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#OccupyWitchcraft These are the energies that are now loose, to the best of my knowledge.


In April, I was asked to undertake this work:

The result, which I have consent to publish, was this:

and this:

You are asked to pay particular attention to the structure created in the second vision.

During the following new moon, the male recipient was tested to see whether the work had been effective. I chose not to read his final public response, but it did prompt a friend to respond with this:

I gather he regards my work as a failure.

The work done for my other #SoulTrust was experienced at the time of the work.

The above work was supervised throughout and was directly linked to Glastonbury during the Testing by me, using the Chalice Well Symbol.

The most recent New Moon/SolarEclipse at Mount Shasta created the same energy as the work channeled through my group.

This explains the significance of Glastonbury / Mount Shasta

The forum posting I have already directed you to:

These are written between myself and my supervisors. None of our group has been untouched by this work. It has been difficult and painful for us all. Yet, I believe that when they understand the emerging pattern, they will find that they don’t mind.

Can you also remember that this work grows out of the work I told you about here:…hamans-request/ ‎

I’m referencing and verifying as much as I can, but you can always ask one of the others: @havantacluOTMP @Alixir2012 @Orgyofthemind and @angelsavant. If you need verification that we are a bona fide wisewoman’s group, you can check with @H_O_G_ @OpPinkPower and others from the forum.

All these are energies that can be harnessed because they will ‘fit’ in some way with those who are awake. It seems to me that the first thing we do is build our network – I wonder what Earth Chakra is being triggered by the lunar eclipse on 4 June. I will be doing something because Shelley Von Strunkel is being very insistent on the matter – as an astrologer myself, I rate her work.

The Soul Retrievals I did for L & J released a great many Soul Parts. There was a further journey later in the month that released more – I’ll post that here next.


In building awareness, first you raise the consciousness #Feminism ie education #TradeUnionism. Then you agitate, and then you organise. We are self-organising people and we hang out with others like us. You are a #Nexus. Every follow you have is another #Nexus if they are awake, and so on. If the message doesn’t reach them through one route, it will reach them through another, even if all you do is turn a possible RT into a tweet. And be willing to have conversations.

I’m seeing if I can try this out myself, here in Britain (see my previous blog). The guidance I’m told to give you is to take what works for you best and leave the rest unless it insists on your attention.



The Gestalt Cycle of Change and the human capacity to grow (or not, as the case may be)


We've always done it this way

For anything to grow and evolve, life needs to be in contact with the life around it. Nothing and no-one exists in isolation. As human beings, we cannot exist without the Earth Herself or the people around us yet some of us have been trying to do so, particularly at top level, and the cost of this is being borne by us all. The human social problems caused by this withdrawal are one of the main complaints from large protest movements such as Indignados, Occupy and Anonymous. Those making decisions at global, national or local levels are ‘out-of-touch’ or out-of-contact with those affected by them. Efforts to create contact are being met with repression by those ‘in-charge’.

Understanding the process of how we, as individuals, make contact with our environment and each other can be extremely helpful. Knowing how we fail at this can be even more useful. The Cycle of Change developed by Gestalt theories provides a model for this that could have practical applications if understood more widely. The Cycle of Change can be particularly helpful in setting our own needs and participation in context, not simply from our own perspective but for the collective too, but first, the Cycle of Change needs to be understood.

Change is normal, healthy and vital for any living essence if it is to conceive, gestate, grow, flourish and die within the Cycles of Life on Earth. All Life comes from ‘no-thing’ and returns to ‘no-thing’ while inbetween offers an opportunity to contribute to the continuation of the living processes of which we are a part. The rising and falling of Life, of need, of necessity, are all a part of the Cycle of Change which brings us into contact with life around us. This is as true of our human psychological processes as it is for the material world we inhabit. In a healthy Cycle, we emerge from a ‘ground’ where all possibilities exist; become aware of something ‘missing’;  consciously identify the ‘need’ to be met; prepare ourselves of act; act to have that need met; enjoy the satisfaction and assimilation of the met need; and return to the ‘ground’ where all possibilities exist once more. In a playful mood, I might liken the ‘ground’ to the wave of the Zero-Point Field and the Cycle itself as the particle emerging from the wave to perform a particular task of Life.

