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The Astrology of February 2013


This post is dedicated to all those people committed to change in our world.

February is the tipping point which will move us all forward.

Remember to be kind to each other while we do this!

The Astrology of June 2012


Until I figure out how to embed a video into this blog, can I redirect you to this:

The Astrology of Jun 2012 – For Everyone

My enormous gratitude to “northwatuppa” for posting this highly intelligent reading of what we are likely to be dealing with next month. As he says,

“This is my effort to do justice to a very important month, astrologically. It is a complex, potentially scary bunch of charts that a lot of people will think of as bad news. And maybe June will bring some bad news.

It has a high concentration of difficult and sort of difficult aspects and is light on helpful ones. Uranus squares Pluto exactly on June 24th. There’s an eclipse. And lots of hard aspects generally.

And its kind of the flip side of May. May was eventful but loaded with positive synchronicity. June is the opposite of synchronicity.

However, I think those interested in global social, political and economic transformation will be still be relieved and encouraged by it. We’re turning a big karmic corner. A lot of stuff us coming due, for better or for worse.”

The energies are going to particularly affect the following:-

  • Women and women’s issues
  • Movements for social change
  • Relationships between the ‘Rulers’ and the ‘Ruled’ – described, at one point in the video, as “the biggest political train wreck in living memory”.

What is most important is the impact these energies will have on all our relationships, from the most personal to global levels. Additionally, we are not going to be able to immediately resolve them – the energies are ‘stuck’.

‘Stuck’ energy is extremely powerful. I am grateful to a recent contact who prompted me to describe this process as she struggled with her own experience of stuckness:

Firstly, transformation has its own rhythm and timing. Sometimes we can only ‘be with’ these energies developing below the surface of our consciousness. Such times are useful because they teach us patience as we watch for the opening that will come when the time is right. We have time to explore where we are in the moment and to discover what else we have learned along our path that brought us to this place.

The next wisdom comes from the idea of ‘stuckness’. I have heard this described as a deeply healthy experience for the following reason. When our awareness is colonized, this occurs outside ourselves as we swallow down what we have been told, without the chewing of discernment or the spitting out of that which does not belong to us. When this colonization is unchallenged, we do not notice it is occurring and our deeper awareness is silenced. The quality of stuckness does not arise. This comes only when our deeper selves have found a way passed the colonizer. When this happens, it means that the inner transformation process has not only begun but is so well developed that it has funded enough power to be equal to the colonizer within. The ‘stuck’ feeling comes because the new is now equal to the old as its pressure is being exerted to free you. The old will pass away as the new finds its way beyond its old imprisonment.”

It would seem that next month is going to produce some very deep transformational changes within us – that we are prevented or blocked from acting on these will deepen the power of these changes. We will have to contain the changes within ourselves until the right opening or opportunity occurs to act, which offers the opportunity to deepen our understanding of the impact these changes are having within ourselves. The levels of disagreement between people can also be seen positively because it throws us back on ourselves, making our individuality more distinct as we separate from those who no longer enable our growth. At the same time, we are challenged to become ourselves in all our own uniqueness.

The advantages of this kind of excellent astrological guidance means that we do not have to be uncentred when things apparently go pear-shaped without an immediate solution available and we can utilize the time for deep self-reflection, knowing that it will only be a matter of time before we can begin to manifest our internal change.

After all, it’s taken humanity thousands of years to create the mess we all find ourselves in. Taking a bit of time to reflect on the potential solutions, within and without ourselves, is probably the height of human wisdom in order to avoid repeating all the old mistakes.