A well-versed election? #GE2015


bankers & inequality

History of class ruleOn the map of the world are countries
Which vary from huge to quite small;
Of the smallest of these, there is England
You can hardly see it at all.

Though the country itself is quite tiny
The people who live there think not;
Well, they believe they are bigger than others
Even though we all know this is rot.

Now Engerland once was all feudal
With royalty, lords and the rich
Ruling over the peasants and poorest
Which the people all thought was a bitch.

So in time, the people of England
Gave their country a bit of correction.
Instead of the royals & gentry
FireShot Pro Screen Capture #1337 - 'Media Lens - ‘Dark Omens’ And ‘Horror Shows’_ Scottish Independence, Power And Propaganda' - www_medialens_org_index_php_alerts_alert-archive_2014_774-dark-omens-and-horror-The people would rule by election.

This worked for a while in old England
When people all turned up to vote
But those who became politicians
Acquired a bad case of bloat.

Then the day came when people stopped voting
‘There’s no difference between them’, they said.
They line their own pockets with riches
And become neo-gentry instead.

Alas, so it was for old England
Green PartyThat they voted for gentry who lied
And for five years they suffered the fallout
And thousands of poor people died.

Along came the time for elections.
‘Vote for us’, said the gentry again,
And their pals in the meeja joined with them
Till it became but a single refrain.

And the party t’was meant for the people?
It kept most of the wealth for the banks.
“Well, that can fuck off” said its members,
Departing the party in ranks.

‘There’s still nothing to choose from’ repeated,
But, lo, did a green shoot arrive
That truly worked for the people
Upsetting the gentry’s ‘highfive’.

Policies Greens offered people, were
All the things we wanted and more
‘If we voted Green’ said some voters
‘We could show the gentry the door’.

Together, main meeja fell silent.
They didn’t want voters to twig
That the Green Party offered the people
A scupper to Westminster’s gig.

Youth VoteThe gentry were vexed and then frightened.
They planned to escape with their loot
Should England’s poor vote for the people
And give neo-gentry the boot.

The end of this story’s unwritten.
The poor haven’t voted as yet
So we don’t know who wins and who loses
Or how England’s sail will be set.

One thing is for sure and for certain.
If we want to get ‘new’ gentry’s goat,
There’s no other choice in the matter!
We will have to get out there and VOTE!


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  2. Without the Citizen Income, the poor have no interest in any of the other policies of The Greens, as Gandhi observed, People’s Politics Are Their Daily Bread.

    The Greens have a shoestring budget for their office, staffed by volunteers, so could not properly cost the Citizen Income, which is said to cost about £280 billion.

    People are starving and freezing today, from lack of benefit, after 1 million sanctions. Even the Jobcentres are referring failed claimants direct to foodbanks.

    UK foodbanks are not the daily free cafes offering a cooked hot meal and hot drink, staffed and open 7 days a week in Europe.

    Can anyone with the knowledge please advice The Greens, so that the entire admin costs of the welfare in Department of Work and Pensions, both state and private, including the wsork programmes (Workfare) can be replaced entirely by the Citizen Income of a secure £72 per week, without any conditionality, automatic and universal, so the absolute minimum admin, that might even be with a non-welfare admin budget holder (?)

    And the Full Citizen State Pension, without conditionality of National Insurance record of £113.10 for all, instead of the flat rate that is actually less or nil state pension. See why under my petition, in my WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT section, at:

    Now I’ve seen figures in blogs that a full record of non opted out SERPs (contracting out began
    6 April 1978) is around £165 per week today.

    Pension Credit could be replaced by the full Citizen State Pension, as Pension Credit (savings) is abolished in 2016 as is by all the conditionality that will be needed, even for current pensioners, of Pension credit (guarantee credit).

    So the full Citizen State Pension of £278.10 could pour into the high street, as it is mature shoppers who shop in town centres.

    Local shops and businesses would surge on the high street, creating youth jobs.

    Only The Greens had the Citizen Income and Citizen Full State Pension in their 2015 manifesto, now lost due to insufficient funding from such as the trade unions.

    None of the other socialist parties have these policies, but if they could do a u-turn and put them in their 2015 manifestos, then the costing could apply for them to bring those policies in 2015.

    Can anybody advise the Greens please?

    I am a voter and not a member of any political party. I also care about the lives of millions of people in the UK.

    Do you?

  3. Reblogged this on Citizens, not serfs and commented:
    Our elected representatives (elected dictatorship?) have steadfastly refused to represent the people who elected them. The record of the Lib/Lab/Con is self-evident. In desperation some seek the alternatives of the Greens and UKIP. I live in hope but the fact that whoever is elected serves up identical fare with slightly different garnishes I suspect it will make no difference – a return to democracy could be brought about if the people were allowed to vote on issues rather than for a party of any colour which ignores/BS’s the electorate once elected. I know this. We are being ruled by showmen, charlatans and con artists. I would like to know who is pulling the strings of our puppet governments.

  4. Fantastic ! Really great read. I thought you might like the filmed programme- ‘QuestionDine 2015: Election Candidates with chips’.
    In the short video, prospective parliamentary candidates sit down for supper with young volunteers to discuss the big political ideas .From immigration, economic growth and the EU to free speech, humanitarian intervention and building homes ourselves; they put cracking questions to candidates. But, do they get answers they are looking for? You decide.
    You can watch the short video here: http://www.worldbytes.org/questiondine-2015-election-candidates-with-chips/

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