The Cycle itself looks something like this:

Humanity, in relation to itself and the planet, is now in very serious trouble, so understanding the way we interrupt the Cycle of Change within ourselves could be extremely useful if we are to find the way out.

To demonstrate how the Cycle of Change can work collectively, let’s take a global example – the need to eat in order to survive – and see if it works. Global hunger on a planet that grows enough food to feed every human on earth needs some explaining.

So we begin with Sensation – something is not right; there is a disturbance in our ‘Force’, for the purposes of this example, we move to an awareness of hunger. Some of us will be able to move through this Cycle by eating and assimilating the food into our bodies, but only some. Others cannot do this and when we can’t, we slowly starve to death. If those ‘Others’ come in their thousands or millions, those who can eat may slowly become aware of this need and act to assist. Yet, in the West, we hear talk of ‘Compassion Fatigue’ as one human disaster follows another. Those who have food begin to become desensitized to those who starve. Those who are already desensitized have closed down their capacity to respond, and this is defended by a process called deflection. There are more important things to worry about than people starving half way round the world; country; block; next door; whatever those important things might be.

If a collective of awakened people begin to mobilise to meet the needs of the starving, those unable to respond due to desensitisation or deflection, now begin to defend their position with Introjects. Introjection is a process whereby a human being swallows down ideas or attitudes whole – without the chewing of consideration, examination or reflection – and regurgitates them as required. One introject in our Global hunger example might be “It’s their own fault for not organising their lives properly”, or for living where they do, or for any number of other reasons that support the individual’s unwillingness to mobilise their personal resources. The chances are that a person afflicted with these interruptions will simply not be present at the time when the Collective acts, although they may have opinions about those who do. When working at an introjected level, such people will have no difficulty in expressing the opinions of others whose opinion they swallowed. What they may not fully appreciate is that their opinions are likely to be projections.

Projections are where we see qualities in others than we cannot see in ourselves. Given that each human experience is quite unique, it isn’t possible to see something in another without it existing in ourselves too, whether those qualities are good or bad. (For example, there is much being said and written about psychopathy at present but it is all ‘out there’. Psychopaths are someone else, not me. Yet, if I can see and understand psychopathic behaviour, then there has to be something of that in me whether I like it or not. If I’m evolving, the question then becomes “How do I use this quality?” To use myself as example, I don’t like it when, by dint of tangible evidence, I find myself treating another without empathy or compassion but that doesn’t mean I can’t do it if it becomes necessary to my health or well-being, or the health and well-being of others. If I am wrong, then I can choose to change. What makes a true psychopath is the absence of choice in their own behaviour and/or their attempts to remove my capacity for choice coupled with an absolute refusal to take responsibility. The only way I can be certain I am not locked into this thought-form is to become responsible – to be open to difference and contact with otherness… but that is only my opinion.) Whatever we project on to others says far more about who we are than it could ever say about the person we are describing. In a Global Hunger setting, we hear a great deal from the mainstream media about the institutionalised corruption of recipient countries, but very little about the institutionalised global corruption that created the starvation in the first place.

So the Cycle of Change moves on to Contact. We have sensed the need, identified it, mobilised ourselves and acted to meet the need. Now we are meeting it – the starving are being fed – but how we are doing it can prevent our experiencing the catalyst of change that direct contact brings. We vanish into other behaviours instead. We become Retroflective. We do to the starving what we actually want done to ourselves, or we do to ourselves what we really want to do to the recipients. I am sure that there are many examples of how this works. For instance, we may give food but fail to listen to what is necessary from the starving themselves about what is needed for them to take care of their own future; because we want to be looked after, we ‘look after’ them in ways that are counter-productive, creating ongoing dependency instead of genuine solutions that prevent future starvation. Within our global economies, we can see the spectre of starvation and malnutrition emerging within the West as our governments start to inflict upon their own people what they may have really wanted to do to the starving of the so-called Third World.

