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Meanderings of a concerned Medicine Woman: Hard to know what to believe!


When I was imprisoned and in solitary confinement living a punishing regime, there was a moment when I really thought I had gone mad. It happened when I was finally being handed the Prison Service Order that governed such units and read, in black and white, all those things I had spent months arguing with them about. In fact, it went beyond what I had argued and made it very clear that there was to be no argument about it – some of the orders were mandatory… but they weren’t being done where I was. The place had a high record of suicide attempts amongst the women, some of which were successful.

I am experiencing the same thing again. I really do wonder about my sanity at the moment which, in mental health terms, is an indicator of it. Insane people think they are fine – it’s one of the symptoms. Yet the things I am seeing, especially on Twitter, suggests that there is so much psy-ops and other misinformation in circulation that, even for a thoughtful woman, it is hard to know what to believe in order to continue to retain my sanity.

For example:

This story about a man called Roger Hayes. It claims he was arrested, convicted and sentenced to prison all within a single day. I’ve had a poke about and this is only reported on the link I’ve posted. Any other posts link back to it. If the story is true, why hasn’t it turned up on other conspiracy sites?

Have a look at the man? RationalWiki is scathing in its assessment of him and pretty much concludes that the man is insane. Yet when I read the man’s own words, he doesn’t sound that way. He sounds like a man trying to figure some kind of lawful way out of the mess we find ourselves in. But I must be missing something because he’s associated with a form of political right-wingery that is an anathema to me.  The man has definitely made himself a nuisance in the eyes of the law but he fights with law too.

The reason I look so closely is I can see a resemblance in myself. RationalWiki could take a good pop at my kind of woo too, if it wanted. They wouldn’t be the first. I’m trying to find a lawful way out of the mess too but I use the International Declaration on Human Rights because it is a woman’s law, written after the last outbreak of collective human insanity and designed, in my humble opinion, as the reminder of how sane people behave towards one another. I’m associated with political left-wingery and I’ve certainly made enough of a nuisance of myself to attract an on-line twitter mod. They are concerned about the comments I make about peoples’ sanity.

If this story of arrest and imprisonment through a secret court without representation has any basis in fact, then I have reason to become concerned. I also have enough experience to know that there may be some because I’ve been subject to similar behaviour towards me in the past.

But then again, it could all be a right-wing distraction.

I have to watch – real or not – because if it is real, it violates the Law I recognise and if it is not, then its psy-ops and I want to see what those bastards are up to. And if it’s both, then it doesn’t surprise me that it only links back to a single source…. but I get very lost down this rabbit hole.

I’m grateful to Veterans Today for bringing me back to a rabbit hole I can understand and is written by an experienced professional. The weighing of facts and ability to get to the Truth is what matters to me because this is how I stay sane. What Michael Shrimpton has to say about the London Olympics does not surprise me at all, especially given the gigantic outing of proven corruption going on within the British elite. If practical plans are being put in place ahead of time, then something that required a million body-bags must be part of some forward planning. Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine at work. An abomination to distract the people from the Truth – again.

In keeping with Shrimpton’s use of unconnected information as independent confirmation, there’s a link to another fragment of my infomation gestalt: the report of a new kind of deadly attack by poison. It leads me to the Drake / Wilcock stories of mass arrests imminent. I’m glad David Wilcock has taken the power of his mind back but those being targeted for this new poisoning seem to be his contacts. One story verifies the other and Wilcock’s report was posted prior to Veterans Today. When information is verified in this way, we have to consider the veracity of what else is being said. Veterans Today have already independently verified most of their story and the rest is sharing information carefully on a #MostLikelyToBeTrue basis. Wilcock verifies his stuff too and takes a healthy backstep when it comes to making any firm predictions. In fact, he reports that Drake is doing the same thing.

I can live with the idea of choosing to believe in mass arrests because I don’t want to live in a world without them but we have to be careful how we believe. If we exclude our own actions from the process, the energy collapses into this vision of corruption that some people seem to have in mind for us. In that kind of society, Roger Yates really is in prison just as described and at some point in the not-so-distant future I can expect a knock on my own door again. No, thank you – there are much better things for me to do than live through all that again. I’ve been there, done that – this time you’re going to have to kill me, if you can.

I choose to believe that this planet is populated by good people too. We are everywhere but we are not ‘legion’, instead we are eccentric in our own way. We are different yet, when push comes to shove, we find ourselves agreeing on what is important, each in our own unique way. So I listen to the #VoicesOfThePeople and notice when a nice fat synchroncity independently verifies the evolutionary message (check the number of follows this tweep has in the second picture).

