an ‘infidel’ to be condemned, rejected and ignored.


This reminds me of all those criticisms leveled at all those folk who meekly filed into the gas chambers of the Third Reich. Why didn’t they fight back or protest, goes the narrative of post-apocalyptic studies? Well, if we consider the dynamic that occurred yesterday, the answer is fairly easy to find – they had been bombarded with the kinds of messages delivered to the sick and disabled of Britain by their own unelected government.


BMNphbECMAENZdHIt really gets me down when I am coerced into accepting views that are based upon prejudice rather than fact, particularly when those views are espoused by those who have ‘control’ over my personal circumstances. It gets me down because I have been around this dynamic for most of my life. It could be argued that this ‘meme’ or ‘irritant’ has been a stimulus for my own growth and development – I would not disagree with this. Experiences of closed-mindedness has prompted me to explore it in very great depth. My problem is that although I have learned a great deal, many more have not and continue to perpetuate such ugly ideas to this very day.


The ‘Extremist’ ‘meme’ is a cluster-bomb of the psyche because attached to the word are ideas, experiences and histories that explode into my internal experience with the same devastating effect. It’s a word that, in recent times, has been used by government after government – particularly since 9/11 – to justify the most appalling atrocities against their civilians. The meme refuses to differentiate between justified objections to abuse and cruelty inflicted on innocent others and encourages those who oppose it to become as reactionary and close-minded as their oppressors.  It assumes a righteousness to the opinions of those in power that, when examined under the cold light of evidential fact-finding, can be proven to be flawed at best and downright prejudiced at worst. In the case of the British government versus their sick, disabled and vulnerable citizens, the arguments for seeing government policies as prejudiced gain ground every day, not because opponents and protestors are ‘righteous’ as such but because their protests are validated by facts and evidence.


BNfv1psCYAAplJnThis government ‘meme’ about folk like me seems to act like a cancer-cell within my psyche. It reproduces itself very quickly, invading and colonizing much of the hard-earned lessons of my life, reducing me to a state of ‘No-Worth’. According to the label ‘extremist’, I can never be trusted to tell the truth, no matter how much evidence; how many facts; or, even, how many predictable deaths weigh in to validate my viewpoint. The meme is not interested in facts – it’s interested in reproducing itself as fast as possible until nothing remains of those who might remove it. This meme is intent on ruling everything and everyone and destroying anything that does not accord with its distorted and corrupted world view.


As far as I can tell, the message it seeks to impart to extremists like me is that I am not only mistaken, I am so ‘wrong’ I am not even worthy of existence. It feeds my suicidal ideation; bolsters hopelessness and despair; and ultimately makes suicide/self-destruction personally attractive. I start asking myself “What’s the point? Give these death-dealing ideas what they want!” whilst I reexamine my suicidal methodology for effectiveness – what do I need to do to die?


I have powerful feelings and opinions about those who promulgate such memes which, no doubt, are the extremist views being complained about. It appears I can no longer demand that they back up their claims with fact because yesterday’s debate makes it quite plain that no such facts will be forthcoming. Prejudice against those who think differently is regarded as entirely justified, not requiring explanation or examination, up to and including eugenics, mass-incarceration, slavery and mass-murder. It’s a very poisonous seed designed to destroy everything that it is not and my response, at the very thought to being required to live under such circumstances, prompts me to self-destruct rather than comply. I suppose that is an extreme response to a government notion of who I am, but the meme itself is a far more perniciously destructive idea than anything I could ever dream up. My destructive impulse is turned upon myself – the death-toll of this meme in my reality will be 1 person; me. However, this meme is actually being used by those who turn it’s destructive power on others and who are refusing to even gather the information which shows how effective it is.




So my question is this: who, exactly, is the ‘extremist’ here?


In those psyches who refuse ‘personal growth’; who refuse to countenance facts that ‘upset’ their world view; who cling to old ideas and reject the new; there exists a psychological phenomenon called ‘projection’.