If, however, the need is met, the Cycle moves to the experience of satisfaction and assimilation and so emerges the defenses of Egotism, again to avoid the experience of genuine Contact. We may feel so self-satisfied with our efforts, either outwardly or internally, that we lose the impact of contact in favour of admiring our own self-reflection.

Finally, as the Cycle falls away into the ground of ‘no-thing’, we become vulnerable to Confluence. Confluence occurs where the individual merges with another, be it a person or an organisation, or other collective form. We cease to be the whole individual motivated to action and experiential contact outside ourselves and become merely a part of something or someone else – a cog in the machine. The interpersonal example of confluence used when I training was the question “Is it you or me that doesn’t like broccoli.”  We don’t know where we end and another begins, and this adds to our desensitisation in our next Cycle of Change.

Comfort zoneThe purpose of the Cycle of Change, in psychological terms, is to step outside our comfort zone to encounter realities that are different from our own. The contact can be experienced in all kinds of ways, from the worst to the best but it is supposed to change us. Contact enables our growth as aware human beings in touch with the reality of the world around us. It challenges our assumptions; it requires risk; it forces us to reconsider what we hold to be true; in doing so, it invites our personal and collective evolution. If we fail to answer the call of true Contact with our planet and her people, we become part of a continuing unhealthy problem which, by our absence, struggles to find resolution. Instead of being part of a wave of change created by individuals – like snowflakes or grains of sand contributing to an avalanche – we become an obstacle, a creature of inertia.

This piece is written for those who are changing as a result of real Contact with others, as we grapple with those who reinforce the interruptions to the Cycle of Change and cannot understand why. We are rediscovering, or may never have lost, the sense of aliveness that real Contact produces when the Cycles of Change flow freely. Not every contact will be good or pleasant but we grow a little more with each one until growth and evolution become a natural part of our Beingness. In my experience, those Cycles of pain can teach me far more about myself and others than any plain sailing ever could. We can appreciate our efforts with a sense of personal and individual satisfaction which sensitises for our next Cycle of growth. We can feel ourselves altering and changing, maturing, producing seeds for the next step, but there is one thing we cannot do.

We cannot force another to change. We can try but the result is more interruptions to the Cycle. We become the introjected message to those uninterested or afraid of growth as a defence mechanism to maintain inertia. We become the very thing we thought we were opposing. To engage in Contact with outer reality – to experience difference in others and to be different ourselves – can only ever be a personal decision. The only people we have any authority to control are ourselves. If we choose freedom and equality, then we must share that freedom with others equally and that includes another’s freedom to refuse to grow. What remains are the consequences of our choices. Those we are going to have to live with, regardless.

This is an imperfect piece. I’m providing a few links to others who are more eloquent than me on the personal psychological processes of the Cycle of Change, or Experience, or Contact – it has many names – for those who are interested. The intention here is to bring this Cycle to the attention of those who are evolving and wondering at the obstructions they are experiencing. As far as I know, the Cycle could inform the planning or preparation of events designed to heighten general awareness of our collective reality and it could be useful as individuals grapple with their own personal choices. A perfect description might prevent my fellow evolvers from taking it apart to see how it works for them and create the danger of yet another introjection at the very time when we need to be preparing for authentic action. Nevertheless, the Cycle of Change is an extremely useful tool that has applications in just about every dimension of human existence except those resistant to the natural rhythms of our planet.

I hope you find it as useful as I have.

Alice Walker on power

Gestalt Links:

Gestalt Therapy Theory: An Overview

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“Holding” Patterns for the New


“Do not be afraid to go out on a limb – that is where the fruit is!” – Anon


Sometimes I go out on a limb. It may be where the fruit is at harvest time but, in my experience, for the rest of the year I can look, and feel, like a fool wondering what on earth I am doing out here. Now is a good example, having posted two family telling-tales that apparently have little to do with anything other than myself.

When I act in this way, there is normally an internalised ‘blow-back’ from Neuro-Typical[i] (NT) thinking that surrounds most of us in our daily lives. I find myself shrinking under the well-established Matrix tones that shut down innovation, discourage experimentation and harshly oppose anything that might undermine it; the ‘voices’ sound like all those who have judged and found me wanting in their eyes throughout my life, especially as a woman. These are the ones who begin their tirade with “Who do you think you are?”