Although @an0nyc would probably be horrified by what I am about to say, it needs saying nevertheless. I see Jesus in this. He talks about stuff said in private being shouted from the rooftops and he had a lot to say about those who didn’t help the least of their brethren. Funny how I don’t hear much about that part of his Teachings from all these rich so-called Christians claiming to be the children of god. I have a very dark warning for you that I can, in no way whatsoever, verify as Truth, but I could see how it might me for some people I’ve had the misfortune of experiencing the worst of. The only way to the Truth is through Love – the gateway of the Heart.

There are another couple of nuggets here too. The psychopathic brain actually manifests the activity of the occupant. This sounds awfully close to the description of St John the Divine’s revelatory beast, where one of the heads is wounded ‘beyond recovery’ according to my Bible. There’s also this. Towards the end of the article, Laura considers the idea of psychopathy as an evolutionary ‘tool’ that is now past its use-by date.

When I wind up talking to Jesus (I am not Christian, I am Shaman and Iesua is my first Otherworld Teacher) I know I am talking to sanity. The concerns I have for my society are confirmed by my second Otherworld Teacher – Hypatia of Alexandria, who died during a similar outbreak of collective insanity in a particularly grisly fashion. This is also sanity in a world seeking to evolve in any way it can. The idea of collective human rights is sanity but the Declaration itself missed one vital Human Right – the Right to be Different. Yates is different. So am I.

I believe I am an aging eccentric exercising my social duty in a time so dangerous that I am so close to believing that someone is going to do a ‘Roger Yates’ with me that I’ve actually written about it – created what I hope is a good-enough insurance policy, if it stays up on the web. Search Yates on #Gibiru and there is surprisingly little substance for research – almost as though the web had been vacuumed. I still don’t know enough to form an educated opinion.

The best I can do at the moment, when everything is so confused; where tempting ‘news’ is mined with Trojans for the unwary; where my tweets are live-monitored (which must mean there’s a team of mods somewhere) and ‘vanished’ if I am speaking an inconvenient truth, is to carry on and see where it leads me. The emerging Truths of our society are grim and dangerous. The only way I know how to proceed is to trust people who trust the same kind of Truth as I do. The lines in the sand started to be drawn clearly in Britain during the banking crises and the scandals of News Corp. They continued to be drawn, time and time again, as every new insanity emerged; dismantling the NHS; the merciless and brutal attacks upon the disabled, poor and the young; are ongoing as I write. The British Government presently does not appear to recognise any law to apply to itself. Any rules that are enforced are met with grudging non-acceptance and evasions of social responsibility so breathtakingly criminal it can become hard to believe this is anything other than barefaced fascism on an international scale. It is as ordered, purposeful, malevolent and murderous as it has ever was and it is no longer able to disguise its true nature. They violate every Article in the International Declaration of Human Rights.

So – when I post this, I move up into a Schrodinger Paradox where, depending upon whose button I’ve been pressing on Twitter, arrests are about to occur except I’m not sure if it’s them or me. People are calling for the arrest of bankers but appear to be getting instant justice meted out to one man, in violation of International, European and national Human Rights Declarations, while our Chipping Norton Set lower the house prices of the village.

I really don’t know what to believe, but my #God and #Goddess appear to be involved (no-one else could have fixed that follow list at 9999) – so I’m going to have to trust that if I keep going, stuff will start falling in the way it is supposed to for us, whatever happens to me. I’m hoping it won’t be much because my cat is pregnant and I have some ideas for transforming my village that I’d like to pursue. These are good and tolerant people who have been neglected but they polish up real well and deserve better than what some seem to have planned for them. That’s my #RedemptionPlan – we can watch to see how far along the road I get with it, provided we’re not forced into distraction by another brick from the Shock Doctrine.

In a few hours, we will have a full moon in Capricorn. This is a moon of manifestation. Whatever began two weeks ago has now swelled to full bloom which will last for another 36 hours or so. This period falls over the July Fourth holiday in the USA. If what was hatched has the intent to control manifestation for personal power using the old methods alone, they are about to make some very serious mistakes because the astrological energies involved do not support it. The power to control manifestation has shifted in favour of those who use it for the benefit of all, in whatever capacity they choose to exercise their power. My information is verified by Carl Boudreau and Terrence McKenna’s TimeWave.

Whatever occurs has to happen to each one of us on our own terms and however you choose to come, you’ll walk straight into the face of whatever fears are controlling you. Veterans Today seems to appreciate what’s going on because they’ve been  taught how to look at these things strategically. The same is true for the security services; the police; prison officers; all those women and men who believe in the honourable purpose of their chosen profession. As a shaman, I want to be able to say ‘How can the community help you?’ but I want to know who I am talking to first.

There is only one way to find out. I have to shape-shift my @Five_Dee account – it’s something I do when I think an account is comprised and if I can’t talk about mental health and insanity problems anymore using that handle, then it’s time to move on. I’ll tweet my new handle when it’s set up – see if my mods come along and don’t like some of my new stuff.