Psychological projection was conceptualized by Sigmund Freud in the 1890s as a defence mechanism in which a person unconsciously rejects his or her own unacceptable attributes by ascribing them to objects or persons in the outside world.[1]

Although rooted in early developmental stages,[2] and classed by Vaillant as an immature defence,[3] the projection of one’s negative qualities onto others on a small scale is nevertheless a common process in everyday life.[4]

Jung writes that “All projections provoke counter-projection when the object is unconscious of the quality projected upon it by the subject.”[28] Thus what is unconscious in the recipient will be projected back onto the projector, precipitating a form of mutual acting out.[29]

Carl Jung considered that the unacceptable parts of the personality represented by the Shadow archetype were particularly likely to give rise to projection, both small-scale and on a national/international basis.



Projections – of the ‘extremist’ variety – occur when we refuse to engage with our fears of others; when we decide our perceptions are ‘right’ whilst refusing to explore the evidence that we might be wrong. What we project has little to do with the individuals (in this case) we are forcing our beliefs upon – there will be something ‘true’ in the projection to create the dynamic – but the subsequent beliefs extrapolated from this first ‘truth’ are all about us. We have cut ourselves off from our own ‘shadow’ – all those aspects of Self we disapprove of or reject – and project these qualities onto others.


BKjUw8NCMAA6GiwSo what was Paul Maynard MP* talking about when he justified government refusals to meet disability campaigners like Spartacus and Pat’s Petition by accusing them of being extremists? He claimed they weren’t ‘constructive’ – that they refused to consider the ‘good’ aspects of government welfare changes. Could someone please explain to me how my suicidal ideation – triggered by yesterday’s events – is to be regarded as constructive? How is removing – at great speed – everything my society has determined I need for basic survival (like food, warmth and a roof over my head) for the last 65 years (longer than my own 58 year lifetime) to be considered constructive? And how does a complete refusal to countenance the real-life consequences of those affected by these changes render me an extremist?


I ask these questions for a reason. I need a reality check. I do not assume that my views are accurate. For this to be ‘true’ the evidence needs to be weighed by less-involved minds than my own. All I have is my response: a desire to die and not have to dwell in this small-minded, cruel and abusive environment where my very being is considered a negative.


Yes, I know I can ‘get over’ it but, frankly, why should I want to? I’ve been ‘getting over’ these notions all my life and, now, I am not well, I’m hurting and very very tired of this. I’m sick to the back teeth of having to justify my existence to those who believe they can ‘order’ Life itself and I find it increasingly difficult not to fall into the trap of playing into the projection.


This is my personal response. I share it with those in similar situations for the purpose of swapping notes – perhaps others feel the same way I do but I won’t know until I ask.


And to all those who want me to ‘buck up’ and get back into the fray? I won’t deny my feelings and I’m not going to collude with your demand that I do so because it’s the same kind of ‘instruction’ issued by those who define me as extremist. I may have extreme thoughts and feelings in response to such a projection upon me – shutting them away just renders me more liable to act on them when the time is right. At least, in the moment, I’m talking about it and not doing it.


You’re going to have to settle for that for now!


* I originally attributed the ‘Extremists’ quote to MP, Philip Hammond. I apologise unreservedly to Mr. Hammond for my mistake; thank Fibromites for bringing it to my attention (see comments below). The comment was made by Paul Maynard MP.

And thank you, Creator Spirit, for enabling me to prove my genuine imperfections 😉


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  1. Don’t give them what they want. They want to demoralise you, they want you to feel worthless and powerless, they want you to give up and shut up, they want you to disappear (die) that’s what all their propaganda and manipulation is designed for – to break you, to make you give up. The denial of basic rights and free speech and debate is what causes extremism… people feel so desperate to be heard they do desperate things – like suicide. If a country is truly democratic, there is no need for any extremism as the citizens are listened to as equal members of society and the facts debated. They see ‘extremism’ but it’s not really extremism, it’s a lack of democracy and control and manipulation of the facts. People in desperate situations being ignored, make people all the more fearful and desperate. If this IS a democracy, the people being directly affected would be listened to as equals. Unfairly marginalising, ignoring and extreme prejudice against a section of society is fracturous to democracy and society itself. Allowing and promoting a hatred towards any section of society, be it sex discrimination, racism, disabled discrimination, poverty/class discrimination is wrong and the consequences to society are severe. You are standing up for your basic right to be treated and listened to as an equal. As Britons we have fought wars for these Rights. Society is only peaceful in equality and democracy. The Tories/LibDems are waging an ideological war on the sick, disabled and poor. The opposition is practically non-existent (unless you count the the one or two of the Labour MP minority who haven’t been suckered in to the propaganda and the Greens who have no political power whatsoever) Apart form the odd rebel, the Labour Party is not in opposition anymore. I’m sorry, but it’s not extremism to stand up for what is right and beneficial to society and to shout it loudly when a section of society is abused and mistreated. It’s people like you and Pat Onions, Francesca Martinez and WOW that are standing up to be treated as equals… just as Emmeline Pankhurst stood up for women’s rights and Martin Luther King stood up against racism. If you are being labelled extremist, you must be having an effect and you have achieved this with words not violence. A hero in my book. My label for you and those like you fighting for the right to be treated as equals in society is HERO and not just to me, but all the others you are fighting for their voices to be heard above the propaganda.