These days, going out on a limb enables me to examine those NT voices for their veracity and integrity. I give thanks to my past therapeutic work which loosened this stranglehold upon my Spirit because, at some point during the internal tirade, another voice will appear that supports the risk and challenges I have just taken. In this instance, the angelic voice asked me what kind of responsibility I felt towards my ancestral Mothers.

When I consider the lives they lived and the daily struggles they had to contend with, I see each generation breaking with familial tradition in one way or another where they can (my grandmother and my mother) or succumbing to lives of unbearable and unseen suffering where they did not. I am both daughter and granddaughter to women who did their best to break these traditions of suffering. It would be dishonourable, in my eyes, to refuse to continue their work. As this realisation takes root, the NT voices begin to dissolve like morning mist around the tree branch I am clinging to and I can begin to see more clearly why I am out here.

There exists a theory about how this process works. It began with the researches by Gestalt psychologists in the 1930’s around perception and was deepened into Gestalt Therapy by the likes of Fritz and Lore (Laura) Perls. It emerges as the Cycle of Change which will be explained in more detail in my next blog because I suspect that it could inform a great deal of what our collectively emerging humanity is coping with. The beauty of this Cycle is that it works in any and all dimensions – perceptively, emotionally, spiritually, materially, individually, collectively and, possibly, as evolution.

Gestalt is a German word that is particularly difficult to translate into English. It means: shape, pattern, configuration and contains the idea that apparently separate and unconnected pieces form into shapes/configurations that open up new perceptions, awareness, knowledge or growth when understood from the emergent pattern. Gestalt is also one of the German terms for “Spirit” or “God” and this fits with my own understanding that the essence of a gestalt is not simply the patterned pieces but the space inbetween them too. It is a disarmingly simple yet profoundly complex configuration of ideas that never fails in its freshness whenever I am reminded of its existence.

That I need reminding about my knowledge of Gestalt says a great deal about the world we live in these days and NT thinking. The latter claims to have the monopoly of knowledge whilst busily repressing innovation or creativity it cannot control. In effect, it seeks to occupy the space between the facts in order to control our perceptions and emotions by operating a system of exclusion. In doing so, it commits the Sin of Hubris because not even God (however you imagine that Essence) can exclude anything created – only man thinks he can do that.

So, in holding this new pattern emerging from my awareness over the last few days, I find I can add new reasons to my list of why I have acted, and continue to act, in the way that I do; because I am the daughter and granddaughter of women who challenged the NT status-quo wherever and whenever they could, and I agree with them.

Notwithstanding that I am still out on the limb, these two fruits – my Mothers’ bloodline and the remembrance of Gestalt – have been worth the effort of collecting. Gestalt can be shared more easily with the collective but maybe, just maybe, other women might choose to recapitulate and meditate on their bloodlines. It could be the necessary revelation my sisters need to free themselves of whatever is preventing their growth.


[i]  I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the Asperger’s and Autistic communities for the term “neuro-typical” – although I am using it to describe the closed-mindedness of those unwilling to engage with difference or who are declining to grow.

Occupy Witchcraft: A Shaman’s Request



May I first say how honoured I feel to have been present at your birth – may you all be Blessed with long and fulfilling lives. I am not a witch even though I have sometimes used the Craft to enable manifestation of my shamanic work and I know that, to others, we can look alike even if we are aware of our differences. I come to you with a request for help.

Every shaman is unique and works in our own way. Within my own Otherworld resides an Essence of Faith that seems to underpin all our human spiritualities, known and unknown, seen and unseen, in whatever way they manifest on Earth. The only exception is the Dark Side that uses power for its own sake. As a result of an Otherworld journey taken yesterday, this aspect would seem to have had some of its connections to the Essence of Faith removed.

There is an amusing anecdote that, using the Laws of Chemistry, suggests that were the peoples of the Earth to restore their Essence of Faith, rather than cling to the separations of manmade religion, we would find our way through the problems we all face. Because my shamanic practice is inclusive in this way, I witness those Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews and others who exhibit an Essence of Faith in their work. What I am seeing breaks my heart.

