#LetsTalk Conversation with an Organ-grinder #women2gether


Open Email (because I have no resources print this off) to:


The Office of Mrs. Fatou Bensouda,

Chief Prosecutor – International Criminal Court,

Po Box 19519
2500 CM, The Hague
The Netherlands




Dear Madam/Sir,


Global Economic Gender Crimes against Humanity affecting Women and Children


This is to notify your office that the above matter is now being opened for discussion amongst women at a global level.


I refer to both the recently published Draft Policy on Sexual and Gender-based Crimes, together with the introduction of the new Prosecutor’s Code of Conduct, as I believe both documents contain tools that will enable women to overcome earlier legal and economic impediments which prevented our viewpoint from being heard by the Court in a fair and proper manner.


The general outline of the matter we wish to raise is here and may, if my assessments contain any legal accuracy, implicate the Court in further similar crimes towards women by its failure to ensure that our lawful objections were given equal access to the Court.


Given that the women’s case for economic gender crimes against humanity occurring is now at a global level, and given I am suggesting there may be very serious allegations concerning the Court’s own conduct in the matter, I am writing to enquire how our various representatives’ of women globally – both legal and activist – might best approach your office and present the evidence we would like you to consider.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Yours faithfully,



Dee Wilde-Walker



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