  2. OK up to ‘meekly filed into gas chambers’ Treblinka? Warsaw Ghetto? Those ‘folk’ didn’t file meekly then. And it’s hard to resist when you are either being conned or have machine guns pointing at you.

  3. I’m glad you raised the question about the ‘meek’ who filed into death camps in their thousands.

    What we’re seeing is another population being (mis)led down the very road that allowed this to happen.

    We’re faced with an onslaught of social engineering. Manipulation of the media to use as an ideological weapon (of mass destruction… or destruction of the masses).


    This report should be a calling for a serious investigation into the lengths to which ‘politicians’ lie to persuade their agenda – the degree to which the media is complicit in gross and dangerous hyperbole and misrepresentation.

    The whole nation should be outraged that those in trusted, privileged and authoritative office can be so callous with the ‘truth’.

    Instead… the blame is not with cheats, liars and (real) extremists who abuse their inherited benefits, the blame is spun back onto the population they deceive.

    The full extent of the deceptions need to publicised along with serious questions about what other lies are being spun.

    The underlying callousness of welfare cuts is just be the tip of an iceberg that’s intent on crushing us all in the choice between meek compliance or savage complicity (either by action or inaction in the hopes of being spared).

  4. Yesterday did not make me feel actively suicidal. But I went to sleep feeling fighting the persistent feeling that it might well be better for me, those I love and ‘society in general’ if I failed to wake again and was no longer an irrational, demanding, chronically ill burden.

    Somehow we seem almost to be slipping back to a primitive sense that illness and disability are some kind of Divine punishment – we should shut up and suffer, because somehow, we must have done something to deserve suffering – and this being so, it’s acceptable to treat us as subhuman. Hearing the language of ‘penalties’ and being labelled ‘extremist’ and ‘victim’ by those in power very much leaves me with that feeling – that these people actively feel an urge to make us suffer for daring to raise our voices, daring to be ill and ‘cluttering the place up’, daring not to just die quietly. They seem to feel almost self-righteous about it.

    One feels they would prefer to have us all back in institutions (perhaps a nice camp?) where we can be ‘properly’ invisible and voiceless. As if we are committing some sort of crime by wanting to go on being full members of society. Don’t we realise how much trouble we are causing to those nice healthy people?

  5. 11 million extremists it would seem in the country plus all their relatives and friends as well. If what I do is extremism then I’m proud to be an extremist along with Pat and Carerwatch as well.

  6. Hi Pawprints. I hadn’t read your blog before: this is the first post of yours I have read. I found it very powerful and wonderfully well-written.

    I do think the “extremist” label has to be shown for what it is and you have succeeded in doing that.

    I want to be careful now, because you have been very direct in saying you don’t want people to urge you to “get over it”. I would certainly never put something to you, a stranger but someone with similar problems to me (suicidal ideation for one), as flatly, banally or thoughtlessly as that.

    But I would like to, if I can, gently encourage you to negotiate your way to coming to terms with Maynard’s cruel, astonishingly hurtful label.

    It can really throw us when we encounter a view so repulsive and so at odds with what we know to be right. I discuss politics a lot online and sometimes someone hits my buttons and I can become enraged, depressed or both. Like you say, a meme can proliferate and seems to take over your whole brain.