Many of these people are being harmed by the edicts of their religion. I see the confusion and hurt as they try to cope with this and the personal struggles to overcome what is occurring. I’m hearing Christians disagree with their religious leaders to such an extent that they leave. I’m hearing Muslims querying what they are being told Islam means. I’m hearing Jews deeply troubled about the way their religion is being used to perpetrate obscenities upon the helpless and Buddha has always advised those following his Path to dispense with his words if personal experience does not match up with his Teachings. From my perspective, it seems that many people who know the Essence of Faith are becoming homeless from their religions.

Witchcraft knows what it is to be persecuted. You know what it is to be homeless on our own planet. From what I have witnessed from the best of our Witches is the true Knowledge of Inclusiveness belonging to the Essence of Faith. There are no arguments with people who follow different pathways to this Essence, only a request for mutual respect. I see, too, that this request is still being denied by some religions. As the planetary crisis deepens, I am concerned that this will become worse for all of us unless we come together as Family.


So, to my request:  Is possible for the Craft, working together, to create a multi-faith circle of manifest energy where all those of whatever religion or spiritual discipline could meet in collective Peace? A place where Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Witches, Shaman and everyone else could find a cultured home together; where each could bring our Knowing of the essence of Love; our respect for difference; our hopes for our future and our intention-to-act to create such a future? Is such a creation possible?

When I announced the birth of Occupy Witchcraft, I promised to bring some gifts. What I bring are the Shamanic Visions I had when I participated in “The 9/11 Experiment”. This experiment was created by Lynne McTaggart and Dr. Salah Al-Rashed on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and it manifested the most astonishing meeting of faiths I have ever witnessed. It was not just Christians or Muslims, I met Sufis and Hindus participating too. Lynne has been able to demonstrate that the Experiment was a success for her purpose of demonstrating the Power of Intention. I remain deeply grateful that I could be a part of it. Nevertheless, there is further Otherworld power available were Occupy Witchcraft interested in utilizing it.

My Otherworld is tremendously opportunistic in my experience. Every time I am asked to work there, I see this in action. If other tasks can be done in addition to the intent of the journey itself, my Otherworld takes full advantage. I’m advised by my Allies that this is equally true for my 9/11 Experiment visions and can be gifted as a potential framework for any Craftwork needed to create a true MultiFaith Circle of Power.

As always, this is a matter of Free Choice. If Witchcraft prefers to choose a different path, there is no dispute between us – you know your own Path better than I. This is simply a request for help. If you are able and willing to offer assistance, you are Free to utilize the energy of the Visions in the wisest way you know.


In any event, please accept my deepest Gratitude for being people I am able to ask.


May you all always Walk In Beauty.




Danger of Miracles: Letter to my Friend-In-Grief


My Beloved Red,


First, I must apologise. After your last message, I circulated our lasses and asked them to include you in any healing prayers. Forgot to ask your permission… I’m sorry. It was one of those instinctive moves that I have to adjust afterwards. I’ve asked my helpers/Allies to simply surround you with the energy, so it’s there if you choose it – otherwise, just ask them to take it wherever it’s most needed. When I’m not sure whether to accept it (as a recipient), I ask them to give me what I need and pass the surplus on…

Anyway, it’s there if you need it.

Grief is an odd criatura for me. When a beloved dies, my body aches from not being able to hold or touch. I understand what you’re saying… and agree with you but I have so much Scorpionic Water in my birthchart/Life that I can never resist the temptation to dive deep and find out what’s there. My body aches because my Moon is in the Earth sign of Taurus (though is Aquarian/Piscean in action). It’s almost as if the Love we shared embodied has found a home in the cells of my own body, and the loss of embodied touch rips each cell in two, leaving only Spirit where a body had been before. And it hurts – why shouldn’t it? It hurts like crazy.

