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  1. Hello Dee,
    What an absolute delight finding your blog today! I was following different directions to websites and blogs from the occuworld.org tweet following. I came to your site. I must say that i have rarely found the direct truth speaking that you have in any other person in the movement to “take back our planet”. If we could vote for an empress to rule our world, i would vote for you! 🙂 You sound like a very busy beaver these daze. Good for you. It is time to sock it to the PTB ( powers that be ).
    I have a similar outlook to yours concerning the state of our world , its’ failing economy and ecology, and sense that we are running out of time to turn the tide. I would describe myself as a shaman having spent 25 years in a ( Buddhist ) monastery in the mid-west of America. I taught for close to 12 years until I fell ill, and now i rarely leave the monastery. I will be 60 Sept.8th, (1952) in Monterey Calif…..and born at 4:30am daylight savings. You mentioned you were near 60 years of age…..what is your astrological info. I would love to see your natal birth chart. I have been following astrology for 40 years, and have interpreted hundreds of natal birth charts.
    Well, very nice to meet you in cyberspace. 🙂 If your ever in Missouri you have an open invitation to stay at our monastery! 🙂

    All my best,

    • Namaste, Frank, and well met my friend *offers to shake your hand in Love*.

      Thank you so much for the offer of Empress power, but that belongs to my Earth Mother Goddess and I return it to Her with enormous relief. Would you want that level of responsibility? No, thanks! But your offer is a kind one.

      My birth data is 8 December 1954 at 17.30 GMT, Paddington, LondonUK. I would be deeply honoured to visit you in your monastary, but I don’t think your country would allow me across it’s borders. No matter, we know we exist and can enjoy this Blessing in cyber-space.

  2. I love a great title. ‘Pawprints of the Soul’ – I would be pleased to have coined that. (:o)
    I see David Attenborough keen not to be found wanting by his line. I am off to annexe him in the exposure of this illegitimate parliament. (See Liar Flyer quest on website.) Evil has triumphed – good men ARE doing nothing. Will he break the mould?

    Welll done Paddington!

  3. Thank you so much for writing an obituary about Vron Marsden. She was my therapist through my time at the Gestalt Studio and after. I had a feeling for some time that she was dead but didn’t really want to know that. Now I do. What can I say about a woman who saved my life? She was a great mother to me and I will always be grateful to her. All my love, Vron. Annie Diamond

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