    I’ve read many hurtful things that have taken me a while to get over. But! I *always* recover from them eventually. Do not let Maynard’s callous words kill you. You only heard Maynard yesterday. It’s still raw and painful. It will take you time. But the hurt will die down. You won’t forget what was said, but the pain will gradually melt away.

    If your suicidal feelings overwhelm you then please phone NHS Direct: in my experience they will send someone to your home within hours of your call. Make sure you are receiving the help and support you deserve.

    Thank you for writing your important, intelligent and moving post.

  7. we are not any use to them if we cannot be work slaves on poor wages…so therefore they care not for people who genuinely cannot work.People in work on the whole are struggling not only with frozen wages and everything going up but also struggling with ‘harsh memes’ as daily realities to somehow overcome. The only way i see is to ‘grow through’ their shallow and shackling petty little kingdom with its anti-life rules as trees grow through fences…it can be done…with effort and application…many are already doing this…it is one of the only options we have left. Very interesting piece of writing…

  8. Reblogged this on Braindroppings and commented:
    This is a very personal post about just what the UK government is doing to the people of the country they supposedly serve and how creative use of language is used to demonise societies most vulnerable.
    More that that though, its how society has driven someone to think they are useless and deserve to die. We shouldn’t live in a country like that.

  9. Each to their own I say, I’m disabled now after being fit and healthy for almost 50 years. One day I was fine, driving down the road, I turned my head to the right to look at my off side mirror, something went ping in my neck and back, I went to bed that night, woke at 4am with the most horrific pain in my right arm, my groin, my back, shoulders, legs feet, everywhere. I managed to get to the doctors early that morning, it was a cold February and a blast of cold air hit the back of my right hand. It floored me; I actually cried tears I could not bear the pain I could not speak. When the receptionist saw the state of me, I saw the doctor immediately; I was on my hands and knees on his floor unable to tell him what was wrong. He left the room and came back with some oral morphine and morphine tablets. That was in 2005, the pain has never gone away, I have had it now for 8 years with not one second’s relief. It wakes me up in the middle of the night; a good night’s sleep for me is around 3 hours when I’m totally exhausted, that might happen once a month if I’m lucky.
    I worked in the Motor Trade I loved it because it was also my hobby, I’ve built trikes, custom motorbikes, beach buggies, I often repaired mates cars for free. Even when this first happened to me, I bought an old rusty motorbike that someone had parked outside my flat and left there to rust away. The idea being I could still do my hobby and it would be like therapy. A couple of month after I got the bike I had to stop messing with it. I feel I must explain in brief my later working life,
    Now when I was working, every now and again my back would lock up, I got called all the names Glass Back etc, even ended up at the infirmary once or twice for x rays, they could find nothing. After looking after my younger sister for just over 12 months, who was diagnosed with lung cancer. She lost the use of her legs after a botched cordotomy operation, I could not use the hoist they provided to get her in and out of bed, because of the pain the straps caused her, so I manually lifted her, I was fit and healthy. After she died I went to see the doctor because I was getting pains under my left armpit and my arm was becoming really painful with pins and needles and the base of my back occasionally swelled up. He sent me for x rays, again they found nothing, I carried on work. Then one morning I woke up and was paralyzed from the neck down, I lay on the floor for almost 7 hours before a friend called, saw me and called an ambulance, they kept me in hospital for 12 hours then told me I could go home I couldn’t get off the trolley so how the hell they expected me to get home only God knows. I lost count of the number of pain killing injections they gave me. While there they xrayed me and found nothing so they said.
    My elder sister and her husband came and took me to their house, I stayed there for 4 days screaming with the pain, she found a lump in my back the size of a tennis ball. This was in 1997. Now because of the pain my younger sister went through with the cancer, some of which matched the pains I was getting, I was worried and I asked my doctor of almost 40 years for a scan. I was fobbed off with sayings such as,” you don’t need one” or “scans are expensive you know” he gave me pills that did nothing; It was like that until 2005. When the younger doctor who prescribed me the morphine sorted out a scan for me,
    It took almost 9 years for me to get that scan; my old doctor was due to retire later that year. When we got the results back from the scan, he couldn’t look me in the face, and couldn’t do enough for me. It showed I had spinal degeneration the full length of my spine, Arthritis in my spine 2 fractures in my neck, the degeneration in the middle of my spine had trapped nerves which affected my right arm, the pain of which is almost indescribable, the pain in my groin feels like I am constantly being kicked between the legs, even pains in the soles of my feet, mobility was almost impossible, as soon as I stand up the pain starts, well actually it never stops. Also in the last 6 years I have been diagnosed with Emphysema, Arthritis throughout my body, Heart problems, the thing with sugars that I can’t remember the name of, and a list of other minor stuff that would put me off work for months. I’ve been in hospital 4 times in the last 2 years twice with pneumonia.
    I still say to myself I might be alright when I wake up I might get the use of my left arm back, I have 9% movement in my left arm can’t put it behind my back been like that for 18 months. It may just stop like it started suddenly. I know I’m fooling myself and it’s just a dream and I do get suicidal, I miss my life, I cry for myself, the family I’ve lost, the way I’m being treated by this fascist government. After 35 years of solid graft, I look at it this way. My grandfathers both fought in WW1 and worked all their lives, my paternal grandfather with one leg; he left the other on a battle field. They both died aged 69. My father was at Monte Casino with the British 8th in WW2 he worked all his life and died aged 67. My Mother cleaned tanks during WW2 and worked in the cotton mills thereafter; she died aged 42 that was 1967, I was 12 at the time. My younger sister worked from leaving school and when she died aged 39 she owned her own business.
    Now all my family worked hard and paid into a system, they all died before they got anything out of it. I worked hard made a lot of people rich with my time and knowledge. We have all contributed to this country and now because of something out of my control, I can no longer work, believe me I wish that wasn’t the case I am dying inside. But according to this fascist lot of parasites, I’m feckless, workshy, lazy, a scrounger, scum of the earth, now I’m an extremist. To be called this, by scum like that; whose own parents buried their wealth in off shore Tax Havens? They steal millions of tax payer’s money for their own corrupt ends; they ransack and rape this country of everything our ancestors fought for. No, I know who the extremists are in this country, the ones that are destroying it right now. They are Traitors to this nation and its people, the fraud, the lies, the utter corruption; they can’t get their scams out quick enough.
    Now I come to my first comment. Each to their own. You must do what you see fit, as I will, but to lose someone as educated and eloquent as you obviously are, would be a crime, your disabled brothers and sisters need you, to put into words what a simple grease monkey like me can’t .
    Good Luck and Stay the Course
    Andrew P Healey