Since my father died, in 1997, I have never been the same. The relationship was just too close – too deep – that it seemed I had to experience every single ripping of energy from my body. It’s like tearing a Vesica Piscis in two. It’s how I learned to deep sea dive into my emotions. What I found there led me to act on my desire to explore shamanism – it was as if I had to learn how to find him again. Somewhere where we could speak to each other with the Love I found swirling thickly in my deepest oceans of grief. I found him, my father, in the early days of my Otherworld journeys – the transforming ones – and there was something missing, as there always is in the old tales. The tales that warn of the dangers of bringing someone back from the dead. I was trying to drag him from the Elysian Fields, where everything is beautiful into the limited realities of ours. I haven’t seen him since but I wish him well and can sense his presence around me now, as I write this to you.

There is a terrible beauty in Grief. There’s the wound that never heals. Every new grief is added to the last so that when the tsunami strikes, the wave is higher than before. But, you know, I wouldn’t change a drop of it – not a single drop. If there is pain, bring it on – as much of it as you have – because if I can feel it… really feel it, down to each gene, atom, particle, ether… then that is the measure of my Love. This is how to measure Love.

When my father died and I went in search of him, what I found was my Father, the Creator Spirit, who is made of the same stuff as my Dad. Everything I meet or encounter; everything I experience; everything I see or hear or taste or smell or feel in my Otherworld is my Father – my SpiritFather. The deeper I dive into my Otherworld, the greater He becomes and the more I meet Him, embodied, in my real life. He is everywhere, deep inside the Feminine who weeps Her Grief at the misunderstandings we have about our Creator.

But you know, the only people who can hear this Voice – who have this Knowledge – are those who grieve. There is no other way to come to this place I now find myself in… where you now find yourself in. This is why my teachings have been slightly incorrect because I’ve been saying you can’t evolve without pain. Actually, the Truth is we can’t evolve without Grief… and this is why you have been put through your recent experiences. With all that Catholicism, you are something of a hard nut to crack open. That’s why Dahnu, Igor and Truck needed to leave – they were your embodied Power Allies. Now they are going to lead you through the pain into your Otherworld. Believe me, God is NOTHING like we’ve been taught. Your killer goose wants to be your Thanksgiving dinner because, when you accept his LoveGift he will nourish you in ways your body needs.

Oh, and your new embodied Power Allies are on their way to find you. When we allow our feelings of grief, we shatter and grow. We become seeds of the past germinating in the present. The deep ocean depths of Grief – with their tides and hidden Life – are like good soil for the Spirit as She begins Her Manifestation. When we feel it – hold that ocean depth within us – She can connect to the Land and send Her Children to you, to teach you Her Majick. Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. Those who grieve are Sacred. We are Holy. And when we release those we Love into Transition, we set them free to Live as their Spirit chooses. They are the Spirits who ensure we encounter Love coming down our Path to meet us.

I’ve been driven by Grief since 1997. You know, my Dad died a fortnight after Diana and followed Mother Teresa into the SpiritWorld. He was in very good company. As an ordinary man, he needed to leave then. I was about to begin my heroine’s journey – it would have killed him to watch it. Better he left when he did, so My Father Who Art In Heaven could take over, with Our Great Mother leading the way. Personally, I think She’s a first class, high-flying Bitch – but I wouldn’t know what I know now without Her.

Oh, Red.  How could I have written this without you? Or Dahnu? Or Igor? Or Truck? Through your Love, I can Love them too. Through us – you and Lily, Jeni and Alixir – I ground my yearning for a network of Love around this planet…  Without you and the place you find yourself in now, how could I express how much I know, how much I have learned from the lessons of Grief? This is why we are unique; like snowflakes.

When I was in prison, I came across a proverb which I now know I need to correct: no single snowflake can ever be responsible for her part in an avalanche.

My dear sweet Red – my inspired angel and my friend – do you think this is why we’ve all been incarnated so far apart this time around? So that there is enough room for our SpiritSoul when we collapse the Iceberg of Suffering that has frozen us all into the dark warm womb-ocean waters of Grief?

My Otherworld is asking me to publish this… and I will. But I want you to know that this was written by me to you – whatever the Otherworld does with it is their business – and that I am honoured to call you Friend. My Old Friend. I’ve spent my whole life missing you – with whom else could I truly be myself, as I am now? Who else could have inspired this writing, if not for you? And my God sends his Love too. In fact, anyone who needs to hear that my God is Alive, that He Adores women and his Grief at our situation – no matter who we are or where we live on this earth – knows no bounds, then to the depths of my Woman-Being, I Swear that this is True. To whom can I say that every time we fall into Love with Nature around us, we are Loving Our Mother and She Loves us, uniquely and preciously, in Her Own Way, if not for you. You are a Bright Star in my Heaven – now become a cluster with Dahnu and Igor and Truck. I wonder what story you have to tell when you grow.

