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This is my offering for Blog Action Day – My hope is I don’t let my fellow bloggers down. This subject is too important.

Blog Action Day

FireShot Screen Capture #1395 - 'Richest 1% of people own nearly half of global wealth, says report I Business I The Guardian' - www_theguardian_com_business_2014_oct_14_richest-1percent-half-global-wealt

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This is likely to be a long blog, so I invite any new visitors to go make a favourite beverage, tune out the world and settle down for a journey through the different dimensions of equality/inequality. I don’t know all of them simply because I am limited by my individuality and these are global-size dimensions. However, within the framework of Blog Action Day, I can contribute my own unique perspective around the subject of inequality. To get a grasp of how ‘unboundaried’ global inequality has become, please read the Guardian link above. We have to start somewhere… it might just as well be at the top. If anything fits my definition of obscene, it is this. Half our global resources in the hands of the most selfish, egotistical, callous, soul-less criminals the human world has ever seen. In the subjective realms of such unboundaried behaviour, it is important to ‘place’ the perspective of the individual you are listening to – in this space, that’s me

By contributing a global discussion about inequality, it is important to know where to ‘place’ me in this ‘inequality’ hierarchy we all currently ‘assume’ as ‘normal’ for reality. It is important to know that as a 60-year-old white woman living in poverty in Britain, some of my comments, attitudes and viewpoints will be saturated with white privilege. I hope I use it as wisely and usefully here as I did when a psychiatric patient and a prisoner; a woman now forever ‘criminal’ in the eyes of the world according to the UK state and therefore beyond redemption. My psychotherapy Bullingdontrainers told me it was useful to know my place in the hierarchy. Being ‘beyond redemption’ is a class as well as economic aspect of inequality in the UK – where impoverished British people are rendered soulless; of no social worth; a ‘drain’ on society; value limited to toil filling the coffers of the elite; untermenschen; ‘useless eaters’; better off dead. This, highly material, dimension of inequality IRL is assumed as normal, acceptable and desirable within our global mainstream media – the mouthpiece of this predominately white, filthy-rich, male elite. This is the narrative we are forced to live within. It is a narrative of polarity – of haves and have-nots.

In polarity narratives, however, it is important to remember that it is not possible to see the ‘bigger picture’ without hearing from the other end of it.  In polarised dimensions, one side cannot exist without the other: the wisdom of the Tao.

Economic inequality resembles a monetary iceberg in my mind – measuring who lives above the monetary waterline and who does not. There are so few clinging to the top that the slither-down routes are infinite – where our own lives manifest depends on where the hook of life catches you. I’m fortunate I’ve lived at the waters edge for a while – I got the chance to find out what this life of privilege is like. When my failing health and mental health‘ melted my ‘hold’, I slipped below the waterline and into a looking-glass ‘Otherworld’ where everything is turned upside down. What is it actually like to live this ‘side’ of the waterline?  Read what other bloggers are saying about global inequality today. We can slice and dice this stuff so finely – individuals are very good at that sort of thing – until it cuts into questioning our right to the existence. When we enact ideas of inequality to existence itself, we enter the realms of the sacred in my understanding of matters divine.

This is the blog of a spiritual woman; the realms of the sacred are of deep and abiding interest to me and always have been. These dimensions hold great importance and, from my perspective, the soulless quality of the rich elite end of inequality suggests an active presence of matters sacred at the other. With extreme material inequality, there is remarkable unanimity amongst global spiritual wisdom about where the sacred is likely to be found, even if structures take different forms. For example: the only ‘religion’ that specifically excludes all human manifestations of ‘Love’ (however inequality might define it) is that of the global elite – we can see evidence in the policies being inflicted upon us.. Those who do understand that soulful life includes compassion, kindness, humility and other infinite expressions of the sacred human. Here all souls are equal in the eyes of existence; we are measured by our behaviour towards others.

I can cover an awful lot of ground when exploring different narratives around inequality – some will resonate with you, some won’t and others will sound like gobbledook. The narratives that don’t resonate are there for others, not you – or maybe more accurately – not you, not now. They may become useful later on.  I’ve experienced gobbledook turning into perfect sense before now – it’s a matter of experience. It’s also a matter of Gestalt.