    • It really isn’t until we share our experiences that we discover the sheer level of human complexity being shoe-horned into this government policy. If there is anything liable to ‘set me off’ it’s experiencing/watching others have their individuality/creativity harmed in this way.

      Let’s see if we can stay the course together!

  10. I hope I live long enough to see the topple of this Nazi- like attack on the vulnerable, I am depressed at seeing them get away with what they are doing to people. I would call it covert murder. I try to keep in mind that the pendulum always swings ..its just taking too long, and
    for some its already too late.

  11. These stories need to be read and heard, far and wide. I’m fortunate not to have one to tell, I will do my best to share yours. There isn’t a single halfway decent person in the world who would support what this government is doing… if only they knew.

  12. Well done.
    If you want to know why this is happening see report published at this website:


    This is the result of in excess of 3 years of research and all the government lies & rhetoric is to disguise the fact that the DWP are not in charge of the welfare reforms because Unum Insurance are as we move to the American system of welfare funded by private insurance.

    • Thank you for your link – and please convey my gratitude to everyone who contributed to the report.

      For everyone who reads it, remember there is (or was), a living, breathing, vulnerable human being experiencing this. They lived it whilst you, maybe, are only reading about what happened. The difference between the two is a gulf so great as to become indescribable. For readers, remember you have this choice: you can use your skills of empathy or you can turn your face away, cross the road and pass by on the other side of the road. There are consequences befalling both choices, but if you want to try the Road of Imagination, try this: imagine yourself going through it – walk a mile in our shoes. It’s the nearest you can get and will only ever be a pale shadow of the experience itself – that doesn’t matter so much – what’s important is to understand the kind of path you imagine yourself upon… and where you believe it leads. Then remember that all those who experienced this produced factual evidence. Go compare the two and see which version of the outcome you think is most likely to manifest further. Now remember, you wouldn’t know any of this if you had chosen to pass by.