And to all those others who will read this, if I am True then every word written here will be True for you too, but in your own way – for you are a unique star cluster too. Every Grief we Honour by making Sacred becomes a Star in our Multiverse, for the Spirits freed by Death will fly your SpiritSoulHalf into new Dimensions. I don’t know how – that is your story, not mine. How do I know? Because I am Living my story even as I write.  I don’t know how it ends but you’re welcome to become a part of what is being Created now, if you choose to.

This is why our Star People had an ethic of non-interference – our Path to Enlightenment is through Grief. It’s the journey WithIn after travelling so long Without.

All my Love


Goading and the Subtle Temptations of Involuntary Subversion


One of the advantages of having travelled through so much therapy is that I’ve learned to become familiar with my behaviour and its underlying triggers. These days, the uncharacteristic has a tendency to stick out and become obvious rather quickly. This process has occurred over the past few days.

What I noticed was my behaviour around an apparently harmless friend. To my surprise, I realised I was starting to goad him, as if I wanted to provoke a negative reaction. He’s done nothing to warrant such invasive or controlling attention – actually he seems to be a good guy trying his best in difficult circumstances. The last thing he – or anyone else – needs is to be goaded into additional problems.

Goading is not my usual behaviour pattern because I don’t like it when others do it to me. I have better things to do than create intentional negativity in a world has such an abundance of it already. Besides, to goad someone is to tempt them into something they might otherwise not have chosen, usually to their detriment. My commitment to individual freedom of choice runs very deep because I claim that power for myself, including the need for tolerance and endurance when my own choice conflicts with others. So, to wake and find myself in the process of goading another is way out of character for me and therefore worthy of deeper investigation.

In group therapy, there is a theory – known as Field Theory – which says that whatever is being openly expressed by individuals within a group belongs to the group as a whole rather than just those doing the expressing. In fact, there are times when some folk – usually the most active and emotionally intelligent – ‘act out’ unexpressed feelings that do not belong to them. I know because I’ve done it. Catching this acting-out and returning the emotion to source is a true skill of an experienced group therapist.

Catching my own behaviour in the butterfly net of my awareness has been one of the greatest boons of my life. Being psychic or ‘sensitive’ means that my ‘Self’ is porous; impressions flow into my personal field all the time, so knowing what is likely to be me and what belongs to the Field is enormously valuable. Before I knew how to do this, I thought everything I felt was mine. When external darker energies found their way into my feelings or behaviour, I would feel even more terrible about myself than I did already. The process of emotional self-development has made a huge difference to this problem. These days, I can look at my behaviour and wonder about the source, especially when it slips passed my boundaries and into my unconscious behaviour.

If I know I don’t goad with intent these days, where has this behaviour come from? I can’t find anything within myself to account for my indulgence, nor has my ‘target’ done anything to warrant it. Even if he had, all I need do is unfollow him – I don’t need bother with anything else because we respect each other. We’ve gone down this route once already, so I know how he behaves. We share an aim to be good-enough people working to create improvements in a world gone mad, each in our own way. So if I’m not the source and neither is he, where did this energy come from. It reminded me of the game “Let’s You and Him Fight” (from Eric Berne’s “Games People Play”) where a third party creates a conflict between others. Who would benefit from two friendly-enough people getting into a fight with each other? When I asked that question I found my sights rising above personal and interpersonal to the political and beyond.