Gestalt involves the idea that seemly separated, individual fragments can, when seen from a different perspective or dimension, form surprising and unexpected patterns, or forms – a murmuration of starlings is an example of a living Gesalt. The internal structures of our humanity are also a gestalt – we see this in astrology with the kaleidoscopic symmetries as each individual birthchart presents a unique map of how we plug into the universe by accessing the same energies in unique patterns. We are fractal; a gestalt.

Where we encounter each other is also fractal – where we ‘meet’ will represent the meeting of aspects of self – they cannot, nor should not, be regarded as representative of the individual within until other aspects are permitted to emerge too.

I’ll contribute what I’ve got… your response is your own business.

The thing I like most about Gestalt is its ideas work collectively too: Blog Day Action is likely to be a prime example of this.  I anticipate ‘unexpected’ patterns emerging on the issue of inequality that won’t have been seen before for reasons astrological: Uranus in Aries (collective creative sparking point); Pluto in Capricorn (clearing out the old to create anew); Neptune in Pisces (letting go the spiritually outworn); with these three alone, there are astrological explanations aplenty. The thing is, we’ve manifested the actions of these planets on earth. Those narratives are known. I’m talking about something new, astrologically speaking.

When we talk about global inequality now, the edges of our astrological collective awareness  are no longer governed by Pluto – that power is now in the actions of Sedna (discovered 2003) and her yet-to-be-named companions. The sacred awareness of abused and violated Indigenous women is now firmly in charge of our collective global boundaries. Given the size of this “consciousness” upgrade – Sedna’s orbit takes 11k years, Pluto’s is only 250 – I’d suggest that there is room to include planetary awareness too. I’m speculating – the folk most likely to know the answer to that identify as ‘millennial’. If I have a hope for Blog Action Day on inequality, it’s that this new awareness reveal its presence.

With Sedna, we  exclude the voices of the violated and abused Indigenous women of our planet at our own peril – she is not a goddess to be trifled with lightly. Additionally, being an Inuit Sea Goddess, Sedna falls outside the Greek/Roman pantheon. This points to collective shifts in the collective Water element which allow for complete restructuring of feeling element using different narratives. I hope to see signs of this too with #BAD14. Millennials might be well advised to use some of their heightened awareness when naming Sedna’s new companions – I suggest inviting non-Greek/Roman healing and creation goddesses if humanity is going to stand any chance of surviving but that is for them to decipher; my generation’s expertise ends with Pluto.

This is some of what I know about dimensions of inequality; note that included in those narratives are potential solutions requiring a longer view from an 11k year perspective. If we truly want to transform this present human barbarity that passes for life  into a narrative where the seventh generation of our children is on the right road to knowing our true place on planet earth – one precious aspect of a far greater and more complex gestalt – then we need to start putting those foundations in place now.

The narratives we tell ourselves; the narratives we choose to believe in matters of inequality are not just matters of life and death – they relate to our very existence. The narratives of the elite about those they regard as ‘less than equal’ now involve matters of existence, which in turn relate to creation and destruction. If we look at the energetic effect of the elite end of inequality, the results are destruction – if we fail to shift this collective pattern, we will all die. Simple. We’re well down that road already.

Thanks to Julienne for this picture.

Thanks to Julienne for this picture.

To dissolve and create a truly balanced and sustainable economic paradigm out of the obscenity we are forced to dwell in now, is going to require huge manifestations of  creativity – tuned to planetary wavelengths and sacred to women because these are the deepest sources of creativity we can access on a global level. Our planet is ‘gendered’ to female creative power; the narratives of Sedna and her companions will indicate the healthy route out of this global nightmare. That’s my astrological opinion based upon the patterns linked with Sedna but it is also supported by the Anishabe Prophecy of the 8th Fire.

This is, however, a matter for the Indigenous women to comment upon, not me. I do note the synchronicity.

As a poor woman listening to the UK’s political bickering over my existential social status and value using the elites’ inequality measures, I am already annihilated by  the absence of any compassion for either my peers or myself. The UK’s mainstream media conspires to exclude political narratives that fall outside its very limited perception of reality – nowhere do I see myself represented except as someone to be judged, condemned, controlled and ‘eliminated’ from the welfare statistics preferably through death. In all other respects, I am invisible, ‘unmentionable’, like millions (yes, millions) of others.

Today, we are visible – go have a look at us. See what we really look like; find out who we really are!

FireShot Screen Capture #1378 - 'susie orbach on Twitter_ _At Tory Party Conference to argue for spend on Mental Health_ Ask what they will do about the homeless_ Fuck the homeless is the reply__' - twitte


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