      Each human being who experienced early death at the hands of UK Government policies are as much heroes and heroines as any we recognise publicly. I believe, it the end of this, Britain too will have Memorials to the Dead, not unlike Yad Vashem in Israel, so all our Atos and Welfare-cuts victims are remembered. But these memorials will also serve as the British version of Auschwitz and Buchenwald – to force us to remember why we must never permit this kind of governing to occur again on British soil.

      The kind of pressure I am now under kills people. I believe the only reason I am still alive after all this time ‘under the whip’ of corruption in public office is due to my faith and the fact that I try to make myself useful to my God/dess.

      It’s through people like you – and everyone who has responded so positively and powerfully to this blog –
      that I receive my reply.

      “I sought my soul, but my soul I could not see. I sought my God, but my God eluded me. I sought my brother and I found all three.”

  13. What really annoys me is the sheer cowardice of all this – constant attacks on people who are in no position to fight back: meanwhile they allow gangs of Rumanian gypsies to roam our country cheating and stealing ….

    • I agree with you about cowardice.

      Nevertheless, I disagree vehemently with you in the matter of Romanian “gypsies”. I believe you may be caught up in a projection created by government.

      Firstly, whilst there is no doubt that some People of the Roma can be dangerous to those who live more comfortable lives (the element of truth in every projection), their capacity for harm pales into insignificance when set alongside the actions of those you name ‘coward’.

      I say this, not to criticize, but to simply point out the errors I see in your thinking. Whilst you are replacing your capacity to think with flawed government/media propaganda, we see potentials allies as enemies and enemies as less toxicly dangerous than they actually are in fact.

      It creates blockages that prevent solutions to dealing with the cowards. The longer the blockages are there, the longer it takes to deal with the very real problem of latter-day genocide occurring around us now. The Roma may be a ‘problem’ in your eyes – perhaps all they are doing is showing you, in almost bearable terms, exactly what our government has been doing for the last 35 years, in so completely unbearable terms, that it caused you to fall asleep and ‘dream’ that the Roma were your enemy.

      You and very many others. I truly hope you are in the process of waking up.

      Offered in kindness, for the sake of the Roma.

  14. Reblogged this on The Thoughts of a Ginge and commented:
    This piece really hit home for me. Governments around the world use terminology like “extremist”, “terrorist” and “conspiracy theorist” to exclude people from social debate. It is about maintaining control of popular opinion against “dissident” people. Labelling of race, disability and unconventional thinkers is a powerful propaganda weapon. The internet shall beat this!

  15. This piece really hit home for me. Governments around the world use terminology like “extremist”, “terrorist” and “conspiracy theorist” to exclude people from social debate. It is about maintaining control of popular opinion against “dissident” people. Labelling of race, disability and unconventional thinkers is a powerful propaganda weapon. The internet shall beat this!

  16. Great blog site thanks and a very interesting post. The reason that I remain without a political home is because the socialist in me says that those in power will not relinquish it nor the wealthiest share their riches unless forced to do so, and that many of them have psychopathic tendencies so will not go or share quietly. The green in me wants to give people the benefit of the doubt and remain optimistic about human nature, change by persuasion and consent. You have helped me resolve this. The political ruling elite is a self serving, self perpetuating tumour that has become expert at being tolerated by its host, justifying its own existence and ‘importance’ by running down everyone else and bleeding them dry. It has taken me 52 years to evolve from an eco warrior to an ‘awkward squad’ local party politician to where I am now – waiting for the revolution.

  17. Pingback: Tories indicate Benefit Claimants to be their REAL Enemies in WAR | jaynelinney

  18. Are you a disability campaigner or a prophet who understands the universe more than anyone else?. If I was in the government, you would be last person I would consult with. You have no limits, your blog is made up of incessant blatherings and you build nothing. With your “powerful feelings” who else can get an idea edgewise to you?

  19. Spot on – a govt that plays mind-games, promoting learned helplessness, and calling its victims terrorists to justify its attacks on them after the act. But projection (and facts) who are the “terrorists” here?

  20. You see after all that who the hell is Paul Maynard? Some lobby-fodder stooge who’s sold his soul to the nasties.

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