There are many people who seem to agree that the leaders and would-be-leaders of our nations are manifesting serious symptoms of what looks like insanity. In fact, we might be forgiven for wondering when the people in white-coats are going to turn up to take them back to the asylum, such is the level of disconnect from the reality of the people they wish to govern. But…

Supposing we consider the possibility that this is quite intentional. They look ignorant. They look stupid and we are supposed to believe this. The ignorant and stupid somehow evade responsibility for the clear undercurrents of malice as government after government actively represses or murders the very people they have been elected to represent. When reasonable and peaceful citizens object, they are subject to direct and violent repression. If this isn’t goading, then I don’t know what is. Yet all this is occurring within sight of eyes and cameras. The quality of goading I was picking up was subtle. I didn’t see it until I caught myself going into action and wondered what the hell I thought I was doing. Our politicians may be insane but they are visible. The goading I was picking up was hidden.

As a former therapist and a practising shaman, subtle energies are my stock-in-trade. Our political systems are using brute force which is crude and this stuff isn’t. It’s coming from sources that have intent, an investment, in severing links between those of like minds and hearts through the use of manufactured friction.

In reading this subtle goading, I look at the words I am using: invasive, controlling, below the radar, sneaky, off-balance, hidden, provocative. I wonder if I might be seeing the hidden hand of the puppeteer and I find myself asking questions like:

  • Is this a form of distraction and, if so, what are we being distracted from?
  • What is the underlying intent?
  • What will the perpetrators gain?
  • What else is hidden within this?
  • What else am I missing?

I don’t have answers but I do have suspicions. I’m reminded of the warnings my Otherworld asked me to post about blasphemy and May 15. We have already seen one blasphemy with the murder of a sacred White Buffalo calf and his mother, which I interpret as a direct attack on peoples’ hopes for the future. What other sacred hopes are under attack?

As I typed that last sentence something new flitted through my mind and allowed me to catch it. I trust that it links to this subject even if I can’t quite see it myself.

It belongs with the 2012 Evolution movement and it goes something like this. How many of these ‘leaders’ are promising rescue or some form of painless ‘Rapture’ to our Future? If I were looking for a source for the Psy-Ops of Subtle Goading, these might be good places to look, although the ‘how’ still eludes my butterfly net.

Evolution is not a competition. It is a personal journey that no-one but we ourselves can make, we have to actively choose it and we start from where we are in the present. Rescue is not an option because our answers are found through the problem and going through has very painful moments which we learn to value for the lessons they teach us. Therefore, promises of rescue, like the Fulford/Drake/Wilcock scenario, automatically become suspect. The same goes for aliens to the rescue – yes, there are Star People communicating with us now but the best are extremely careful about what they impart due to the ethics of non-interference; we have to make our own decisions. Yet, this field would make a good source for distributing subtle psy-ops power games into communities trying to free themselves from the grip of the #Matrix or #NWO, which brings me back to goading.

Goading is an ego behaviour underpinned by pride and the desire for power over others. We are all capable of it because we all have egos. Nevertheless, supposing we chose – just for this short period of time – to stop indulging ourselves with negative behaviour. Perhaps we might see more clearly who prefers us behaving badly and how they benefit from that. When we stop acting-out, we can begin to see who the real actors are.

These is a very difficult and confusing time – yet it contains enormous potential if we can halt our habitual or reactionary behaviour, even for a moment, in favour of discovering who prefers us that way and why.

#OccupyWitchcraft An New Idea is Born


Occupy Witchcraft

In my country, a woman who practises my kind of Spirituality may be labelled a witch – I don’t have a problem with this excepting that it is not strictly accurate. I am trained as a shaman, not a witch. Nevertheless, I’ll stand alongside the witches in this.

Occupy is grappling with the ‘normal’ problems of any rising movement seeking change – infiltration and destablization. Anonymous has had similar problems. So, too, have movements across the planet.

When Britain stood and faced down the aggression of the Nazis during World War II a group of adepts, including Dion Fortune, performed protection rituals for our islands. We weren’t invaded.

I see regular reports from the tumblr witches about the effectiveness of their Spell-Casting. If our intent is to aid, heal and empower the powers of the Light, OccupyWitchcraft might create the energetic power for Occupy to move passed the blockades of opposers.

As the same time, I would not want to exclude any other practising Faith in the Light regardless of how the practitioners identify themselves. There is no exclusivity in Spirituality. We are all One.

I have past work that I am free to share with any Occupy Witchcraft movement that I will post in the next day or so.

Keep watching this space.